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Racetams Base

Improved Mood Stack 1,595  
Anti-depressive and motivating. Increased enjoyment of life's everyday activities.

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Stick to daily Coluracetam dosing. Even orally it is wonderful. Spice with exercise and you'll find yourself awestruck looking at the trees and the sky (not kidding).

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Supplements 7 Supplements
Dosage Compound Class Frequency Dates Notes
Nice to get going. Small amount right after waking up, go back to sleep if I feel like it, and wake up 15 or 20 minutes later (with an alarm, of course). I usually combine it with Coluracetam.
1g d
Mood lifting. I guess it could be left out, but as long as you don't take too much from the other racetam's, I guess it's ok.
5000Unit(s)Vitamin D3
In case of deficiency. Have not noticed any improvement after a month, so I might discontinue it.
200mgMagnesium Glycinate
To increase sleep quality. Dosage indicated in the package says 2 grams, but that is way too much. I found 200mg to make me feel fresher in the morning and it's not too much, so I don't have trouble getting up.
2.5mg. Could not find any lower. It also has valerian root. Taken an hour before intended sleep time gets me sleepy and in a good setting to go to sleep. More dreams, so that's nice. Definitely improves sleep quality.
15mg d
10-15mg. Sublingual. It's a good acute mood-booster. It's a new addition, but chronic effects look promising.
15mg d
10-15mg. It's the jewel of the crown; what makes the stack work. Taken twice a day. It takes around five weeks for it to work at its best; you might feel it working since the first couple of days, but starts shinning after a month. Increased motivation, increased mood and increased feelings of happiness. At the five week point, the effects go on even if you miss a day of dosing.
 josh 666777

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Racetams Base

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