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About Us

TrackMyStack: A medical treatment management platform to improve patient outcomes. Manage symptoms, treatments, conditions, and medication easily.
Our platform integrates with other services such as 23&Me, FitBit and other's to provide a quick snapshot of your health. Our algorithms/AI provides smart recommendations about the user's treatment stack throughout the course of treatment based on similar objective user data. Making a stack (devising a care plan), journaling, logging daily activities will assist care providers, medical researchers, and most importantly the user get a better understanding of their health status. What get's measured, get's improved.


Our mission is to help individuals reach their health goals by providing a platform that is quantifiable, backed by science, and simple. Patients can design their care plan (Stack) to learn, measure and improve their goal based on quantifiable data. Whether its eliminating brain fog, or getting a better's night rest and managing a chronic illness. Trackmystack should be able to help educate, quantify and optimize yourself and in doing so make you a self-proclaimed bio-hacker. We are not here to replace qualified health professionals but to work alongside them to help you meet your goals.

Evidence-Based Approach

We provide access to human based research studies in our supplements section to make sure the information we provide is backed up with peer reviewed studies. We take it a step further and let you also see feedback of supplements by our users to provide a subjective view as well. All reviews and side effects has been vetted by a registered health professional, part of our team is shown below, along with their qualifications. We additionally provide users access to building stacks, that allow them to reference their claims in their personal stacks as well. Using all the data to make correlations as to what supplements work best together, based on hundreds of factors.


Akshay K., - Founder
Arjun Sehgal MSc, Health Informatics, Operations
Pat S. - Technology Lead
Kathleen R., PTRP - Content Reviewer

Advisory Board

Nat Rave, D.Ch
A chiropodist at St. Michael’s hospital. Prior to joining St. Michael’s hospital, Nat was on staff at Toronto Rehab from 1995 – 2009. He was also the Corporate Practice Leader and Clinical Coordinator at Toronto Rehab from 2004 – 2009. He has been involved in a number of interdisciplinary education sessions and has been a clinical instructor to Chiropody interns from the Michener Institute. Nat continues to mentor Chiropody interns as well as students from a number of different programs. Nat is also an associate at Kingsway Health by the Lake.

Girish Sardana, PhD, BSc
With 8 years of experience in the Life Science industry, Girish has had exposure with working within a small startup biotech of 12 people to a multi-national organization of 50,000. With varied roles within each organization, Girish has worked with teams focusing on sales, marketing, business development, project management and laboratory management. Girish has also been part of co-founding his own startup in the life science sphere and as well as mentoring others looking to create their own life science startups. He is passionate about entrepreneurship and creating value through scientific innovation of platform technologies. Girish currently is part of the commercial division of Thermo Fisher Scientific as a Region Manager, focusing on laboratory consumable and equipment sales for the academic, government and private sector industries within Canada. He has previously worked for Beckman Coulter as a Senior Sales Consultant in their Life Sciences Division, and as a Research Scientist at the Ontario Cancer Biomarker Network. Girish completed his PhD from the University of Toronto in the field of Cancer Proteomics.
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