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Anxiety Supplement Reviews

Social Anxiety supplements listed here show the efficacy of OTC vitamins, minerals, supplements and natural herbs that may treat social anxiety disorder (SAD). The symptoms of social anxiety are intense anxiety in social situations, avoidance of social situations, and physical symptoms include sweating, upset stomach, pounding heart, trouble socializing, and blushing. To get help diagnosing this order, you should seek professional help. If you would like to try and treat yourself you can try with relatively safe supplements/pills such as: Kava, L-carnitine, Ashwagandha. There is no such thing as the best supplements, but more advanced synthetic options are: Phenibut, Aniracetam and inositol. Make sure to check the Improve mood and Reduce stress sections for more help. Other alternatives include, cognitive behavioral therapy, working out, and prescription medicine including: SSRIs, SNRI’s, MAOI’s and benzodiazepines -- which may come with many side effects. Add these supplements to your stack using TrackMyStack as your way to Track Anxiety. more
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