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Lumonol Dosage & Review

Lumonol Review Lumonol have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor productivity, distractions, anxiety or forgetful memory. Made in the USA under a GMP certified facility and following FDA guidelines. It is made from vegetarian capsules and the company provides a 90 day guarantee to aid mental performance and focus. Lumonol is categorized under Branded Supplements.
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Description Lumonol have been shown to help with attention issues, bring clarity and relief to those who struggle with poor productivity, distractions, anxiety or forgetful memory. Made in the USA under a GMP certified facility and following FDA guidelines. It is made from vegetarian capsules and the company provides a 90 day guarantee to aid mental performance and focus.
Typical Dose 2 capsules

Benefits and Effectiveness

Lumonol Dosage

2 capsules

Side Effects

none reported.

Lumonol Review: What is Lumonol?

Is Lumonol Worth It or is it a Scam?

Lumonol is a nootropic formulation with a very powerful ingredient, Noopept. This Russian nootropic is claimed to be 1000X more potent than Piracetam and Lumonol includes this as part of it's blend. Lumonol stacks the best ingredients together for a super-optimized cognitive performance for anyone that needs it. Whether you are a student, a busy professional, or someone that wants more focus at the gym, it may help. Lumonol claims to enhance cognitive performance, reaction times, alertness, memory, and ward against psychological decline in many ways.

Lumonol's effects are felt rapidly, it is remarkable at producing unmistakable results without the side effects of other cognitive enhancers (or prescription drugs). Natural vasodilators are used to increase blood flow gradually and safely in the brain.

Benefits of Lumonol

The primary role of Lumonol is to provide a subtle psychostimulating effect, which will enhance your cognition in the interm. Lumonol is additionally showcased to destroy anxiety and will reduce negative thoughts. Long term utilization of Lumonol will improve cognitive baseline and pushing past the hindrances of your reaction times, long and short term memory, critical thinking abilities, and mental perception. Hordenine (an ingredient in Lumonol) is known to enhance alertness and focus. Guarana concentrate is an energy booster because of its fortifying caffeine content. Noopept and Alpha-GPC together put you in an instant learning+working mode, without the side-effects of amphetamines like Adderall or Ritalin.

The Lumonol Stack

Energy Blend (375 mg):

Memory Blend (285 mg):

  • Noopept: Research has demonstrated that taking Noopept daily for extended timeframes has proven to help enhance cognitive capacity, particularly memory and learning without any adverse effects. It enhances brain power by reducing of brain toxins and other waste products.
  • Alpha GPC: This substance is very important in helping neurotransmitters communicate with one another. Increases free choline levels within the brain and has high bioavailability.
  • Ginkgo Biloba: This plant extract has been used reliably for many years. It provides many health benefits such as increase, decreasing MAO and thus increasing dopamine.
  • Panax Ginseng: This Asian root extract is used for it's ability to boost energy and enhance memory.

Focus Blend (500 mg):

  • L-Tyrosine: L-tyrosine is an amino acid that plays an important role in proper brain function by making sure that enough neurotransmitters are produced.
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine: Aside from helping improve focus, this amino acid also maximizes choline use.
  • Phosphatidylserine: This is a natural chemical in the brain that helps enhance focus and memory.

How does Lumonol differ from other Branded nootropics Brands?

There are many nootropic supplements out there, yet Lumonol is exceptional in that it covers all bases: energy, memory, and focus. You will be really hard pressed to find other supplements that contain Noopept and Alpha GPC in one pill. The fact that it has a 'racetam'-like substance that is 1000x more potent than Piracetam is enough to purchase this supplement. Combined with all the benefits of many other supplements inside, you will save time and money taking this tested blend. Other supplements utilize a considerable dose of caffeine to shroud the fact that there are no genuine nootropics inside, or that the amounts are so little the impacts simply aren't felt. Not to mention, this can improve long term congitive health, as opposed to caffiene pills (which too should be stacked for increased benefits, with something like L-Theanine). Lumonol has a modern formula that works rapidly and can be safely dosed daily.

Lumonol Dosage

It is recommended that you take 2 capsules each day. It is advisable to take 1 capsule before breakfast and a second one after lunch. Some individuals like to take two capsules together in the morning to kick-start their day and 1 later at lunch. It is not advisable to take Lumonol near night time or before sleeping, as Hordenine and Guarana content will act as a stimulant. Exceeding 4 capsules of lumonol within 24-hour period is not advisable. Discuss the perfect dose with your primary health care provider and track this supplements effectiveness using out platform.

What are the adverse effects of Lumonol?

Lumonol uses various natural ingredients in specific doses in order to decrease the likelihood of negative effects. This gradual release of safe ingredients prevents the occurrence of usual adverse effects such headaches, fatigue and nausea. Always consult with a professional health care provider before starting supplements like this or especially if you have any underlying conditions or symptoms.

Half-Life and Duration of Effects

Lumonol has an Energy blend that is to be felt within the first 15 minutes of use. Other ingredients that can be "felt" instantly are Noopept, and Alpha GPC. Alpha GPC will get rid of any headache or a "tiredness" feeling you may be experiencing from the effects of Noopept. Hordenine and Guarana are 'substitutes' for Caffeine (without the crash) an hour later. L-Tyrosine should work in about 10 minutes which will 'flush' your brain of any toxins from lack of sleep. Other ingredients are not to be 'felt' instantly but build up when taken daily, such as Panax Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba, which as herbs take time to 'build' up in your system after which you can slowly feel your memory 'improving' over time.

Is it safe to consume?

Lumonol is produced in a FDA approved Laboratory in the United States of America. The ingredients in Lumonol are considered by the US Food and Drug Administration as being safe for consumption, but with no documentation on Noopept. Learn more about the testing process and manufacturing process on Lumonol's site directly.

Should You Buy Lumonol?

Lumonol is a absolute-winner amongst most other nootropic supplements found in the market. Each ingredient works synergistically (stacked) with one another to provide noticable improvements in focus, energy and memory. It really covers all bases and the price seems fair enough for the quantity of each compound in this pill. The bulk deals make this product more favorable especially if you are considering using nootropics to keep a sharp mind more actively. If you would like a discount, buy it directly from their site by clicking this link.



Results & Experiences

Daily Dosage # Stacks
2.00 pill(s) 4
15.00 mg 1
1.00 pill(s) 1
Medical Conditions # Stacks
Multiple sclerosis 1
Medical Symptoms # Stacks
Migraine headaches 1
Headaches 1

Community Reviews [ top]

jeffB (2016-05-02 19:54:40)
I've been taking this because I was tired of stacking other supplements together, and low and behold, the blend works well! I feel like it is the noopept, and PS (phosphatidylserine) working well together with alpha GPC. PS, I have come to learn helps with storage, release and activity of neurotransmitters. Good work on this supplement!

Teak (2016-09-05 01:55:22)
Ordered this product about a week ago and the improvement was noticable almost right away. I felt more confidence, energy and after 2 weeks of taking it consitantly I started to recall words that were not regularly part of my vocabulary, it was kind of cool. I stacked it with Adrafinil for when I was working and I think It was solely responsible for my intense lifts at the gym and my new found confidence in learning anything instantly! Thanks for bringing my life back Lumonol. Great Product!

TeaBrain (2016-07-13 02:16:06)
I'll be honest, I only started using this after I read JeffB's review, the product came pretty fast and I suppose I am one of the 150 users here that also takes the whole range of Lumonol products now! Works great, has noopept pre-stacked, saves me a step and it pretty much has the doses I would want anyway...

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