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How To Clear Brain Fog Quickly

How To Clear Brain Fog Quickly

Many people have been affected by a “cloudy-headed” feeling called brain fog. This “cloudy-headed” feeling often puts the patient in a state of mental confusion and lack of clarity. It’s also true that brain fog causes difficulty focusing, struggles in articulation, and poor memory.

The foggy feeling is commonly defined as brain fog. Brain fog usually occurs when you experience decreased cognitive abilities, cognitive fatigue, and slow thinking. Other symptoms of brain fog are confusion, lack of concentration and forgetfulness. Long-term effects of brain foggy brain include the reduction in sensory processing and memory of the brain.


What is Brain Fog and what causes it?

what causes brain fog

Brain Fog is a defined by experts as mild to harsh event of psychological confusion that can happen without notice.

Brain fog is a medical condition that affects 100 billion nerve cells and the 100 trillion connections that make up the brain. The good news is that you can manage brain fog, says Dr. Gavatri Devi, a psychiatrist and a neurologist who works with Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City. The most common causes of brain fog are multitasking, overworking, sleep disorders, and substance abuse (such as alcohol or drugs). Most times, the changes in diet could also cause mental fog.


Below are the top 6 ways on how to get rid of brain fog quickly:

  1. Take Brain Supplements

Taking a supplement to clear brain fog is a crucial step in the treatment of this unusual disorder. Supplements contain antioxidants and antioxidants are vital for a healthy brain. The antioxidants in supplements can make you stay focused and be mentally alert always. Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex supplements are beneficial to the body. These supplements help in cognitive function of healing, cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Taking these supplements also enhance cognitive performance and help to manage rather than ‘cure’ brain fog.

Another brain fog treatment is the use of a natural supplement called Brahmi (Water Hyssop). This plant is believed to be an ancient Indian herb used medicinally for the treatment of brain fog. The active compounds in Brahmi are used in the improvement of memory and cognition in healthy adults. Research has shown that Brahmi (water hyssop) positively influences the brain and human health. Currently, there is no such thing as brain fog medication but you can also try premade supplement stacks such as Lumonol to address overall brain issues.


  1. More Sleep Time

For you to have a life devoid of mental and physical stress, it is required that you sleep more, up to 8 hours or so should be your target. If you are sleeping longer it could mean that your body is seriously trying to heal you from other health issues or you could have an underlying medical condition.

To improve memory, focus, and mood, you’ll need to regulate and maximize your sleep. You can, of course, keep track of it using our app,

There are severe health consequences that could occur if you don’t have enough sleep. At the same time denying your body of enough sleep could be detrimental to your health. About 8 hours of sleep is ideal for every person, but there are people that need only 6 hours of sleep to be at their best performance. The reason for the 6 hours also makes sense because it implies their body does not need too much time to heal as they could be healthy enough.

To know the right amount of sleep that is ideal for you, you must track your nightly sleep. To restore focus and clarity in your life, you can make up for the lost sleep time. With this step, you could clear brain fog in less than 7 days without any medication!

Studies suggest that having a quality sleep is more important than sleep quantity. With quality sleep, there’s bound to be an improvement in attention, decision-making skills and problem-solving.

Here are some quality sleep tips from The  Sleep Foundation.

  1. Make sure your bedtimes and wake up times are regulated.
  2. Avoid consuming alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals before your bedtimes.
  3. Sleep on comfortable beddings.
  4. Have a routine for daily exercise.
  5. Sleep in a cool, quiet and dark room.
  6. Avoid habit that could make you stay up late. ahem, facebook, mobile phones.

Taking these simple steps will positively impact your sleep quality.


  1. Have a Change of Diet

clearing your brain fogThere are some foods in your diet that can cause brain fog. It has been discovered that about 16 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Also, there are other countless people who are not aware of having a mild food allergy.

Poor gut health can also cause food allergy leading to autoimmune disorders. Many people suffer therefore from a gluten allergy without knowing it.

Gluten sensitivity is closely related to brain fog. Studies have confirmed that many people who were diagnosed with a gluten allergy and also began a gluten-free diet have improved memory, focus and verbal fluency.

It is good to take a deeper dive into your diet and avoid consuming anything that might cause brain fog or inflammation in general. You may track your calories along with your intake on TrackMyStack as well.


  1. Exercise

Exercising daily is another great way to curb brain fog and stress. Exercise opens and relaxes your body. It gets blood flowing freely in your body and increases your oxygen levels in no time.  This free flow of blood improves your body’s ability in physical and mental performance. Taking a walk three times a week can increase your brain health and boost your cognitive flexibility.

Exercising daily especially in the morning could boost the brain health and memory. Participating in Yoga, Tai chi, and aerobic classes are the suitable exercises that could stop brain fog and improve memory.  Note that any form of exercise is important for neurogenesis and thinking clearly. Therefore, choose a routine that you’ll be comfortable with in terms of budget, ability, and schedule.


  1. Relax 

It is a known fact that our daily routine is very demanding and is full of stress. And when you are stressed out, it’s impossible to rewind and relax easily. Stress is a deadly hormone that hurts the body and weakens the immune system.

These useful tips below will be beneficial when you are completely stressed out.

Meditation – Meditation helps to reduce blood pressure, improve overall health and reduce stress.

Music – Music is another way of relaxation that reduces stress. Music provides relief from distress, security and boosts your self-esteem. Play music to increase attention levels, expand thinking skills, and extend focused learning time. Generally, music improves retention and memory, aiding in the cure of brain fog.

Supplementation to Relax – such as L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, you can see the complete list here.


  1. Detoxification

There is a high rate of exposure to toxins from our environment. Our clothing contains toxins that could affect cognitive functions. Most chemicals used in the maintenance of lawn, cars, and furniture contain toxins. These toxins are then built up throughout the body; having their presence in the kidney and liver.

Water, air, and food contain heavy metals which are toxins. An example is copper toxicity which is very hard and complicated to diagnose.  Confusion, disorientation and mood swings are some of the symptoms of being affected by toxins. It’s imperative to minimize your exposure to toxins.

Brain fog can be remedied by detoxification of bowel toxicity or candida infection. Fasting, changing of diet, drinking of plenty water could help in detoxifying the body. Detoxification of the body could clear mental fog and relieve symptoms of any ailments. A common supplement for detoxing that is used is Activated Charcoal.


get rid of brain fog for good


Other general preventive measures for brain fog treatment are:

  • Abstinence from your computer, phone, tablet, and television at least an hour before your sleep time (avoid the blue light!)
  • Make it a duty to spend quality time with your family after the day’s work. Being with your loved ones could stimulate certain brain centers to release happy hormones. This reliably acts as a shield against anxiety and depression, thereby developing the cognitive capacity of the brain.

If you want to get rid of your foggy brain or have never experienced brain fog before, these useful tips are all you need to prevent it happening in your life. If you adopt any of these techniques, you will greatly improve your cognitive performance and get rid of any symptoms brain fog that may be causing issues for you at work, school or in your personal life. Good luck!