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For symptomatic decline

Cognitive Enhancement 369 raenamari
This stack has been designed for people experiencing symptomatic decline in mental capacity such as memory, mood, social and behavioral problems.

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Memory1 Piracetam
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Dosage Compound Form Frequency Dates Notes
3 g ,,,,,,
Should be taken 3x/day due to its short half life. It is primarily aimed at improving congnitive function. An increase in the sensory perception would one of the first few benefits of this supplement however after a few days or weeks, improvement in memory and learning processes would be observed more such to ability to remember, faster recall time and enhanced learning capacity.
1 mg ,,,,,,
This should be taken 3x daily. Is used for patients/ clients with declined mental capacity (memory, mood, and behavior problems), and other conditions determined by your doctor.

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For symptomatic decline

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