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Social Anxiety Stacks

Social Anxiety Disorder & Phobia
Social anxiety supplement stacks (regimen) are consumed by those wanting to overcome social phobia’s, in which they are unreasonably fearful of social situations. It is a mental fear where one feels like they are being watched, judged and criticized. Nootropics can be particularly effective at helping users with this condition, the most common ones are: Phenibut & Picamilon (work on GABA and are similar to benzodiazepines), Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea (natural). It also may make sense to browse through the Mood / Stress stacks section and use the stacks as part of your overall social anxiety remedy. Other then supplements, you may also want to add exercise and meditation to your stack as that will yield the best results. Look for supplements that have anxiolytic properties (for e.g. Aniracetam), some of drugs will give you a sedative effect. Lastly, keep in mind when these are taken too often or abused a tolerance does get built. Use us as your primary Anxiety Tracker tool. more
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Social Anxiety Supplements

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Following this plan to reach my health goal.
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Would like to treat root cause of my illness to finally feel healthy
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