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Improve Sleep Quality & Insomnia Help
The quality of sleep affects your mental sharpness, productivity, physical vitality and basically your overall health. Your brain at sleep is busy working and getting you ready for the next day, that’s why it is vital to get a good night rest, this will also lead to a energy and efficiency boost. If your sleep is affected by nightshift work, travelling across time zones or irregular sleep patterns, there are natural supplements, vitamins and minerals you could take, that can help you get back on track to get good REM sleep. On average if you are healthy and above the age of 18 you will not need over 8 hours of sleep, unless if you are really physically active (e.g. Bodybuilding). The best sleep stacks will generally include remedies that may be available over the counter (otc), which include: Melatonin, GABA (phenibut), Zinc. Some nootropics may help as well, such as: Picamilion, Huperzine A (herbal), L-Theanine, Magnesium glycinate. Other alternatives sleep aids include: using a sleep induction mat, getting black out curtains, having a Chamomile tea, not having caffeine/coffee late in the evening. It is not recommended you take all of these, but try a combination of them, and they should be part of your overall stack to remain healthy. Supplements such as Melatonin do not need to be taken daily, unless if needed. A common dose of up to 3mg is considered normal, but as little as 0.5mg may work well for others, to figure out your optimal dose, use the StackLog to quantify your needs. You may also have underlying stress issues, sleep apnea and other sleep disorders for which you should consult a medical professional to get proper treatment for insomnia. Generally, you should cycle sleep supplements so as to not let your body adapt to taking supplements to fall sleep. Additionally you can use TrackMyStack as a Sleep Tracker. more
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Improved Sleep Ashwagandha

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Improved Sleep headache/migrane
vitamins and herbal supplements
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Improved Sleep Sleep
In order to increase HGH production, LH hormone secretion and testosterone production, whilst reaching deeper more refreshing sleep.
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Improved Sleep Destress

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Improved Sleep Increase deep sleep
Following this plan to reach my health goal.
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Improved Sleep sleeping pills

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Improved Sleep Care plan
Since sleep is an essential/necessary phenomenon for any human body to perform correctly. This stack has the purpose to improve sleep of the patient/user
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Improved Sleep Stack 1

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Improved Sleep reduce stress

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