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Uridine Stack

Cognitive Enhancement Stack 5,096  

As discussed on CORPINA, this is a uridine supplement stack helps repair dopamine receptors. Which means you can learn and retain information faster, and anxiety dissipates over a week.

Health Notes & References

MIT Developed this stack into something called "Souvenaid" which is "a medical nutrition drink for the dietary management of mild Alzheimer's disease." A trial done showed that daily Souvenaid for 12 weeks significantly improved the co-primary endpoint of delayed verbal memory, measured using the standard Wechsler Memory Scale-revised (WMS-r).
PubMed Ref:

Uridine is shown to lead to a number of beneficial Nootropic effects. Some of these include improving working memory and enhanced fluid intelligence.
More reddit reviews can be read at:

Mr. Happy ran this and reported the following benefits (ref:
-Uplifting and stabilising mood
-Modulating / normalising dopamine release

Who SHOULDN'T take uridine:Over-methylators. If you do not respond well to Vitamin B, or SAMe, you are unlikely to enjoy any benefits from uridine supplementation.

    No Changes Made To This Treatment Stack.
Supplements 5 Supplements
Dosage Supplements / Drugs Frequency Dates Notes
500iu supp
1pill(s)Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)
High bio-availability
2pill(s) supp
>700mg DHA >300mg EPA (or 3000mg ALA / flaxseed oil, if you are vegetarian)
300mg supp
Introduce week 2
250mg supp
Monophosphate (UMP) 2x day at 250mg or triacetyluridine (TAU) 7x more potent

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Uridine Stack

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