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Core Mood Enhancer Stack

Improved Mood Stack 1,023 Updated: 2015-11-04  
Smaller list of my mood enhancing and cognitive improvement stack

Health Notes & References

Can replace Piracetam and Aniracetam for Pramiracetam. It is a lot more powerful albeit more expensive.

    No Changes Made To This Treatment Stack.
Supplements 7 Supplements
Dosage Compound Class Frequency Dates Notes
Can be taken with 100mg of caffeine for best results. Caffeine can be skipped though.
Can be taken throughout the day for a more consistent result
Small study that was completed showed improvement for adult men who stutter when taking 300mg a day. Can be reduced to 50mg a day for everybody else.
1250mg d
Ease into this. No more than 2000mg a day.
500mg d
Ease into this with Piracetam

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Core Mood Enhancer Stack

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Potential Effects from Stack

Cognition3 Tyrosine, Citicoline (CDP-Choline), L-Theanine
Memory2 Citicoline (CDP-Choline), Piracetam
Power Output1 Ashwagandha
Calmness1 L-Theanine
Anaerobic Exercise1 Ashwagandha
Free Testosterone1 Ashwagandha
Attention1 Citicoline (CDP-Choline)
Working Memory1 Tyrosine
Motivation1 Ashwagandha
VO2 Max1 Ashwagandha
Sperm Quality1 Ashwagandha
Neutral Tyrosine, Citicoline (CDP-Choline), L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, Thiamine, Piracetam
Cognitive Decline-1 Piracetam
Cortisol-1 Ashwagandha
Cocaine Addiction-1 Citicoline (CDP-Choline)
Heart Rate-1 Tyrosine, Ashwagandha
Anxiety-1 Ashwagandha
Depression-1 Tyrosine, Ashwagandha
Fatigue-1 Tyrosine, Ashwagandha
Stress-2 Tyrosine, Ashwagandha
Blood Pressure-2 Tyrosine, Citicoline (CDP-Choline), Ashwagandha


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