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The MUST-Read Vitagene DNA Test Review

The Vitagene DNA Test Review

Vitagene is a not a new name in the DNA testing arena. It has been around for about 5 years and offers a service not matched by other genetic companies. It is able to do this because it has raised large amounts of money from respectable Silicon Valley investors that believe in the company and its mission to use science to recommend Supplements and Provide reports that are personalized and actionable and will trigger the biggest positive impact to the customer’s health.

It is backed by medical doctors, university professors and many online influencers in the health field. Vitagene offers a plethora of different types of DNA tests, each DNA test is also linked to health plans for your goals, such as Diet, Healthy Skin, Fitness, and the default Ancestry.

Vitagene continues to do what other DNA testing companies do, which is matching your Health & Fitness report findings to recommending supplements based on short surveys on your current quality of life! They have many trained nutritionists on site that then craft a personalized regimen for you.

These nutritionists can be consulted with as well if you feel like something may not work for you or have questions. The raw data that is reported is very accurate. The interpretation may vary by service to service based on health professionals on staff.

The reason you want personalized supplements, in a nutshell, is simple. You may be harming yourself if you are dosing supplements your body does not need and wasting money. You may be supplementing products that are underdosed or of low quality (not the right absorbable ingredient), you may even be taking supplements that have NEGATIVE effects when taken with other drugs or supplements. Genetics and trained Nutritionist based recommendations are safe, effective and economical.


Before we Start, What is DNA?

DNA is a self-replicating material present in all living organisms and is the main part of chromosomes. All genetic information is carried in this molecule. The information in these cells is inherited from parent to children. DNA can have mutations or mistakes, some mutations can even be fatal. A section of DNA contains instructions that make the protein we know of as genes. Cells that replicate the DNA are called the RNA.

Regardless of who you are, Vitagene can be helpful in learning more about your genetics and ancestry. They also provide a personalized quiz which they use in part with your DNA data to recommend supplements that will benefit you. It doesn’t always make sense to take the same dose or even the same supplement as everyone else!


DNA Kit Product Reviews

1. Health Report + Ancestry for $79 (cheaper than 23&Me and Ancestry

This package comes with a DNA test kit, along with a diet report that lists foods that your body will benefit from. A fitness plan is also included which includes exercises and muscle related information on which exercise regimen may suit your needs best.

The very informative Supplement recommendation report is also included, this includes information on how much of each supplement you need to consume and why. All of this information is provided in an easy to read, simple, clean report on their website.

Finally, your Ancestry composition report is also included which will provide you with a composition of your ancestry. It is a powerful tested system that takes DNA from 31 populations around the world to calculate your composition by comparing your genomes to their database of thousands of people. Vitagene calculates the ancestry of individual segments by adding them together to display your overall ancestry composition.

If this interests you, you can learn more or try out the kit for yourself by clicking here.


2. Vitality Bundle

Includes the features from above package with 3 months worth of supplements for a total of $165. You get a total of 4 supplements customized for you in a blister pack, sent every 30 days. The reasons we are fans of this package is because you get 4 supplements for less than $30 a month after subtracting the cost of the initial DNA test and ALL the reports. You can also cancel at any time, to learn more click here.


3. All in 1 DNA Bundle

This includes everything in package #1 with supplements catered to those focused on living more optimally and longevity. This package retails for $129. If this is your goal, you may learn about it by visiting this link.


4. Foundation Plus Bundle

This includes all the reports mentioned above in package #2 plus a nutrition consultation for an hour and unlimited text and email correspondence for up to 3 months! This is a good deal especially if you have any nutritional or supplement related questions or if you would like to discuss specifics related to any symptoms or conditions you may need help addressing with nutrition such as depression, anxiety or lack of sleep.

This bundle comes to $348, this package is for those that really want to ‘biohack’ their life and turn it around. You can get a deal if you buy it through our link here.


How long does Vitagene take?

You are sent a kit, it contains two vials that require your saliva swab samples. Once you collect the samples, place them in the kit, send them in for testing. The boxes have pre-paid postage on them already, so it’s as simple as just dropping them off.

Three weeks later, all your reports will be made available to you, you will learn everything you need to regarding optimal fitness, vitamins that you may be lacking, minerals your body has a hard time absorbing, food allergies and any symptoms you may be prone to feeling if not managed going forward.

You will also receive your Ancestry report, which will tell you if you have the ‘sprinter’ gene and if you are part Norwegian or not. Generally, Vitagene is ideal for those:

  • Looking to learn more about what nutrition works best for their genetics
  • Office workers or students trying to figure out why they are always devoid of energy
  • Anyone remotely interested in taking only the absolute minimum amount of supplements their body needs based on science and health goals


What We Love about Vitagene:

1. Options You may buy just the kit, or you may buy the kit with certain reports. You may optionally only buy supplements that you need. Lastly, if you have done a DNA test already, you can upload your report and it will be crunched up by Vitagene’s algorithms for about 2 days and it will generate personalized reports based on the most recent science just for you. With this, you can subscribe to a targeted supplemental regimen or purchase reports that are the most relevant for you. 23&Me, AncestryDNA and other DNA companies are just not as comprehensive.

2. DNA test is a simple saliva cheek swab, unlike other companies that require you to carefully handle test tubes which need to be filled half way which can create a mess and not needed for the test that Vitagene provides.

3. A trustable and Reliable company, as they are based out of the US they have strict guidelines that they need to adhere to to remain operable, and Vitagene takes these very seriously. All results are kept private on secure servers.

4. Customer service that is available via live chat, and email. But also the fact that you can talk to a real nutritionist and ask them for feedback at any time.

5. Detailed Analysis within Reports which provide you with Disease indicators, Health indicators, information on traits and markers. Along with your Ethnic information including regional details and makeup estimates.

What We Didn’t Like About Vitagene

1. The two-week delay in processing DNA results. As one could be excited to order the product, you are required to wait a long time to see the results of your purchase.

2. No, follow up platform for following actionable items mentioned in reports. TrackMyStack may just work wonders in this aspect! 🙂


Overall Vitagene Review

Overall we love Vitagene vs it’s competitors such as 23&Me and AncestryDNA because of actionable items that come as part of their offerings.

You are not bound with information that you have to figure out how to take action on. With Vitagene you are provided reports that indicate which supplements you need to take for various health goals, and you are even mailed the quality supplements in a timely manner. This is In addition to all the reports you will receive digitally on ancestry, health, and fitness.

The results we received were simple to understand and provided actionable insights. To add a cherry on top, you may even consult with a nutritionist at any time if need to discuss the contents of your specific report based on the package you get.

If you are interested in using science to supplement better or to understand your body better, use our promo code link, by clicking here. It will automatically apply any discounts that may exist at the time to save you a few bucks.


You may contact Vitagene below:
415 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: +1 844 698 4824

Additionally, you can visit their site by clicking here for live chat.