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The Ultimate Laser Protocol (TULIP)

Cognitive Enhancement Stack 2,058  

Based around mitochondrial up-regulation and protection paired with the use of red or infrared lasers and LEDs. It causes mitochondrial biogenesis, decreased ROS, and greatly increased ATP levels.

Health Notes & References

The basic stack is PQQ, CoQ10, and Shilajit. PQQ and CoQ10 have been used individually to treat brain degeneration, and used together with even more efficacy (1); Shilajit synergizes with CoQ10, while also acting as an adaptogen. Taken together, they enhance each other. Other additions to this stack are creatine, exogenous ATP, Idebenone, ALCAR, and R-ALA. Credits for this stack go to Lost Falco from LongeCity.


(2) LLLT Info:

    No Changes Made To This Treatment Stack.
Supplements 4 Supplements
Dosage Supplements / Drugs Frequency Dates Notes
96 LED array IR laser. LLLT is the delivery of photons to cells in the brain, directly affecting Cytochrome C Oxidase (CCO) which enhances cell respiration and energy production.
100mg supp
300mg supp
Or take Ubiquinol (more potent version)

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Christine.Bolender (2016-06-16 03:03:29)
I just started tracking this stack!

rifche90 (2016-10-04 09:58:58)
I just started tracking this stack!


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The Ultimate Laser Protocol (TULIP)

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