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SSRI Full Potential Stack

Improved Mood 1,899 Updated: 2016-02-051 following thealchemist
Reduce SSRI side effects, augment antidepressive effects, improve SSRI induced reduction of dopamine signaling, and maintain healthy serotonin levels.

Health Notes & References

The base of this stack is "Lexapro" (Escitalopram). There are many things you can do to make sure you're getting the full potential from SSRI antidepressants. Research shows that if you have a low amount of serotonin in your reserves than SSRIs have a lower chance of success. So what you want to do is make sure your body is optimally synthesizing and producing serotonin. I'll list all the supplements and reasoning below:

Fish Oil: EPA potentially increases serotonin release from presynaptic neurons by reducing E2 series prostaglandins. DHA also influences serotonin receptor action by increasing cell membrane fluidity in postsynaptic neurons

Vitamin D: A very common deficiency. Vitamin D activates tryptophan hydroxylase 2 which synthesizes serotonin in the brain.

Semax: This peptide has been shown to increase serotonin turnover.

Selank: Enhances the 5-HT metabolism in the brain stem.


The next step is to make sure your dopamine system will be less affected by your SSRI. SSRIs have been shown to reduce the firing rate of dopamine and this is most likely the cause of SSRI fatigue, apathy, and possibly sexual anhedonia:

Emoxypine: This is a Russian drug and strong antioxidant. It increases the binding capabilities of benzodiazepine and GABA neurons which will potentiate any drugs that act on these neurons (xanax, valium, alcohol, phenibut, etc). It also increases the overall dopamine content of the brain.

Semax: This peptide has been found to potentiate the release of dopamine from stimulatory drugs. It is a good addition especially in combination with amphetamine, caffeine, methylphenidate, etc...

Kudzu Root: You specifically want the "puerarin" from this extract. What this does is antagonize (deactivate in a sense) the 5-HT2C receptor which SSRIs activate initially. 5-HT2C activation of this receptor by serotonin inhibits dopamine and norepinephrine release in certain areas of the brain (again, one of the reasons why SSRIs cause apathy, fatigue, sexual side effects). Antagonizing this specific receptor actually increases the release of dopamine and norepinephrine, allowing you to maintain energy levels while still getting the anxiolytic benefits of SSRIs.


The rest of the supplements in this stack provide great general health and address common deficiencies:

Magnesium: Another very common deficiency that is just as bad as vitamin D. Magnesium prevents bruxism which can be caused by SSRIs. It also is a NMDA antagonist and can help prevent tolerance and excitotoxicity in the brain.

EGCg: A very good supplement that combats free radicals and has also been shown to repair the "reward system/pathways" in the brain.

Aged Garlic Extract: A very good supplement to maintain heart health in combination with fish oil. This is a must for anyone taking drugs and especially stimulants.

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Dosage Compound Frequency Dates Notes
400mgEGCG 2016-02-05
600mgAged Garlic Extract 2016-02-05
200mgMagnesium Citrate 2016-02-05
2000iu 2016-02-05
2000mg 2016-02-05
400mcg 2016-02-05
400mcg 2016-02-05
2400mgKudzo Root Extract 2016-02-05
300mg 2016-02-05
10mgLexapro 2016-02-05

Potential Dosage Guidelines

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SSRI Full Potential Stack

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51 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Lipid Peroxidation1 Fish Oil
Memory1 Fish Oil
Cell Adhesion Factors (aka sCAM-11 Fish Oil
Photoprotection1 Fish Oil
Lean Mass1 Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Insulin Sensitivity1 Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Infant Birth Weight1 Fish Oil
Free Testosterone1 Vitamin D, Fish Oil
Endothelial Function1 Fish Oil
Muscle DamageNeutral Fish Oil
LeptinNeutral Fish Oil
Muscle Soreness (aka Delayed onset muscle sorenessNeutral Fish Oil
Pre-Eclampsia RiskNeutral Fish Oil
Symptoms of AlzheimersNeutral Fish Oil
B cell countNeutral Fish Oil
VO2 MaxNeutral Fish Oil
T Cell CountNeutral Fish Oil
Postpartum DepressionNeutral Fish Oil
Insulin SecretionNeutral Fish Oil
Natural Killer Cell Content (aka NK cellNeutral Fish Oil
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)Neutral Fish Oil
Apolipoprotein BNeutral Fish Oil
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