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Improved Mood Stack 72 Updated: 2018-05-01  

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  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: Huperzine A was added.
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: Dose quantity of Huperzine A was set to 12.
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: Dose unit of Huperzine A was set to 1.
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: Start date of Huperzine A was set to 2018-05-01.
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: Effectiveness of Huperzine A was set to Slight.
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: A Purpose of Huperzine A was added (Fatigue).
  • 2018-05-01 13:12:24: A Side effect of Huperzine A was added (Fatigue).
  • 2018-04-30 12:25:30: Description was set to good.



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Supplements 1 Supplement
Dosage Compound Frequency Dates Notes
12mg 06:00 am - 1X2018-05-01
Purpose: Fatigue
Perceived Side Effects: Fatigue

Potential Dosage Guidelines
Associated Conditions & Symptoms


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