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Long-term improvement

Cognitive Enhancement 1,878 Noobsessed
Using this stack to recover a previously outstanding brain from the damage of depression, anxiety and abuse of various substances.

21 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Insulin Sensitivity1 Curcumin
HDL-C1 Curcumin
Anti-Oxidant Enzyme Profile1 Curcumin
Memory1 Bacopa monnieri
Total CholesterolNeutral Curcumin
AttentionNeutral Bacopa monnieri
CognitionNeutral Bacopa monnieri
VO2 MaxNeutral Curcumin
LDL-CNeutral Curcumin
Heart RateNeutral Curcumin
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Dosage Compound Form Frequency Dates Notes
0 mgMeditate ,,,,,,
30 minutes a day.
0 mgLearning Chinese ,,,,,,
Chinese girlfriend.
0 mgReading (fiction Or Non-fiction) ,,,,,,
At least an hour a day.
0 mgReading Span Task ,,,,,,
10 minutes a day
0 mgQuad N-back ,,,,,,
20 minutes a day
0 mgExercise ,,,,,,
Aerobic and anaerobic, 4 times a week.
0 mgOmega-3 (DHA EPA) ,,,,,,
425mg EPA 325mg DHA
100 mg ,,,,,,
1050 mgMagnesium Chloride ,,,,,,
500 mgALCAR ,,,,,,
150 mg ,,,,,,
385 mgCurcumin ,,,,,,
750 mg ,,,,,,
Anxiolytic, long term memory improvement by means of increasing BDNF in the hippocampus.

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Long-term improvement

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