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Cognitive Enhancement Stack 922 Updated: 2015-10-12  
Stack to help me out

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Supplements 11 Supplements
Dosage Compound Class Frequency Dates Notes
12.5mg d
150mg d
5g d

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Potential Effects from Stack

Attention3 Bromantane, Adderall, Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri, Adrafinil
Alertness2 Adderall, Adrafinil
Memory2 Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri
Endothelial Function1 Fish Oil
Lipid Peroxidation1 Fish Oil
Cell Adhesion Factors (aka sCAM-11 Fish Oil
Photoprotection1 Fish Oil
Muscle Damage1 Adderall, Fish Oil
Motor Control1 Bromantane
Working Memory1 Adrafinil
Cognition1 Adderall, Bacopa monnieri
Infant Birth Weight1 Fish Oil
Muscle Soreness (aka Delayed onset muscle sorenessNeutral Fish Oil
Lean MassNeutral Fish Oil
Natural Killer Cell Content (aka NK cellNeutral Fish Oil
LeptinNeutral Fish Oil
T Cell CountNeutral Fish Oil
B cell countNeutral Fish Oil
Symptoms of AlzheimersNeutral Fish Oil
VO2 MaxNeutral Fish Oil
Pre-Eclampsia RiskNeutral Fish Oil
Postpartum DepressionNeutral Fish Oil
Insulin SensitivityNeutral Fish Oil
Free TestosteroneNeutral Fish Oil
Fat MassNeutral Fish Oil
Blood FlowNeutral Fish Oil
Insulin SecretionNeutral Fish Oil
Heart RateNeutral Fish Oil
Neutral Bromantane, Tianeptine, Mirtazipine, Effexor, Adderall, Vyvanse (Lisdexamfetamine), Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri, Phenibut, Adrafinil
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)Neutral Fish Oil
Apolipoprotein BNeutral Fish Oil
Blood Pressure-1 Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri
vLDL-C-1 Fish Oil
Symptoms of Systemic Lupus Erythematosus-1 Fish Oil
TNF-Alpha (aka TNF-α-1 Fish Oil
Cortisol-1 Fish Oil
Homocysteine-1 Fish Oil
Inflammation-1 Fish Oil
Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder (aka Manic-depressive disorder)-1 Fish Oil
Natural Killer Cell Activity-1 Fish Oil
Platelet Aggregation-1 Fish Oil
Stress-1 Fish Oil
Fatigue-2 Adderall, Fish Oil, Adrafinil
Depression-2 Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri
Anxiety-3 Fish Oil, Bacopa monnieri, Phenibut



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