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July stack

General Health Stack 1,171  
Health, stimulation/motivation, anti-anxiety

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Supplements 9 Supplements
Dosage Compound Frequency Dates Notes
0Mushroom Blend
0Vitamin D (Calciferol)

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July stack

76 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Attention2 AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil, Bromantane
Photoprotection1 Fish Oil
Sperm Quality1 AcetylCarnitine
Muscle Carnitine Content1 AcetylCarnitine
Insulin Sensitivity1 AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil
Treatment of Hepatic Encephalopathy1 AcetylCarnitine
Lean Mass1 AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil
Memory1 Fish Oil
Cell Adhesion Factors (aka sCAM-11 Fish Oil
Anaerobic Exercise1 AcetylCarnitine
Motor Control1 Bromantane
Cognition1 AcetylCarnitine
Infant Birth Weight1 Fish Oil
Endothelial Function1 Fish Oil
Muscle Soreness (aka Delayed onset muscle sorenessNeutral Fish Oil
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)Neutral Fish Oil
Total CholesterolNeutral AcetylCarnitine
Postpartum DepressionNeutral Fish Oil
TriglyceridesNeutral AcetylCarnitine
VO2 MaxNeutral AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil
LeptinNeutral Fish Oil
Natural Killer Cell Content (aka NK cellNeutral Fish Oil
Blood FlowNeutral Fish Oil
Apolipoprotein BNeutral Fish Oil
Lipid PeroxidationNeutral AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil
T Cell CountNeutral Fish Oil
Free TestosteroneNeutral AcetylCarnitine, Fish Oil
Fat OxidationNeutral AcetylCarnitine
Symptoms of AlzheimersNeutral Fish Oil
Aerobic ExerciseNeutral AcetylCarnitine
B cell countNeutral Fish Oil
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