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Increased Physical Performance

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Whey Protein alongside L-Theanine, an essential amino acid ( building blocks of Protein) helps you achieve your fitness goals more effectively. These 2 supplements are of great benefit especially when hitting the gym and gaining some muscle. With the added presence of Acetyl L-Carnitine, it then provides the energy boost you need and is important for brain and heart function and muscle movement.

89 Potential Effects from this Stack

Effect OnScaleContributors
Cognition4 AcetylCarnitine, L-Theanine, Noopept, Alpha GPC
Lean Mass3 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine, Whey Protein
Memory2 Vinpocetine, Creatine, Noopept
Insulin Sensitivity2 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine, Whey Protein
Growth Hormone2 Creatine, Alpha GPC
Anaerobic Exercise2 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine
Power Output2 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine, Whey Protein, Alpha GPC
Muscle Carnitine Content1 AcetylCarnitine
Muscular Endurance1 Creatine
Hydration1 Creatine
Fatigue Resistance1 Creatine
Free Testosterone1 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine
IGF-1 (aka Insulin-like growth factor-1)1 Creatine, Whey Protein
Treatment of Myotonic Dystrophy1 Creatine
Bone Mineral Density (aka BMD)1 Creatine
Attention1 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine
Calmness1 L-Theanine
Muscle Protein Synthesis1 Whey Protein
VO2 Max1 AcetylCarnitine, Creatine
Treatment of Hepatic Encephalopathy1 AcetylCarnitine
Euphoric1 Creatine
Sperm Quality1 AcetylCarnitine
CortisolNeutral Creatine
Exercise Capacity (with Heart Conditions)Neutral Creatine
Liver EnzymesNeutral Creatine
Treatment of COPDNeutral Creatine
Fecal WeightNeutral Whey Protein
Treatment of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)Neutral Creatine
Lung FunctionNeutral Creatine
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Dosage Compound Form Frequency Dates Notes
10 mg ,,,,,,
Vinpocetine acts by increasing cerebral blood flow and brain-cell energy through its effect on the production of ATP (the cellular energy molecule) required for heavy work. Dosage of 10mg is taken 3x daily.
1 mg ,,,,,,
Acetyl-L-carnitine is an amino acid naturally produced in the body that helps produce energy. It is important for heart and brain function, muscle movement, and many other body processes.
200 mg ,,,,,,
Theanine is an amino acid (a building block for proteins) found in green tea. It has been shown that L-Theanine helps relieve stress by promoting relaxation and improvement in mood without the sedating effects. Also, it reduces Cortisol, the stress hormone.
9 g ,,,,,,
Creatine is involved in making the energy muscles need to work.It is most commonly used for improving exercise performance and increasing muscle mass in athletes and older adults. There is some science supporting the use of creatine in improving the athletic performance of young, healthy people during brief high-intensity activity such as sprinting.
24 g ,,,,,,
The use of whey protein as a source of amino acids and its effect on reducing the risks of diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes has been the focus of ongoing research as of 2007. Whey is an abundant source of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are used to stimulate protein synthesis.[15] When leucine is ingested in high amounts, such as with whey protein supplementation, there is greater stimulation of protein synthesis, which may speed recovery and adaptation to stress (exercise). As with other forms of protein, consumption of whey protein shortly after vigorous exercise can boost muscle hypertrophy.
10 mg ,,,,,,
With Noopept, users generally experience its cognitive boost in just a matter of minutes after its ingestion due to its ability to cross the Blood-Brain Barrier more easily. This includes improved clarity, better memory and focus. Aside from the cognitive enhancement it provides, useres generally has a peace of mind, less irritable and resists fatigue more efficiently due to its anxiolytic properties.
400 mg ,,,,,,
Alpha-GPC is the most effective type of Choline which increases the production, synthesis, and secretion of acetylcholine, the brain chemical that is important for memory and learning functions. Also, instead of being a precursor to phosphatidylcholine (PC), GPC is actually a metabolite of PC which is important for the communication between neurons. A dose of 400mg is taken 2x daily.
3 mgOmega-3 ,,,,,,
Omega-3 Fatty acids are key for normal development and growth and lack of this dietary intake is believed to be a significant contributing factor to many diseases.

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Increased Physical Performance

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