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Kent's first stack

General Health Stack 1,010  
Aid healing of strained hip flexor fatburning keep a sharp mind

Health Notes & References

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    No Changes Made To This Treatment Stack.
Supplements 4 Supplements
Dosage Compound Class Frequency Dates Notes
1 serving Post Workout and Before Bed
After Breakfast
After breakfast and before bed
Upon waking on empty stomach

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Kents first stack

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Potential Effects from Stack

Ammonia1 Glutamine
Muscle DamageNeutral Glutamine
Power OutputNeutral Glutamine
Neutral Glutamine, Multivitmin, Omega-3
Lean MassNeutral Glutamine
InflammationNeutral Glutamine
CortisolNeutral Glutamine
Fat MassNeutral Glutamine
Free TestosteroneNeutral Glutamine



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