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Get A Photographic Memory

Cognitive Enhancement Stack 2,724  

Simple stack that helps you increase your memory, results can be noticed early and will get better with use. The stack is relatively small and simple.

Health Notes & References

Eidetic Memory is possible but part of a lifestyle, make sure your diet, sleep and exercise are in order. Also you should do the ZOX Pro Memory Training System which was created by Shannon Panzo, PhD.

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Supplements 8 Supplements
Dosage Supplements / Drugs Frequency Dates Notes
2pill(s) supp
4g supp
300mg supp
2x day
500mg supp
Indian Herb
250mg supp
250mg supp
600mg drug
2x day
500mg supp

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kqncept (2015-07-28 18:41:48)
Liked this.

neurosailor (2016-06-11 20:20:10)
I just started tracking this stack!

bbvdd (2016-08-21 00:46:48)
I just started tracking this stack!

bubsled (2016-09-21 18:55:23)
I just started tracking this stack!


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Get A Photographic Memory

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