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Basic Stack

Cognitive Enhancement 1,664 Riggzz
Clear brain fog. Increase mental energy and endurance.

81 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Memory3 Caffeine, Oxiracetam, Fish Oil, Piracetam
Cognition2 Choline Bitartrate, L-Theanine
Free Testosterone2 Caffeine, Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Lean Mass1 Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Wakefulness1 Caffeine
Training Volume1 Caffeine
Calmness1 L-Theanine
Infant Birth Weight1 Fish Oil
Lipid Peroxidation1 Fish Oil
Photoprotection1 Fish Oil
Endothelial Function1 Fish Oil
Cell Adhesion Factors (aka sCAM-11 Fish Oil
Quality of Life (aka QOL)1 Oxiracetam
Verbal Fluency1 Oxiracetam
Reaction Time1 Caffeine
Adrenaline1 Caffeine
Aerobic Exercise1 Caffeine
Anaerobic Exercise1 Caffeine
Fat Oxidation1 Caffeine
Heart Rate1 Caffeine, Fish Oil
Blood Glucose1 Caffeine
Power Output1 Caffeine, Vitamin D
Lactate Production1 Caffeine
AnxietyNeutral Caffeine, Fish Oil
Pre-Eclampsia RiskNeutral Fish Oil
Blood FlowNeutral Fish Oil
Insulin SecretionNeutral Fish Oil
Muscle Soreness (aka Delayed onset muscle sorenessNeutral Fish Oil
Natural Killer Cell Content (aka NK cellNeutral Fish Oil
Muscle DamageNeutral Fish Oil
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Dosage Compound Form Frequency Dates Notes
0.00 ,,,,,,
0.00 ,,,,,,
0.00 ,,,,,,
0 L-argenine ,,,,,,
0 Tyrosine (4-hydroxyphenylalanine) ,,,,,,
0.00 ,,,,,,
0 ,,,,,,
0.00 ,,,,,,
0 ,,,,,,

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Basic Stack

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