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Dave Aspreys Cocktail for Mold

General Health Stack 338 2015-10-02  

There are two levels to this and this was presented by Dave in a Youtube video in 2011.

Health Notes & References

The Video can be viewed here >

Dave asprey in this video in 2012 actually talks about what mycotoxins are and how best to avoid them, he goes on to explain how he was exposed and provides the cocktail above for those who have been exposed. The cocktail is suppose to get you feeling better, and further int he video he goes ont o explain how and what to eat to avoid toxic or moldy food (which is the case in most foods we eat) and what foods to start eating. Enjoy!

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Supplements 9 Supplements
Dosage Supplements / Drugs Frequency Dates Notes
For as long as needed - diabetes drug, it turns on the genes that are turned off by the toxins. A week may be fine.
0.00mg supp
Level II (or grapefruit liver flush)
Level II
0.00 supp
Yeast cell wall extract
Or Glucomannan
Many variations
0.00 supp
MCP as needed...
0.00Bentonite Clay
10pill(s)Activated Charcoal
3x day with any suspect meals

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Dave Aspreys Cocktail for Mold

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