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Salvia sclarea vs Microlactin

Salvia sclarea vs Microlactin Comparison, Similarities & Differences

Salvia Sclarea

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Salvia sclarea is a short-lived herbaceous perennial in the genus Salvia. It has been used traditionally as a medicinal herb and has not been grown for its essential oil. It is used to treat upset stomach and other digestive disorders as well as kidney diseases. Moreover, some people use it to remove foreign objects from the eye, to remove thorns and splinters from the skin and also for treating tumors. This may be attributed to its oil being thick and sticky, helping pull objects from under the eyelid and from the skin. On the other hand, Salvia sclarea has also been used as a flavoring agent in foods and beverages.

Microlactin is a proprietary milk protein that is derived from hyperimmune cow's milk and it contains micronutrients that have been associated with the inflammatory response system and immune system balance. It sevres to have several health benefits such as reducing cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, and decreading blood pressure levels. Moreover, it could accelerate muscle recovery after exercise, can improve jpint health while reducinf stiffness and joints thus leading to an improved range of joint motion and mobility. Clinical researches have found that Microlactin showed improvement in the subjects' joint pain and showed sugnificant improvement of symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.


Clary Sage

Hyperimmune Milk


The appropriate dosage of Salvia sclarea greatly depends on several factors such as age, condition, and health of the individual. It would be best to consult your healthcare provider first for the appropriate dosage before taking Salvia sclarea.

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2 grams taken twice daily for the first 7-10 days, and 1 gram daily after

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Side Effects

There has been limited information about the side effects of Salvia sclarea.

There has been no reported side effects associated with the use of Microlactin.


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Evidence-Based Effects

  • Blood Pressure - Decreased
  • Cortisol - Decreased
  • Heart Rate - Decreased

  • Blood Pressure - Decreased
  • Pain - Decreased


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