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Nootropics Stack

Cognitive Enhancement 935 Updated: 2016-01-01 mindhanced
Improving cognition.

56 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Cognition3 Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, Rhodiola Rosea
Power Output2 Alpha GPC, Creatine, Rhodiola Rosea
Euphoric2 Creatine, Rhodiola Rosea
Growth Hormone2 Alpha GPC, Creatine
Bone Mineral Density (aka BMD)1 Creatine
Free Testosterone1 Creatine
Lean Mass1 Creatine
Fatigue Resistance1 Creatine
Hydration1 Creatine
VO2 Max1 Creatine, Rhodiola Rosea
Treatment of Myotonic Dystrophy1 Creatine
Calmness1 L-Theanine
Anaerobic Exercise1 Creatine
Muscular Endurance1 Creatine
Insulin SensitivityNeutral Creatine
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)Neutral Creatine
Liver EnzymesNeutral Creatine
Total CholesterolNeutral Creatine
MemoryNeutral Creatine
Cognition (Omnivores)Neutral Creatine
Lactate ProductionNeutral Creatine
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Dosage Compound Form Frequency Dates Notes
300 mg ,,,,,,
Take in the morning.
100 mg ,,,,,,
Twice daily. Use Suntheanine.
0.00 ,,,,,,
As needed, or during long study session.
0.5 g ,,,,,,
In the morning with my Matcha latte
5 g ,,,,,,
In the morning with my Matcha Latte
300 mg ,,,,,,
As needed, when tired or if I have to a long study session.

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Nootropics Stack

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