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Increase Testosterone Stack 1,258 Updated: 2016-03-06  
Improved sex and overall health

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Supplements 3 Supplements
Dosage Compound Frequency Dates Notes
50mg 1X2016-03-05
60mg 1X2016-03-05
1000mg 1X2016-03-05

Potential Dosage Guidelines

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52 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Insulin Sensitivity2 Zinc, Arginine
Blood Flow2 Ginkgo biloba, Arginine
Cognition2 Zinc, Ginkgo biloba
Anaerobic Exercise1 Arginine
Growth Hormone1 Arginine
Ocular Blood Flow1 Ginkgo biloba
Calmness1 Ginkgo biloba
Sleep Quality1 Ginkgo biloba
Euphoric1 Ginkgo biloba
Memory1 Ginkgo biloba
Lean Mass1 Arginine
Leptin1 Zinc
Plasma Arginine1 Arginine
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)1 Zinc
Free Testosterone1 Zinc, Arginine
Nitric Oxide (aka NO)1 Arginine
Stroke Recovery RateNeutral Ginkgo biloba
Asymmetrical dimethylarginineNeutral Arginine
Power OutputNeutral Arginine
Symptoms of TinnitusNeutral Ginkgo biloba
Verbal FluencyNeutral Ginkgo biloba
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