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Power User Stack

Increased Energy Stack 1,147 Updated: 2016-04-01  
Using this stack to replace daily adderall.

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Supplements 6 Supplements, 1 Drug
Dosage Compound Class Frequency Dates Notes
200mg 1X2016-04-01
100mg 1X2016-04-01
600mg 1X2016-04-01
400mg 1X2016-04-01
20mg d 1X2016-04-01
100mg d 1X2016-04-01
250mg d 1X2016-04-01

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Power User Stack

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Potential Effects from Stack

Cognition4 L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, Noopept, Phenylpiracetam
Calmness1 L-Theanine
Memory1 Noopept, Phenylpiracetam
Growth Hormone1 Alpha GPC
Power Output1 Alpha GPC
FatigueNeutral Phenylpiracetam
Neutral L-Theanine, Caffeine, Alpha GPC, Sulbutiamine, Noopept, Phenylpiracetam
Symptoms of Alzheimers-1 Alpha GPC
Depression-1 Phenylpiracetam
Anxiety-1 Phenylpiracetam
Cognitive Decline-2 Alpha GPC, Phenylpiracetam



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