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Best Nootropics For Creativity

What is Creativity?

Creativity is what makes people be outstanding in their profession. Whether you are an artist, a writer or a student you rely greatly on creativity.

Creativity is maximizing the power of the mind to come up with something new; maybe great lyrics to a song, a project idea or a genius start-up business plan.

Creativity on its own is not a skill one can control. That’s why sometimes you may feel creative and other times, you are just empty and flat. But one thing is certain, all of us could perform better in whatever we do by maximizing those creative moments.

For your creativity to grow, you need the right environment, the right nutrients, rest, comfort and stress relief. People are more creative when in the right environment.

Since it takes creativity to solve a problem, it is certain many disciplines can’t function without it. Therefore for a constant flow of creativity, you might need to use nootropics. Nootropics are natural and synthetic drugs used basically to boost creativity and improve memory. With the presence of nootropics, lack of creativity has become history.


Nootropics stacks are supplements taken with nootropics to give users a cognitive boost in achieving better focus and memory. Since no single part of the brain is responsible for creativity, the use of nootropics stacks help in affecting different parts of the brain.


The best nootropic for creativity will be revised in this guide.


  1. Aniracetam for Creativity

In its performance. It fights anxiety and boosts creativity profusely. It’s crucial that if you strive to be creative, you must learn to manage anxiety and this is what Aniracetam does. Aniracetam creativity is an AMPA modulator. It helps AMPA receptors to work more. AMPA receptors are excitatory receptors that control memory and mood.

Also, Aniracetam helps to increase blood flow to the brain. When it happens, you are bound to experience an improved smoother and holistic thinking. Aniracetam boosts the communication between the two brain hemisphere, thus helping people who naturally rely on logic to get a greater contribution from their artistic personalities.

Dave Asprey has stated that it is one of the only racetams that he takes and uses it because it increases his creativity and improves the input/output processing speed from his own personal experience.

Aniracetam supercharges creativity and boosts your cognition in numerous ways like having a vivid and sharper vision. Some other benefits of Aniracetam are heightened memory, enhanced learning abilities, reduction in stress and clear thinking.

Side effects of Aniracetam include a mild headache.

To get stronger results you need to combine Aniracetam with different supplements. Best nootropic stack for creativity with Aniracetam is any of Racetam supplements, Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

If you are interested in learning or reading more about aniracetam we have a much longer article here.


  1. Noopept and Sulbutiamine Stack

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic derived from Vitamin B. It was first developed in Japan. Sulbutiamine is a synthetic module more potent than ordinary vitamins. Also, Sulbutiamine has been proven scientifically to improve memory.  With a good memory, you would be more creative and have where to draw more information from.

Benefits of Sulbutiamine are explained concisely below:

  • Improved memory
  • Improvement in your mood
  • Your anxiety level is reduced
  • Stamina and endurance level greatly improved.
  • Mood-boosting
  • Reduced anxiety level
  • Enhanced cognitive effects
  • Decision-making ability
  • Learning capacities


Sulbutiamine has rare side effects which could be reversed when stopped. Most common side effects of sulbutiamine are sleep disruption and suppressed appetite. Sulbutiamine is not recommended for long-term use as it could lose its effectiveness.

Noopept sulbutiamine stack that yields tremendous results with Sulbutiamine is Noopept, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, Ginkgo Biloba and Pramiracetam.


  1. Noopept Works for Creativity


Noopept is an excellent form of a synthetic nootropic known to boost imagination and improve focus simultaneously. Noopept is one of the greatest and the most effective nootropics available in the market today. Another name for Noopept is N – phenylacetyl – L – prolylglycine ethyl ester, a synthetic Nootropic molecule. The production of acetylcholine in the body is inhibited, giving your brain a boost.

Noopept though extremely potent has an unusual side effect. Users complain of experiencing a mild headache.

Other side effects are stomach distress, loss of appetite. If you want to use this nootropic, it’s better to use it sparingly. To potentiate it better, exercise after consumption and have plenty of water during your work.

Best Nootropics Noopept Stacks are Alpha GPC, Citicoline and Piracetam.

Sulbutiamine and noopept have something in common as both are synthetic nootropics supplements. Noopept is said to be more 1000x potent than Piracetam.


  1. Phenibut Stack for Creativity

Phenibut was first developed as far back as 1960. It was created with the intention to treat common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. But through the years, it has been greatly improved to be effective in boosting creativity.

Substances present in Phenibut stimulate dopamine receptors which improve your feelings and mood. With Phenibut, a lot of people are able to tap into their creative side.

It’s advisable to take Phenibut sparingly as it is addictive in nature.

Phenibut Stacks known to boost creativity are Alpha GPC, Phenibut, Omega-3 and Bacopa Monnieri.


  1. Stack Coluracetam for Creativity

Coluracetam was developed and synthesized by Doctors in Japan in 2005. It was originally created to treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown that Coluracetam has other users. It can be used as a choline uptake enhancer. Coluracetam makes a person more sensitive to external stimuli, causing one to see things in fresh new ways. Another vital function of coluracetam is that it improves memory and learning abilities. It helps you to master new skills easily and then use them in exciting ways.

Induced headache is the only known side effect of Coluracetam.

Coluracetam Stacks belong to the Racetam family of nootropic supplements. Coluracetam works well with choline source such as Alpha GPC.


  1. Piracetam also helps with Creative Thinking

Piracetam is a nootropic supplement that was first developed in 1964. Other nootropics present today belongs to the Racetam family that was originally modified from Piracetam.

Piracetam is known to greatly improve creativity, enhancing writing abilities and also improve verbal fluency.

Piracetam supplements allow users to explore their creative abilities in thinking outside the box and forming new ideas and improve upon the existing ones.

Piracetam is great for improving your memory and learning.  Piracetam helps you to relax and be confident in front of an audience. You’ll also feel comfortable to write and talk without holding off. You’ll also notice that words will flow naturally between creative and logical thinking.

Phenylpiracetam is a Piracetam stack you can use to spice up your creative abilities. This supplement has an extra molecule added to it, which allows blood-brain penetration to be achieved much more easily allowing greater effects.

People who have taken piracetam complain of having a mild headache and this could be reversed by taking Piracetam sparingly. To learn even more about Piracetam click here.

To Summarize, Pick 1 Nootropic Stack For Creativity

In conclusion, creativity is something that can help you get optimum results and also do exploits in many ways.  If you are creative enough, you stand a better chance of accomplishing more and you’ll be excited to think in new exciting ways.

Employers are always on the lookout for people who are creative and problem solvers.

Not sure which nootropics stack for creativity to take, consult a licensed physician. It is important to always consult a physician before and after taking any new drug, supplement or diet. They are known to offer the best advice when it comes to health and medical advice.

You can also develop your own best nootropic stacks for creativity by combining different nootropics to get the best results that suit your biology. Start by picking 1 supplement or 1 simple stack and begin from there.

To create your first stack and see the list of all synergistic effects, get dosage warnings and get adherence reminders, we recommend you try TrackMyStack by clicking here.



“Clinical efficacy of aniracetam, either as monotherapy or combined with cholinesterase inhibitors, in patients with cognitive impairment: a comparative open study.”

What is a Health Stack and Why You Need One

What is Health?

In Body By Science, Dr. Doug McGuff defines Health as “A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains the necessary biology between the catabolic and anabolic states.


What is a Stack? defines Stack as “…a group of supplements used to enhance performance. Stacks feature products with different intended purposes that work together to enhance energy, endurance, and recovery…


What is a Health Stack?

TrackMyStack extends the definition of stack to mean more than just supplements and also incorporates food, exercise, and activities into a stack. More on activities coming up shortly. A Health Stack is a set of foods, exercises, supplements, medications, and activities when combined result in a positive physiological adaptation.

The different elements of a stack can fall into the category of anabolic or catabolic functions. For example, foods such as fruits have an anabolic effect on the body and apple cider vinegar has a catabolic effect. While considering a myriad of biological nuances, in essence, exercises can be divided into catabolic and anabolic actions. Resistance training primes the body to build (anabolic) and endurance training require the body to break down (catabolic) energy storages. Supplements can be distinguished similarly: creatine for anabolic and acetyl-l-carnitine for catabolic, as examples.

With the understanding of how elements that are anabolic and/or catabolic add to an individual’s health, it is important to consider any activity which spurs a biological change to be part of the individual’s Health Stack. Activities such as meditation, sleep, infrared saunas have a biological impact. There have been increasing trends in health and biotechnology. 

These new trends are called Biohacking. Dave Asprey the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and pioneer of biohacking calls biohacking as:

“To use science, biology, self experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life.”

TrackMyStack gives users the tools to input various activities regarding health and the ability to track those activities.


Adding Exercises & Activities to your Health Stack


Adding Food & Drinks to Your Health Stack







Avoiding “Recall Bias”

You are bound to make a mistake trying to remember the various components of your health regimen. Even if you hack your memory to remember all aspects of your health stack, you will not be to interconnect the different elements.

Side note: I know a memory hacker reading the last line is going to say “challenge accepted” and I say “may the force be with you!”.

For the rest of us, the Health Journal in TMS will serve as a snapshot of all your daily activities. Data from ‘Check-In’ posts in your Health Journal will help you plan, organize, interconnect and cross-examine your Health Stacks.


How to create a Check-In post:

  1. Hover mouse over ‘Health Journal’ on the main menu bar on top of the page.
  2. Select ‘Make A Check-In Post.’
  3. Pick a particular Health Stack from the dropdown under ‘Related To’.
  4. Toggle supplements to ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ (Tip: If you are checking ‘NO’ to fewer items, it might be helpful to ‘Toggle All’ to yes. Then, toggle ‘No’ to individual items that you did not take).

You may see all of it in the video below:


Food & Nutrition as it Relates to Supplement in-take.

Food and nutrition will serve as the foundation of your health. Dietary intake should be optimized to proved the macronutrient *requirement* of an individual. Tracking food intake will provide a judgment on what to supplement.

For example, if you supplement creatine as a nootropic, it is recommended to be taken along with carbohydrates. If you use honey as the carbohydrate source and you have eaten rice or had other carbs, then you can skip out on honey.

Tracking your food intake will allow you to calibrate your supplement regimen more precisely, if you realize that the food you ate one day mostly consisted of meats, you may want to supplement Vitamin K. Alternatively, if you feel like you are starting to get dry eyes and flaky skin, it could help if you take Vitamin A — one time or on an as-needed basis.



Your Daily Values or ‘Quantified Self”

This section is used to track anything that matters to you! It could be the number of stairs you climbed in a day, the number of people you spoke to, or essentially any metric you deem important for you to track.  We provide pre-set values that we deem important as well. Evaluating your energy, focus, memory, mood, pain: These factors provide the core understanding of your subjective effects.


Exercise & Physical Activity

Enter in exercise for the particular day to go along with your health stack. Tracking physical activity is beneficial because exercise makes an impact on our biology. Exercise is beneficial however it is important to keep in mind that physical activity will have an impact on other elements of your stack….

For example, one of the benefits of exercise is the hormetic ramp up in anti-inflammatory pathways.

In simpler terms, your body will strengthen its stress reduction pathways (anti-inflammatory pathways), when it recovers from the stress brought on by exercise. To complement this biological nuance, you can skip taking antioxidants after your exercise, antioxidants such as Vitamin C, N-Acetyl-Cysteine. Doing so your supplement stack will not interfere with your body’s recovery, with respect to strengthening anti-inflammatory pathways. (reference)


Putting it All Together

If your health stack has multiple elements and multiple items within each element then standardize your experience by creating a routine and stick to it until you have gotten desired effects.

You can standardize your experience by optimizing the timing of each element. The timing of each element should allow them to complement each other’s effects. Next, select a duration of the experience, example: 30 days. During this period make appropriate ‘check-ins’ and record the daily values. Also, create custom value(s) to facilitate standardization.

Objective measures will aid your experience in understanding your health stack. Objective measures are blood work, inflammation markers, cognitive assessment tests (ex: dual-n-back) and more. Daily values and objective measures will give you an understanding of how your health stack is stacking up in regards to your goals. You will become aware of the impact of your health stack.


Chart visualizing a User’s Adherence Rate over time

Figuring Out What Worked

Singling out an item’s efficacy will challenging but possible. First, standardize your experience. Once, you are able to replicate the same result for a health stack then you can adjust a single item.

Tinkering with a particular item will help you gauge how much of a bottleneck that item is to your goals. For example, increasing or decreasing your sleep volume and recording daily values throughout a given duration, ideally 10 days. First few days will be an adjustment period and then a week to decide if the increase/decrease in sleep volume is affecting your health goals.

This could help you optimize the amount of sleep. Similar can be done for supplements. Make sure you can replicate desired effects from a supplement stack multiple times, then it will be easy to adjust the dosage of a particular supplement and record daily values. Also, in the situation of switching brands of a particular supplement, you can follow the above scenario to determine if the new brand has similar quality. Utilize objective measures to further aid your awareness in the changes in your health stack.

Plan. Plan out your weekly supplements according to recommended time to be taken. Other elements of your stack will need to be planned out to fit your supplement timing. For instance, setting a bedtime to 4 hours after taking Vitamin B6.

Once a good routine is figured out then the effects of each element should provide synergistic effects.

Organize. When your supplements will be taken. Standardized everything, and track what you want to change. It is rather overwhelming to figure out exactly what to track. To overcome the daunting tasks, organize the elements of your health stack to track what you want to change. When you gain adequate flexibility in making changes to your health stack and become aware of the effects of the changes. You will have built a holistic understanding of your health  stack.

Interconnect. Most of us have many moving parts on any given day. This holistic approach should be continuously optimized, one might tinker with one specific element of a stack or get even more granular with an element and determine its outcome.

How To Clear Brain Fog Quickly

How To Clear Brain Fog Quickly

Many people have been affected by a “cloudy-headed” feeling called brain fog. This “cloudy-headed” feeling often puts the patient in a state of mental confusion and lack of clarity. It’s also true that brain fog causes difficulty focusing, struggles in articulation, and poor memory.

The foggy feeling is commonly defined as brain fog. Brain fog usually occurs when you experience decreased cognitive abilities, cognitive fatigue, and slow thinking. Other symptoms of brain fog are confusion, lack of concentration and forgetfulness. Long-term effects of brain foggy brain include the reduction in sensory processing and memory of the brain.


What is Brain Fog and what causes it?

what causes brain fog

Brain Fog is a defined by experts as mild to harsh event of psychological confusion that can happen without notice.

Brain fog is a medical condition that affects 100 billion nerve cells and the 100 trillion connections that make up the brain. The good news is that you can manage brain fog, says Dr. Gavatri Devi, a psychiatrist and a neurologist who works with Lenox Hill Hospital, New York City. The most common causes of brain fog are multitasking, overworking, sleep disorders, and substance abuse (such as alcohol or drugs). Most times, the changes in diet could also cause mental fog.


Below are the top 6 ways on how to get rid of brain fog quickly:

  1. Take Brain Supplements

Taking a supplement to clear brain fog is a crucial step in the treatment of this unusual disorder. Supplements contain antioxidants and antioxidants are vital for a healthy brain. The antioxidants in supplements can make you stay focused and be mentally alert always. Vitamin D and Vitamin B Complex supplements are beneficial to the body. These supplements help in cognitive function of healing, cleansing and rejuvenating the body. Taking these supplements also enhance cognitive performance and help to manage rather than ‘cure’ brain fog.

Another brain fog treatment is the use of a natural supplement called Brahmi (Water Hyssop). This plant is believed to be an ancient Indian herb used medicinally for the treatment of brain fog. The active compounds in Brahmi are used in the improvement of memory and cognition in healthy adults. Research has shown that Brahmi (water hyssop) positively influences the brain and human health. Currently, there is no such thing as brain fog medication but you can also try premade supplement stacks such as Lumonol to address overall brain issues.


  1. More Sleep Time

For you to have a life devoid of mental and physical stress, it is required that you sleep more, up to 8 hours or so should be your target. If you are sleeping longer it could mean that your body is seriously trying to heal you from other health issues or you could have an underlying medical condition.

To improve memory, focus, and mood, you’ll need to regulate and maximize your sleep. You can, of course, keep track of it using our app,

There are severe health consequences that could occur if you don’t have enough sleep. At the same time denying your body of enough sleep could be detrimental to your health. About 8 hours of sleep is ideal for every person, but there are people that need only 6 hours of sleep to be at their best performance. The reason for the 6 hours also makes sense because it implies their body does not need too much time to heal as they could be healthy enough.

To know the right amount of sleep that is ideal for you, you must track your nightly sleep. To restore focus and clarity in your life, you can make up for the lost sleep time. With this step, you could clear brain fog in less than 7 days without any medication!

Studies suggest that having a quality sleep is more important than sleep quantity. With quality sleep, there’s bound to be an improvement in attention, decision-making skills and problem-solving.

Here are some quality sleep tips from The  Sleep Foundation.

  1. Make sure your bedtimes and wake up times are regulated.
  2. Avoid consuming alcohol, cigarettes and heavy meals before your bedtimes.
  3. Sleep on comfortable beddings.
  4. Have a routine for daily exercise.
  5. Sleep in a cool, quiet and dark room.
  6. Avoid habit that could make you stay up late. ahem, facebook, mobile phones.

Taking these simple steps will positively impact your sleep quality.


  1. Have a Change of Diet

clearing your brain fogThere are some foods in your diet that can cause brain fog. It has been discovered that about 16 million Americans suffer from food allergies. Also, there are other countless people who are not aware of having a mild food allergy.

Poor gut health can also cause food allergy leading to autoimmune disorders. Many people suffer therefore from a gluten allergy without knowing it.

Gluten sensitivity is closely related to brain fog. Studies have confirmed that many people who were diagnosed with a gluten allergy and also began a gluten-free diet have improved memory, focus and verbal fluency.

It is good to take a deeper dive into your diet and avoid consuming anything that might cause brain fog or inflammation in general. You may track your calories along with your intake on TrackMyStack as well.


  1. Exercise

Exercising daily is another great way to curb brain fog and stress. Exercise opens and relaxes your body. It gets blood flowing freely in your body and increases your oxygen levels in no time.  This free flow of blood improves your body’s ability in physical and mental performance. Taking a walk three times a week can increase your brain health and boost your cognitive flexibility.

Exercising daily especially in the morning could boost the brain health and memory. Participating in Yoga, Tai chi, and aerobic classes are the suitable exercises that could stop brain fog and improve memory.  Note that any form of exercise is important for neurogenesis and thinking clearly. Therefore, choose a routine that you’ll be comfortable with in terms of budget, ability, and schedule.


  1. Relax 

It is a known fact that our daily routine is very demanding and is full of stress. And when you are stressed out, it’s impossible to rewind and relax easily. Stress is a deadly hormone that hurts the body and weakens the immune system.

These useful tips below will be beneficial when you are completely stressed out.

Meditation – Meditation helps to reduce blood pressure, improve overall health and reduce stress.

Music – Music is another way of relaxation that reduces stress. Music provides relief from distress, security and boosts your self-esteem. Play music to increase attention levels, expand thinking skills, and extend focused learning time. Generally, music improves retention and memory, aiding in the cure of brain fog.

Supplementation to Relax – such as L-Theanine, Ashwagandha, you can see the complete list here.


  1. Detoxification

There is a high rate of exposure to toxins from our environment. Our clothing contains toxins that could affect cognitive functions. Most chemicals used in the maintenance of lawn, cars, and furniture contain toxins. These toxins are then built up throughout the body; having their presence in the kidney and liver.

Water, air, and food contain heavy metals which are toxins. An example is copper toxicity which is very hard and complicated to diagnose.  Confusion, disorientation and mood swings are some of the symptoms of being affected by toxins. It’s imperative to minimize your exposure to toxins.

Brain fog can be remedied by detoxification of bowel toxicity or candida infection. Fasting, changing of diet, drinking of plenty water could help in detoxifying the body. Detoxification of the body could clear mental fog and relieve symptoms of any ailments. A common supplement for detoxing that is used is Activated Charcoal.


get rid of brain fog for good


Other general preventive measures for brain fog treatment are:

  • Abstinence from your computer, phone, tablet, and television at least an hour before your sleep time (avoid the blue light!)
  • Make it a duty to spend quality time with your family after the day’s work. Being with your loved ones could stimulate certain brain centers to release happy hormones. This reliably acts as a shield against anxiety and depression, thereby developing the cognitive capacity of the brain.

If you want to get rid of your foggy brain or have never experienced brain fog before, these useful tips are all you need to prevent it happening in your life. If you adopt any of these techniques, you will greatly improve your cognitive performance and get rid of any symptoms brain fog that may be causing issues for you at work, school or in your personal life. Good luck!


Absorb Your Health Review

AbsorbHealth Review

We have promoted many of’s (Also known as AbsorbHealth) supplements but recently people have asked us to review AbsorbYourHealth and answer questions that they have about this vendor. The main reason we like AbsorbYourHealth is because  it carries many supplements that can’t be found easily at other supplement stores. The most popular supplements on their site are: Phenibut, Noopept, Aniracetam and Adrafinil.

The companies corporate headquarters are based out of: Absorb Health EU Limited, Cariocca Business Park, 2 Sawley Road, Manchester, England. M40 8BB.

There have been reports on Reddit claiming the efficacy of their supplements not being potent enough. The owner, Josh has taken it upon himself to prove that all their supplements are tested and pass all safety and potency requirements. You can contact him directly if you have any questions.

It should be stated that many negative reviews were done by competing vendors and their affiliates for free publicity.

How are the prices of Supplements at AbsorbHealth?

Firstly, Amazon does not carry many supplements that Absorb carries on it’s own website. Secondly, some of the supplements are re-listed on Amazon and on average are 20% to even 200% higher on Amazon.

You also do have a chance of getting someone that lives in their parents basement starting a “supplement business” where they engage in shady practices of i) not putting the right supplement in the pill or ii) not putting enough of the supplement or iii) not having ANY quality checks in place and are literally dumping junk products into the market to get one initial sale.

AbsorbHealth has a retail store front, has been in business for countless years AND provides certificate of authenticity when asked. Best of all you can call them for returns and get 100% of your money back!

How Does AbsorbYourHealth handle Shipping and Returns?

They provide FREE shipping if buying over $75 worth of supplements. They ship globally to all countries, you will receive your package faster if you are in the United States as thats where they dispatch all of their supplements.

If you in continental US/Canada, or even the UK, look forward to receiving your package early as they ship only via USPS First Class. You will be kept updated with a tracking code for when your package will be delivered regardless of where you reside.

If you would like to return an item, send it to:

Absorb Health, 106 Countryside St, Supply, NC 28462. Once you have mailed the item, email the tracking number to They will issue a refund as soon as they see movement on the package. The customer is responsible for paying for and printing the return mailing label.


Is Absorb Your Health Legal and Trustworthy or is it a Scam?

Unlike most other supplement websites and companies, the customer is only billed one time, at the point of sale. There are no additional fees beyond the price listed on the sales page.

There are no recurring payments that are billed to the customer unless explicitly stated. Rest assured the website is fully legitimate and has many reviews on Google+ and Amazon.

What are our Favourite Supplements by AbsorbHealth?

We are big fans of their bundled combo’s (stacks) for just about everything and they are heavily discounted as well. Check out their stack for improving your memory here, longevity (popular), or beauty, and even mood.



Do we have any Absorb Your Health Coupon or Discount Codes?

To get access to discounted AbsorbYourHealth supplements use our voucher link, click here. Promo codes are automatically updated and added to the link above.

At the moment if you order through AbsorbYourHealth you will get Free Fish Oil with every order.




How To: Track If Your Supplement (Stack) Works or Not!

Many people have written in asking for more detailed instructions on how to determine if a stack or a single supplement they are taking is actually working or not. The guide below will demonstrate how to how record your progress when your stack consists of just one supplement initially. It will also show you how to meaningfully record your results if you decide to try another supplement for the same goal. We have written a previous guide on how to setup a stack to track your conditions and symptoms here.

Step 1 – Click Create Stack

Lets start by creating your first stack, once you have signed up, you can click “Create New Stack” from any page. Click any of the screenshots to enlarge them if you need to.


Step 2 – Name it to differentiate it from other Stacks

Start by entering all the required details for a stack, the first being what you want to call the stack and selecting the purpose, e.g. “Anxiety” and adding conditions if any.


Step 3 – Explain the reason behind the Stack

Continue ahead with your stack by adding a description. The reason for entering this information is to inform other users on the platform a bit more about your stack and potentially receiving feedback from others. A detailed reason not only helps you but others understand why the stack was made.


Step 4 – Add Elements by Typing or Clicking

On the final step, you can add one or many supplements, vitamins, minerals or drugs that you may want to track. For the sake of determining what works and what doesn’t for a new goal, we will start by adding just one supplement (Fish Oil) to our stack. We refer to all items that can be added to a stack as an element and elements can be searched from the search field, added via suggestions (based on goals) and by clicking the green button with the supplement name. Go ahead add your elements and click Continue.


Step 5 – Stack Page, Change Log & Notes Tab

Once you have followed the wizard and created your stack, you will be forwarded to your stack page. From this page you may modify and tweak your dosage, timings, and add or remove supplements at any time.

If any changes are made to your stack, it can be viewed by clicking on the “Change Log” tab at the top. If you would like to store notes of any kind without doing a journal entry, it can be done so from the “Notes” tab. The following screenshot shows the stack page, we will now show you how to record the efficacy of this supplement by journaling in step 6.


Step 6 – Journal Your Results

To start journaling for this stack/individual supplement, scroll down on the stack page and click “Add Post to Journal” or go here:

(1) Click Add Post to Journal to be taken to a page where you may add entries to your journal which is connected to individual stacks.

(2) Start by clicking “Yes” or “No” for the supplements you have taken for that day to record your adherence levels. Next add any comment you may want to add along with this individual journal entry.

(3) Next, optionally, you may click the “Daily Values” tab and quantify pre-set metrics or add your own. Here we opted to change our energy level, memory and mood based on anecdotal evidence of how we felt after supplementing fish oil which we are taking for relieving anxiety. Once we are done, we go ahead and click “Save Post” at the bottom of the page (in green).


Step 7 – View Your Post

You can now go ahead and see what your post looks like on your stack page. You will notice your metrics are listed and graphed, along with a table displaying your adherence levels. In the next step, we will go ahead and make a few more posts to show you how the journal may look after some time. To see a list of your past entries go here: the link to post a journal entry is also in the sub menu bar available when you are logged in.


Step 8 – Post and Review Your Results

You can see that after taking fish oil for a few days, our focus, memory and mood all start to improve anecdotally. We can also tweak and play around with dosage increases or decreases at the time. Keep in mind, if you are changing other lifestyle factors such as exercising more or sleeping more or less, all these factors can also be included in each post through the different tabs on the journal posting page as seen in step 6.


Step 9 – Tweaking Your Supplement (Stack) if results Fail

Let’s assume in the past example the user did not see any changes with Fish oil after consuming it for a while, how do they add or track another supplement? There is no need to create another stack (though you can create as many as you like). The screenshot below shows the proper way to add another supplement and/or removing an existing one from your stack.

(1) You can set the effectiveness to “Can’t Tell” to remind yourself why you stopped taking it.

(2) You can set a Start Date and a “End Date” to remind yourself when you started it and ended taking it.

(3) You can make any other note you wish and click “Update & Close” and see it recorded on the stack page like below:



Step 10 – Adding a New Supplement to Your Stack

In the final step we click the blue button that says “+ Add Element to Stack” to add another supplement we have decided to try. You are given many options in this dialog box to record, such as the brand you are taking, the dosage and frequency of the new element. You may also setup refill and adherence reminders (via email) for yourself at this step (or any time later).

Below we see the new element added to the stack page with all information we wrote in the previous step saved, along with the a info-tip alerting us that our dosage may not be effective enough. If you had added multiple supplements, our service would also alert you about any dangerous interactions along with supportive ones. This may not be fully comprehensive but provides a general guide.

As a final step, you can continue to journal and see your progress, but you can also click through to the “Change Log” tab (At the top of the page), to see how your stack was tweaked over the course of your journey to find the right supplement or track your medication history.


In Conclusion – Keep Track of Health Journey

Thus far, we have only shown you the absolute basic features on TrackMyStack, there are dozens of other features that you could find useful such as: advanced graphs (pro feature), the ability to track calories and nutrition. Adding a circle of care (family and caregivers) where your team can monitor your progress privately. If you need further help you can also contact us or read specific articles with videos such as this one for tracking vitamins, or this one for using TrackMystack as a health diary.  Good Luck!

The Best Gaming Supplements for Energy, Focus and Speed

Can nootropic supplements help gamers perform better? The answer is an astounding Yes! Ofcourse. We measure improvements in terms of three aspects when it comes to gamers, and they are: Improved & Sustained Energy Levels, Improved Focus & Concentration and lastly, Quicker Reaction time.

Whether it is Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Go, DOTA or any other eSport you may engage in. You can get better through the use of natural supplements. This means you do not have to pack and load yourself up with bulky, expensive and sugar-filled energy drinks such as Red Bull or Monster (or some of the gamer focused energy drinks, anyone remember BAWLS? G-Fuel?). Generally what we recommend below is a no-nonsense, no fluff recommendation on what to take for your general health (in cases) and to take before competitive gaming or gaming in general.

A word to note, always consult a health professional before engaging in “biohacking” yourself by consuming any “brain pills”. Additionally, continue to do your own research after reading our recommendations if need be. Secondly, a word on measuring if your performance is improving or not: Use TrackMyStack as a platform to record your in-take of supplements over the first month and see if you notice any changes and modify your gamer supplement stack as you deem fit. Keep in mind, most of these are natural supplements, so they require time to “build up” in your system. For you to feel any sort of difference, unless if you go the route of things like Adrafinil things aren’t instant. Record things like your Actions Per Minute (APM) which is a critical component for FPS, MMO and RTS games, a good amount per minute is about 200.


The Best Gaming Supplements

Let’s target each item one by one to determine what supplement will work best for you, additionally if you want to learn even more about them, click the name to read more.

Best Gaming Supplements For Energy (In Order)

  1. Rhodiola Rosea – generally helps improve mood but more importantly helps alleviate stress and provides concentration. It stimulates the “AMPK enzyme” which results in better cell function which leads to improved cognitive capabilities. Bonus: It is a herb, is widely available, and was taken by Vikings to improve Stamina. Get it from this source for $12
  2. Caffeine+L-Theanine: Although you may be use to chugging starbucks or consuming monster energy drinks for gaming purposes. You may have noticed that after the quick burst and jitters, your energy falls off, leaving you wondering if you should consider spending another $5 to damage your health and your wallet. Anecdotal evidence on our platform states that users notice better potentiation when consuming the pill form. The L-Theanine stops the jittery feeling and gives you more of what you crave… That Focused Energy. You can buy a grab L-Theanine and Caffeine pills for about $19 from Amazon for 30 pills.
  3. Lumonol: This supplement contains all the elements needed to have a OVERALL healthy brain all the time, popping one pill before competing will really kick things into high gear. Most of it’s effects come from Noopept which is a cognitive enhancer and is “neuroprotective”. Plain for, it helps protect your brain from your potentially unhappy life choices on weekends. The creators claim:

    Engineered to elevate overall cognitive performance, Lumonol upgrades your Memory, Focus, Processing Speed and overall Brain Functions.Featuring Noopept at its core – the worlds most effective nootropic with powerful brain enhancing properties.

    We take it as well and we have seen thousands of stacks with this ingredient as well, if you are interested in Lumonol, you can visit their website here.


Best Pro Gaming Pills For Focus & Concentration

Lumonol: This would be our #1 choice for Focus and concentration, rather than taking many other supplements individually, we would recommend you take this supplement yourself. It contains B-Vitamins, Focus Blend (Guarana, Hordenine, Ginseng), Energy Blend, Memory Blend. What we came to realize about this supplement as opposed to others that had somewhat similar ingredients was that the quantity/or dosage was much closer to the required amounts to be effective and that they used standardized products. So you are really getting the quantity and the quality needed for this to work. Learn more about it here yourself before buying it.

Phenylpiracetam: If you are not up to date with nootropics, they are being touted as “the real life nzt-pill” from the movie limitless. This is one of those compounds, it is one that is a bit more powerful than the absolute classic “piracetam” as the bioavailability is a bit higher.
The taste is bad, and you may want to buy it in pill form, the effects will definitely be felt as we are approaching the realm of pharmaceuticals here, but in the nootropic community it is touted as a “safe, starting cognitive enhancer”. It is hard to come by and won’t give you all around benefits like Lumonol above, but if you want to go ahead and try it, click here, it is about $30.

As a side, most articles or companies will not recommend or even come close to mentioning the supplements above. Most would recommend you stick to caffeine mixed with a few B-vitamins, with sugar for good measure to make it taste better. We are writing this as a “tool” that gamers can use on occasion. The recommendations aren’t just “gamer pills”, they can be utilized (and quite possibly already are) being used by Entrepreneurs, Software developers, gym-rats, stock traders, and even pilots.


Improving Reaction Time with Supplement Pills

  • Lutein And Zeaxanthin: Generally included in pro gaming supplements to help keep eyes healthy as it reduces the risk of macular degeneration and cataracts. One thing you probably didn’t know is that it should be cycled and it should not be taken from today to infinitum. We don’t want to bore you with the details as to why, but consider taking this 1 month on and 1 month off for visual acuity. You can also read a study below on gamers can improve their reaction time (visual processing time) by lutein supplementation. You can use our link to grab the right brand for relatively cheap here for about $10.

    In a study published Sept. 24, 2014 in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, researchers from the University of Georgia (UGA) Vision Sciences laboratory reveal for the first time scientific evidence that the speed the brain processes information can be increased in young, healthy adults through the use of supplements featuring high amounts of the nutrient dietary zeaxanthin (20mg and above). The findings present meaningful implications for athletes as increasing the speed at which the eyes and brain communicate translates to giving players critical extra milliseconds to process visual information and react faster on the field.

    STUDY TITLE: A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Study on the Effects of Lutein and Zeaxanthin on Neural Processing Speed and Efficiency.

  • Lumonol: We have already mentioned Lumonol, and don’t need to go into reviewing why it is a good OVERALL supplement for the price, $59.99 for one bottle or 3 for about $120 (Free shipping) for when you play video games competitively. Generally you can take this daily and each bottle contains one month’s supply. Additionally, you can consume it before you need to get into competitive-athletic gaming mode. As you can guess the effects are better felt when it has been consumed daily and then taken before a gaming tournament. Below are some testimonials from users that have taken it (click below to read more).
  • Cyanidin (Superfruit black currant supplies active Cyanidin 3-Glucoside): While not necessarily what you would classify as a “gaming supplement”. C3G helps protect the retina by being rich in anthocyanins and helps with regenerating rhodopsin. Rhodopsin is the ingredient that helps with low-light and shifting-light adaptation and is generally considered good for night vision. This runs about $9 and you can get it from here.

We hope you now have a new reason to ditch gaming energy drinks for healthier and more powerful brain supplements (that are also better for your wallet!). We encourage you to take the supplements consistently with patience before making up your own mind on their efficacy. Please double check the rules as set in MLG, ESL Gaming or any other eSports leagues you may be a part of to confirm nothing has been added to the banned substance list as it is always changing.

Review by: Kathleen




† The statements made on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Tips and Techniques for Improve Your Concentration

Whether you are struggling to remember the last item on the shopping list or scratching your head for the answer to the multiple choice question on your exam that will help you pass, it can’t be denied that focus and concentration are crucial to our daily routines.

The good news is that there are skills you can learn and things you can do to allow your brain to focus better.

This guide aims to help improve concentration and mental focus by removing distractions, and simply using some simple yet clever concentration techniques.

Start fighting distractions

It was arguably easier for our ancestors to avoid distractions since they didn’t have all the technology we have around us now. They didn’t have advertisements and billboards or social networking websites. That’s right. All of these are distractions that you need to avoid to stay focused on the task you are trying to do.

Cutting Multitasking

Although you might think you are being more productive by attempting to do several things at once, you aren’t. Multitasking is more or less a myth where your brain simply paces back and forth between things, leading to further mental stress.

In addition to the above, a lack of mindfulness in the present has been found to promote brain aging by shortening protective end caps on your chromosomes called telomeres.

Clutter is detrimental

Brain MRIs prove that clutter adversely affects your ability to concentrate and process information. Having an organized environment can make you more focused and productive, however.

Find The Perfect Environment For Yourself

Some people need complete silence while others concentrate better in the buzz of their favorite coffee shop. Classical music, especially Mozart and Baroque music, is often cited as the top brain-boosting music.

If you concentrate best in total silence, consider getting a pair of noise cancelling headphones for enhanced concentration.

Nourish Your Brain

If you can’t concentrate, it’s possible that your brain isn’t getting the nutrition it needs. Start by eating plenty of fruits and vegetables which are high in vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients your brain needs. Also, avoid white sugar and refined carbs which make your blood sugar level fluctuate sporadically.

Your brain also needs a steady supply of blood glucose since brain cells don’t store energy. Avoid MSG, aspartame and other artificial sweeteners. Use a wide variety of herbs and spices to make your meals delicious and brain-healthy. Rosemary and turmeric are particularly good for the brain.

Remember that your brain is mostly made up of fat, so eat plenty of healthy high-fat foods like nuts and avocados. Low-fat diets haven’t made us thin and they have been a disaster for our brains so don’t go for those! Sometimes, they can even contribute to Alzheimer’s.

Use coconut oil instead of canola and soy oil which contains medium chain triglycerides that bypass glucose metabolism, getting energy directly to the neurons. If you are a fan of chocolate, go get yourself some dark chocolate. Flavonoids, caffeine and theobromine work together to improve memory and concentration.

Consider buying MCT Oil (sold as Brain Octane Oil) which is a more refined version of coconut oil.

Fill Nutritional Deficiency Gaps

The three most common deficiencies that can wreak havoc with brain function are omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin B12, and vitamin D.

Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) is an omega-3 essential fatty acid that is a major building block in the brain. A DHA deficiency has been linked to many brain problems and psychiatric disorders. Memory loss, depression, mood swings, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have all been found to improve with DHA supplementation.

Vitamin B12 is the most common vitamin deficiency in the USA, particularly among seniors who often have poor absorption. People who eat little or no meat are particularly at risk, since animal foods are the only dependable sources of B12.

Vitamin D can lift your mood, improve memory, and increase problem-solving ability. However, most Americans and Europeans are deficient in it due to the climate.

Start Appreciating and Using Dopamine

Neurotransmitters like Dopamine provide your “get up and go.” If you have trouble concentrating, you may have a dopamine deficiency. Low energy, motivation, and libido are all signs of low dopamine. A protein-rich diet is an excellent source of the amino acids needed to create dopamine.

Besides all animal products, foods that promote dopamine formation include avocados, apples, bananas, beets, sea vegetables, green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, chocolate, green tea, and coffee.

Additionally, the top supplements to improve concentration by boosting dopamine levels are tyrosine (an amino acid), Phosphatidylserine (PS), and Ginkgo biloba.

Surprisingly, physical exercise also boosts dopamine production. Taking walks, or doing gentle, no-impact exercises like yoga, tai chi, or qi gong all provide powerful mind-body benefits.


Meditate regularly to improve concentration

Chronic stress can lead to depression, anxiety, poor decision making, sleeplessness, and impaired memory. When facing chronic stress, your brain undergoes biochemical and structural changes that cause your brain to prematurely age and literally to shrink.

As a result, the best technique to reduce stress and improve concentration is meditation. Movies, TV Shows and Asian culture have already shown us the benefits of meditation. Meditation can make you happier, smarter, and more resilient to life’s ups and downs.

According to studies, regular meditators experience improved concentration and focus, memory, greater creativity, stress reduction, and better sleep. It can also decrease your biological age by 12 years. Impressive, right?

 Killing boredom

It’s clearly not possible for us to stay engaged or excited about something forever. We all get bored from time to time and here are some tips on how to tackle this problem to increase mental focus.

Chewing Gum May Help with Memory

Chewing gum boosts accuracy rates and reaction times while increasing ability to concentrate and focus. It is also believed that gum increases the flow of oxygen to regions of the brain responsible for attention.

Improve Concentration with Eating Mints?

Just a whiff of peppermint improves concentration, memory, and attention span.

Start Doodling for Mental Focus

Doodling or randomly drawing has been shown to not only exercise your brain, but helps you concentrate, grasp new concepts, and retain information.

Understand your “Biorhythm”

Do tasks you aren’t too excited about when you are most alert. Scientists have found there is a best time to do everything and that includes concentrating. While everyone is different, most adults do their best thinking in the late morning as their working memory, alertness and concentration reach their peak.

Sleep Properly to be able to Focus the Next Day

If you didn’t get enough sleep last night or suffer with low-level chronic lack of sleep for whatever reasons, you’ll have a hard time concentrating.

Stay Hydrated to Increase Concentration

Drinking water may be the easiest way to improve memory and concentration. Water makes up 75% of the brain but most of us are chronically dehydrated. Even mild dehydration results in shrinkage of brain tissue and temporary loss of cognitive function, including concentration and memory.

Caffeine Intake

A little coffee can help you get through a boring morning meeting. It boosts blood flow to the brain to improve concentration, mood and alertness.

And keep in mind that the half-life of caffeine is around 5-6 hours, so you may have to stop drinking caffeine by early afternoon so that it won’t keep you up at night.

Develop Focus by Starting Yoga!

We have already discussed the benefits of meditation. Doing yoga can also boost your brain power even more than doing conventional aerobic exercise. Even one session of yoga significantly improves working memory and concentration.

One of the best Concentration Hacks for Improving Mental Focus

The “pomodoro technique” was developed by an Italian graduate student as a study aid.

  • Pick a task you want to concentrate on, one that needs your undivided attention.
  • Remove obvious distractions (like putting away your phone).
  • Tell those around you not to disturb you.
  • Set a timer for 25 minutes then give the task at hand your all.
  • If your mind starts wandering snap yourself back and remind yourself you only need to keep up this level of concentration for a few more minutes.
  • When the 25 minutes is done, take a 5-minute break.
  • Walk around. Do some stretches.
  • When you’re ready, you can do another “pomodoro,” a block of 25 minutes of intense concentration.

You will be fairly surprised at how good this tactic is at boosting your concentration and productivity.

What Should You Do Next to increase your Focus?

Now that you have read the full article – hopefully with your full concentration – make sure you’re giving your brain the basics it needs to function its best like brain-healthy foods, sleep, and mind-body exercises like yoga or qi gong.

Reduce stress and halt brain aging by meditating and giving up multitasking. Boost your dopamine levels and address nutritional deficiency gaps with the right supplements from the right companies. If you feel like you’ve tried everything but still can’t concentrate, you may or may not have a health condition that you will have to seek advice for from a professional.

However, sometimes, the answer can be as simple as getting a pair of reading glasses. These are some of the tips and techniques you can use to answer how to build focus and concentration. Try some of these out and watch your brain get stronger and sharper.

Consider taking Lumonol or MaxSynapse to kick start your focus and memory goals!

Understanding Brain Fog – Symptoms and Solutions

So what is brain fog and how do you know you’re experiencing brain fog? The most common brain fog symptoms are forgetfulness, inability to focus, frequent confusion and lack of mental clarity. Regardless of how daunting it might sound, there are easy ways to beat it.

While brain fog isn’t an acclaimed term by science, it has become a widely known term to indicate a cloudy head or foggy mind.

While experiencing it is common, it shouldn’t really form part of your daily routine. When you feel like you just can’t think, your brain is essentially sending a signal that there is a problem.

Brain fog generally fits into one of two categories; lifestyle related or medical brain condition.


Brain Fog Cause #1: The Wrong Food Items

One of the brain fog causes is eating the wrong food in your house.

Sugar and items high in fructose boost your blood sugar level pretty high before making it fall significantly. The brain uses glucose as a chief source of fuel so this rise and fall unsettles the brain.

While low glucose results in mood swings, agitation, exhaustion, confusion and poor judgment in addition to brain fog, high glucose levels lead to resistance of insulin, and diabetes which both point toward Alzheimer’s.

According to some authors, the brain starts to “digest itself” for the raw materials it needs to create essential brain chemicals. This happens when you stop eating dietary fat. It is recommended that you eat fat from sources like nuts, olive oil, eggs and avocados. Vegetable oils aren’t included in this list.

Besides sugar, eating food that you are allergic to can also put you in a tough mental situation. While wheat, corn and soy may be pleasant to eat, these are also some of the most common food items that people are allergic to. Eggs, shellfish, peanuts and tree nuts are also some other items people might be allergic to.

Wheat is also a huge culprit in contributing to brain fog. Gluten is a protein in wheat that makes dough rather stretchy, and is considered the worst culprit for brain fog, but there are over 1,000 other proteins in wheat that can trigger negative reactions too. Wheat has also been found to worsen brain disorders like schizophrenia, autism, and ADHD. However, if you stop consuming wheat altogether, you might suffer from some withdrawal symptoms.

Food additives like salt, sugar, fat are almost always added to restaurant dishes. Two of the worst kinds of additives for your brain are MSG and artificial sweeteners. Look for words like “hydrolyzed protein” to see if it contains MSG.

Drinking enough water sounds pretty easy to do but people often find it hard to actually do that on a regular basis. Studies have proved that even mild dehydration can adversely affect your attention, memory and other cognitive skills.

If you are a coffee or tea lover, you should know that caffeine found in those drinks is addictive and not having enough of it can result in withdrawal symptoms including brain fog, headache, fatigue, and even flu-like symptoms like nausea and vomiting.

If you’ve suddenly found yourself biting your nails or reading through this article super nervously, feel free to take a breath and relax. You can easily avoid most of the brain fog causes listed above by minimizing processed food and eating real food instead.

Just remember that not having dinner or having twice as much dinner as the next person on the table both can lead to a fuzzy brain so make sure you have a balanced diet!

Brain Fog Cause #2: Deficiencies in Nutrition

While you might have read that malnutrition is only a problem in parts of Africa and Asia, nutritional deficiencies exist everywhere and often disguise themselves as brain fog. Even if you are eating healthy, make sure you take the right supplements so that you have nothing to worry about.

Deficiency in Vitamin B12

You may or may not have a vitamin B12 deficiency if you find yourself often being confused. Two particularly high risk groups for this deficiency are adults who often have poor absorption, and vegetarians, since B12 is found only in animal products.

Antacids like Nexium, Pepcid, and Zantac are directly linked to vitamin B12 deficiency as stomach acid is needed to break down and absorb vitamin B12.

Deficiency in Vitamin D

Vitamin D can raise your spirits, counter brain fog and depression, improve memory, and boost your problem solving abilities. For areas in America and Europe which rarely get exposure to sun, vitamin D supplements can do the job for you brilliantly.

The further away from the equator you are the more you may need to consume Vitamin D generally.

Essential Fatty Acids in Omega-3

These fatty acids are found in huge numbers in the brain and are essential to your memory and overall brain health and function. If you don’t get much salmon or sardines, you should consider using an omega-3 supplement which will provide you all the fatty acids your brain needs, particularly those which are high in DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

The Harvard School of Public Health has also recommended that all adults take a multivitamin supplement as insurance to fill any nutritional gaps. A lot of studies have found that taking a multivitamin alone can improve overall brain function and we support these recommendations. If your brain fails to receive the nutrition it needs, supplements come in super handy.

Here are some supplements that can counter and get rid of brain fog:

Arctic Root

This is a high quality herb used in traditional Chinese medicine that increases your resilience to stress. If you feel like you are low on energy, anxious or depressed, try the arctic root as a supplement for great results.


This is a supplement that increases blood flow to your brain, increases mental energy, and protects your brain from damage and aging.

Gotu Kola

This is a traditional herbal remedy that shields your brain from everyday neurotoxins like lead, fluoride, aluminum and MSG. Gotu Kola also protects the brain from free radical damage and reduces brain inflammation.


Magnesium threonate supplements are one of the best forms of countering brain fog. The research on this type of Magnesium is lacking and the web is full of anecdotal evidence on Threonate being the best for cognition, however, there are very few studies on this.


Vinpocetine enters the brain to increase blood flow at an amazing rate, decreases brain inflammation, and protects against radical damage.

Lumonol – A commercial brain enhancement supplement, that contains most of the ingredients above.

Brain Fog Cause #3: Insomnia and Lack of Sleep

While you are asleep, cerebral fluid washes your brain and cleans up the debris. At night, your brain gets the opportunity to memorize everything you have learned and lack of sleep can disrupt your memory, concentration, mental stress and cognitive skills.

There are reports that NALT helps ‘clear your brain’ and studies done to back this up, however more research is needed.

Brain Fog Cause #4: Lots of Stress

Stress is often associated with productivity and hard work however people tend to forget that stress makes your body more prone to diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Prolonged stress leads to anxiety, depression, poor decision making, insomnia, and memory loss. Brain cells commit “suicide” under stress.


Meditation is a great technique to counter and reduce stress levels in your body. If you meditate, you benefit from improved focus and concentration, greater creativity, stress reduction, and even better sleep (try this exercise, insomniacs!).

Physical and Mental Relaxation Techniques

While meditation is a popular way to get rid of stress, brainwave entrainment technology is an impressive shortcut to get similar benefits quickly and easily where you simply put on your headset and listen. Diaphragmatic breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, self-hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and autogenic training are also all good techniques for countering stress.

Brain Fog Cause #5: Lack of Physical Exercise

Physical exercise not only increases endorphins and pumps more glucose and oxygen to the brain but also burns off the stress hormone cortisol and stimulates new brain cell formation.

Walking might also be one of the easiest and best ways to tackle stress.

Brain Fog Cause #6: Germs and Toxins

Sure, outdoor pollution can cause cognitive problems but indoor air pollution is often ten times higher and dangerous to you. Toxins like formaldehyde and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) outgas from your carpet, furniture, and mattress.

Molds, dust, pet dander, pollen, perfume, air fresheners, cigarette smoke, and household cleaners get trapped inside your home and induce brain fog, tiredness and memory loss.

Switch to natural cleaning products and personal care products, don’t smoke inside, unplug the air fresheners, and run a HEPA air filter in your bedroom to lighten your toxin load while you sleep!

Brain Fog Cause #7: Health Disorders and Conditions

If you ask a doctor what causes brain fog, you won’t be content with the answer you get. There is no clinical definition of brain fog but your doctor can test you for underlying health conditions that could be the source of your problem.

Chemo Brain

A common side effect of chemotherapy is one form of brain fog known as “chemo fog” or “chemo brain” which is caused by a combination of the disease itself, treatments, sleep problems, hormonal changes, depression, and stress.

Fibro Fog

Brain fog is one of the biggest complaints of people with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

Lupus Fog

Lupus fog is what we call cognitive impairments that almost always appear with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE).

Thyroid Disorders

Hypothyroid (low) and hyperthyroid (high) conditions can cause brain fog.

Other Brain Fog Causes

There are lots of diseases that list brain fog as a symptom:

  • ADHD
  • adrenal fatigue
  • anxiety
  • brain injuries
  • candida albicans
  • chronic pain
  • depression
  • diabetes
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • heavy metal toxicity
  • hepatitis C
  • hormonal imbalances
  • hypoglycemia
  • Lyme disease
  • menopause
  • multiple sclerosis
  • neurodegenerative disorders
  • neurotransmitter imbalance
  • nutritional deficiency
  • rheumatoid arthritis (RA)
  • seasonal allergies
  • substance abuse
  • substance withdrawal

Brain Fog Cause #8: Over the Counter Medications

Brain fog is a widely known side effect of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications, especially Statin cholesterol-lowering drugs and prescription sleeping pills which cause memory loss.

However, lots of over-the-counter (OTC) drugs also block acetylcholine including Benadryl (for allergies), Pepcid AC (for acid reflux), and Tylenol PM (for pain and insomnia).

Finding the Solution That Best Suits You

There is no standard method that works for every individual who seeks to get rid of brain fog. Here are some helpful pointers that you should bear in mind:

  • Study your diet to see if any specific foods or food additives that might be causing brain fog.
  • Include lots of healthy fats into your diet!
  • Get proper sleep regularly.
  • Exercise even if it means walking for fifteen minutes every day.
  • Make good use of multivitamin supplements to assist your brain’s nutritional needs.
  • Take an omega-3 supplement.
  • Visit a doctor if you are experiencing side effects from prescriptions.

Brain Fog: Conclusion

Sometimes, brain fog is caused by lifestyle factors like diet, stress, or lack of sleep and exercise while other times, it is caused by various health condition or medications/prescriptions.

The best thing you can do to take care of your body and yourself is to be proactive in having a healthy lifestyle. You can also learn more about nootropic supplements that can give you a kickstart on your journey to lessen brain fog.