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Nootropic Supplements for Brain & Memory

Nootropic supplements and drugs help improve cognitive function and provide health benefits to the brain and are meant to be non-toxic. You can view user generated nootropic stacks where many "smart pills" (AKA smart drugs) are combined with vitamins, pharmaceuticals, herbs (nutraceuticals), or minerals in their own blend to accomplish a goal such as cognitive enhancement, focus/concentration, ADHD, and memory. However, one size does not fit all and it is advised that you try one supplement at a time, keep track of it your StackLog and see what is the most effective nootropic that works best for you (thus there is no such thing as "the best nootropic supplement". Most of the herbs and compounds listed here are legal and some can even be bought over the counter (otc), and can do much more than just improve your memory, help with memory loss, but also keep your brain healthy as well. We list the efficacy of all brain enhancing supplements, some work, some don’t, some require more clinical trials, however many drugs based on user experiments sometimes report otherwise. The racetams are known as the oldest and typically the safest nootropics, the racetam family consists of: oxiracetam, coluracetam, aniracetam, pircetam, pramiracetam, phenylpiracetam. These drugs act as positive allosteric modulators of AMPA receptors to modulate cholinergic systems and some should be stacked together.

Pharmaceutical grade prescription medicine for ADHD can also help improve cognitive control such as improve memory, episodic memory, semantic memory and procedural memory. The tablets you would take for these would include drugs such as: Ritalin, Adderal, Vyvanse, etc. Sometimes when taking nootropics, you may need to provide your brain with additional nutrition (additional neurotransmitter support), which could be either amino acids like L-Phenylalanine, and things like choline, as well as specific nutrients to optimize the SAM cycle like Folate, and Vitamin B12. Many of these cognitive enhancers (smart drugs) can be bought in pill or powder form (and available in bulk and thus much cheaper), we are partnered up with Powdercity to provide you these at the best price possible. Remember there is no secret vitamin for your brain, and thus we suggest you research all options available. TrackMyStack works perfect for Nootropic Tracking.
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