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Why You Should Put MCT Oil In Coffee

Brain Octane Oil is a more refined version of MCT oil with slightly different properties. This Oil helps your brain run on ketones, and helps a bit less with weight loss like MCT.
Brain Octane Oil is a more refined version of MCT or XCT oil with slightly different properties. This Oil helps your brain run on ketones, and helps a bit less with weight loss like MCT.

MCT Oil in Coffee

The addition of MCT Oil in our daily coffee has become a trend nowadays. But why do people do such a thing? Is MCT added just to improve the texture of our coffee? Or does it benefit our cognitive function? Let’s take a look at what MCTs really are and what happens when they are combined with coffee.

A Closer Look at MCTs

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides and it is named as such because of the way the carbon atoms are arranged in their chemical structures. They are partially man-made fats; via the processing of coconut oil and palm kernel oils. MCTs are being regarded as a substitute for fat sources for individuals who cannot tolerate other types of fats. They are also used as medicine.

Because of their size, MCTs are easily digested and absorbed. Therefore, they provide nourishment to the body and are a quick source of energy; both necessary in promoting healing.

In the digestive system, MCTs are broken down into individual fatty acids called MCFAs, which are then funnelled directly to the liver and converted to energy. The metabolism of MCTs makes them unique when compared to other types of fats, as they bypass the liver more easily. This process allows for an abrupt boost of energy and increase in metabolism. This increase in energy then provides a stimulating effect to the body. 1

Due to the increase in metabolic rate, MCTs serve to protect you from various kinds of degenerative and infectious illnesses. They are involved in speeding up the healing process. An increase in metabolism means that your cells function at a higher rate of efficiency while the old, worn out and diseased cells are replaced at a faster rate. The generation of new cells also occurs at a faster pace.  MCTs are responsible for boosting your immunity, and this can be very beneficial for the human body. Conversely, a slow metabolism has been associated with obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis, to name a few. In addition, certain conditions may get worse or heal slowly, as cells can’t heal and repair themselves quickly. 1

MCTs are now being added to infant formulas since they are vital for the healthy growth and development of children. If an infant has a deficiency in MCTs, he/she may be more vulnerable to infections.

MCTs in the medical field

Because MCTs have the ability to increase metabolism in our bodies, a cascade of benefits occur. These include, but are not limited to, greater support for bodily functions as well as promotion of good health. Aside from being an excellent source of fat that rapidly provides both physical and mental energy, Medium Chain Triglycerides are also being used in the medical field for the following reasons:

  1. Certain types of seizures in children – MCTs may be consumed by children who have seizures in order to help prevent muscle breakdown. 2
  1. Critically Ill patients – MCTs are known to be added to our favourite foods and drinks but in cases of critically ill patients, MCTs are administered intravenously in order to prevent muscle breakdown while providing some calories to the body. 2
  1. For absorption disorders – MCTs, along with other medications, are used to treat absorption disorders such as diarrhea, steatorrhea, gastrectomy, short bowel syndrome, and many others. 2
  1. Athletes –  The use of MCT is also considered by athletes, trained professionals and body builders, as nutritional support. Also, it is used for decreasing body fat as well as increasing lean muscle mass. 2

Why are MCTs (or XCT Oil by Bulletproof) added in coffee?

The combination of Medium Chain Triglycerides with coffee may be a great idea especially if you are looking for an energy boost that would kick in immediately and have lasting effects. It is definitely recommended if you feel the need to fuel up your day!

Coffee, a powerful stimulant, provides you with enhanced cognitive function, especially by improving your focus and concentration. While building your endurance in performing your mentally demanding tasks, coffee also provides you with the cognitive and physical energy you need.

The addition of a quality source of energy, such as Medium Chain Triglycerides, synergizes the effects of coffee in your system. Both coffee and MCTs act as stimulants and provide an abrupt energy boost. They work in combination to enhance your cognitive abilities and let you finish your tasks without the feelings of fatigue and stress. It prevents you from feeling mentally drained. In addition, MCTs counteract the “acid-feeling” in the stomach that coffee may bring, as it promotes a healthy digestive system.


Coffee, taken alongside with Medium Chain Triglycerides may be a very good idea, since it provides you with a number of benefits. Not only does it provide you with the energy you need, but it also promotes the maintenance of your body’s proper functioning. Put an edge on your daily coffee and see maximum benefits instantly with MCTs. Buy the highest quality MCT oil by clicking here – the name here is branded as “Bulletproof XCT Oil”.