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Important 23andMe vs Ancestry DNA Kit Review


Every one of us at one time or the other in our life took a break from all activities and decided to ponder on the question – who am I and where am I really from?

These questions have caused many people to look for answers in different places and things like in music, arts, literature and other soul-searching avenues. This has been a major concern in the last few years.

But now, this challenge has brought about the ever booming DNA testing kits, which a lot of people have been helped to get answers to the aforementioned troubling questions.

DNA tests offer unbelievable insights into your genetic roots and the regions that your ancestors might have migrated from. It also explains where your ancestors settled thousands of years ago preceding your birth.

Ancestry DNA and 23andme are among the most widely used DNA testing companies in the market due to their simplicity and satisfactorily reports to customers. This article is positioned to examine these two DNA testing companies and give you tips on solving the mysteries behind your hereditary.



A brief overview of Ancestry DNA testing kit

Its complete package is $99 and $69 if you go for a special offer.

You pay $9.95 for the initial kit and $4.95 for an additional kit. $24.95 for initial shipping of package and $12.95 for an additional package.

Method of the collection – Saliva

AncestryDNA is the foremost brand of and the largest genealogy website in the world. You can use the company’s database which has over 6 million users and over 17 billion reachable search records when you register with them. Their unique service can help you trace your ancestors through 350 regions across the world in an affordable and easy to understand way.


  • Easily paired with a membership to ancestry’s large database records.
  • Package affordable at about $69
  • Availability of free mobile app
  • Results could be matched with relatives in the database


  • Can’t import DNA data from other services
  • No provision for health info
  • No chromosome browser present


A brief overview of 23andMe DNA testing kit

The price for a complete package of DNA test kit is $99

Shipping cost is $9.95 exception of expedited shipping cost of $36.95.

Method of the collection – Saliva sample

23andMe offers many fascinating benefits. The name 23 stands for the 23 pairs of chromosomes present in your DNA. This proves the authenticity and seriousness of the company on lab work.

You can know the basis of your DNA on over 150 regions across the world in the 23andMe testing kit. Here you could easily find out which ancestors “DNA families” you belonged to, and possibly traced them from both your maternal and paternal sides. It could also lead you to know your Neanderthal DNA and how much of it you inherited. 23andMe could also help you link up with people who share DNA with you.


  • Paternal and maternal line testing technology
  • Can be linked with people who share your DNA
  • Gives you a health report
  • Could trace Neanderthal DNA


  • Services costly to users
  • Limited mapping of family tree


Features of Ancestry DNA and 23andMe

Ancestry DNA is managed by, the world’s most advanced genealogy tool. Opt-in for membership to enjoy ancestry history records which could help you to uncover your family tree.

Ancestry DNA gives you an extensive info on your family tree, how it started and spread to over 350 regions around the world. These regions comprise of major places in Europe to countries or specific cities in places like Norway or Iceland.

Ancestry DNA also gives you shared ancestor’s hints which could help you discover intriguing connections that you never knew your family had.

But on 23andMe, their kit is more than that. It will help you to know your personal health history and how to handle it. You will also get health risk report which could help you to access the possibilities of getting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Celiac diseases. You get a comprehensive report that covers fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, inherited ear defect, and more.

23andMe as a scientifically based company could give a detailed report of your background in a hurry. 23andMe also with ease could match your DNA to other people that share some DNA with you. You could know the number of Neanderthal DNA that is in you.

Winner: 23andMe


The Speed of DNA Test Results Delivery

Ancestry DNA and 23andMe test are done through a saliva sample. You spit into a small collection tube and mail it back to the companies in an envelope.

With ancestry DNA, you should receive the package within a few days of ordering and send it back expecting to get results not later than two months after the lab might have got it.

23andMe is almost the same though you could go online to track the results. The results are usually posted online on the 23andMe website. You could access the results online with your password.

Winner: 23andMe


Understanding of test results

You can check your sample status anytime you like on AncestryDNA when you register online and also have sent in your sample.

Once you’ve done with testing and got your results posted, you could explore your ethnic background and check out your bloodline’s culture, history and locations, and the DNA that matches yours.

23andMe offers diverse ways to check what your genes say about you. You will receive your ancestry composition reports, genetic background as well as your health test. These are arranged with educational tutorials to aid your understanding of the whole process.

Winner: AncestryDNA


Database Size Comparison

Database of 23andme is huge. There are over five million customers who have used the 23andMe DNA test since the company’s inception in 2006. About 80% of these users have agreed to allow the company to use their results in research studies.

Ancestry DNA, on the other hand, has over five million customers’ database. Both companies have made provision for users to match their DNA with others, therefore, giving you the opportunity of locating a long-lost relation you never knew existed.

Winner: AncestryDNA


How to get started on any of these DNA Testing Kits

Both companies offer great packages for the customers who desire to learn more about themselves, their history, and who they really are.

23andMe has made provision for checking all your health issues except that this benefit is not free.

Ancestry DNA has a formidable platform and features that have endeared more customers to them. Information on your ethnic background and where you migrated from are available on the company’s large database. AncestryDNA gives you info about your ancestral records in a price that is cheaper than others in the market.

Overall Winner: Ancestry DNA

We have also reviewed MyHeritage DNA here, additionally, we also recommend you learn more about Vitagene here.

MyHeritage Review

MyHeritage DNA Review

MyHeritage is known as one of the original DNA testing kits in the market. In addition, MyHeritage has an in-depth ancestry tracking. The pricing is fair and the kits are user-friendly. MyHeritage offers DNA and genealogy services. The personal information you stand to gain from the company is large. Its archives of information will lead you from family history to the actual hereditary expert.


MyHeritage is Ideal for

  • Getting info about your ancestors, as well as your lineage
  • Locating long-lost family relations
  • Completing your ancestry family tree
  • Looking for parental ancestry answers

The Pros

  • A massive network of family tree
  • Many millions of people in their DNA database
  • It has the biggest database of feasible ethnicities on the market
  • Available in 42 languages
  • With historical records of over eight billion, MyHeritage is the best choice
  • One of most inexpensive DNA tests in the marketplace
  • Availability of a mobile app

The Cons

  • Results could be fairly broad
  • Results often better for multi-ethnic users
  • Not much search details without a paid subscription

Reasons to Choose MyHeritage

MyHeritage DNA reviews from customers suggest a powerful option that provides the best of two worlds. Choosing MyHeritage enables consumers to experience a great deal about themselves. The cost of taking MyHeritage DNA test when compared to other testing kits is very cheap. Though it lacks information on health reports, nevertheless, they produce data on origins and ethnicity. More information on your recent ancestors are readily presented.

What’s available with MyHeritage

Top characteristics of the DNA kit include:

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Online activation is fast and easy.
  • Ethnicity Estimate is percentage based
  • Over 40+ ethnic regions, exclusively to MyHeritage
  • Intensive ethnicity information than what other DNA test kits have.
  • Great realistic results with graphics and sound
  • Can easily be integrated into other MyHeritage packages
  • Access to MyHeritage’s massive DB of records
  • Has over eight billion history documents, up to three hundred million photographs, family trees of over thirty-four million and over 2,000,000 names in ancestry trees.

What’s exceptional about this testing kit is you could discover larger information about our ancestors as well as your family tree, as centered on your DNA results. Ethnicity Analysis of MyHeritage Kit users is measured in percentage.

It has over 40+ estimated ethnic regions in its database for checking your DNA lineage. Furthermore, as a customer, you can access the Ethnicity value free of charge as long as you have uploaded your DNA data to MyHeritage from other services.


DNA Matching

MyHeritage has a fresh product known as DNA Matching.  MyHeritage DNA Matching helps you in uploading DNA data from various DNA tests companies if you have any. MyHeritage report provides:

  • Improved accuracy
  • 10 times as much matches
  • Detailed relationship information
  • DNA Match certainty levels, to greatly help focus pursuit
  • Get in touch with cousins for free

Paternity Testing

MyHeritage relies heavily on its database of 2.5+ million customers, which implies that many people are fully guaranteed to locate some kind of familial match. Yet one way to utilize this database is for paternity testing. This DNA kit could be better than the top paternity test companies.

Building a Family Tree Feature

In the genealogy market, with an incredible number of users with over 3,000,000,000 consumers in its records, and has up to 9 billion older records.

In fact, many people trust the kit for family tree results. Also, the testing solution can be gained in traction and reviews which could be positive while the company produces out a lot of impressive features.


Simplicity in the Usage of this Kit

  • Upon receiving the kit, you need to subscribe online, which takes only three minutes.
  • Then take one of the several enclosed cheek swabs, and scrape gently within your cheek for 30-60 seconds.
  • Then place the swab among the plastic vials you have received.
  • Close the container, and repeat with another pad on the other cheek.
  • Place the two containers in the transparent plastic bag and then seal the bag in the envelope.
  • Place stamp and address an envelope, send it off, and that’s it.

The application process on the site is, in fact, straightforward, and only the basic information is required. You log in together with your MyHeritage details and enter the initial number that is incorporated with your kit.


The Duration of Package Delivery and Results

MyHeritage DNA kit when ordered could be tracked after the payment process is completed. On clicking the “Manage DNA kits” menu bar on the MyHeritage site, you’ll see the tracker. You’ll get constant updates and you may click through for more details.

The kit requires a week to be delivered but often quicker. Once you’ve done the test, make sure you sent it off to the lab, results simply take 4 weeks. When your result is ready, you’ll get an email, and you’ll be capable of seeing your complete results on their website.


The Kit:

What you will get in the package:

  • DIY guide
  • 2 sealed swabs with vials
  • Envelope
  • Activation code to be used later

My Heritage DNA Test Review Type

  • Autosomal DNA which refers to family dna
  • Paternity

Features of the Reports

  • Ethnic makeup estimate with regional detail
  • DNA relative matching
  • Downloadable DNA data you should use on other internet sites

Your report will contain your ethnicity, which supplies an overall idea. You may then view ancestral lines, maps, and explanatory notes. It offers you with DNA matches with possible family, and you will receive alerts when new family members are found.

All this emerges in diagrams representing what sort of various members of the family fit together, especially the various possible types of a cousin, which may be confusing to those not used to family trees. It goes to identify individuals who’ve other common traits, including surnames.

The data received from ancient migration methods was less than what was deduced from other DNA tests companies available on the market, however, the focus with this information is to know your roots and ancestors.


Support Provided by MyHeritage

Customer care at MyHeritage is not bad as the firm includes a reputation because of its agility and detailed replies.

The web page supplies a list of FAQs with answers. You may enter a question and it’s likely that it’s likely to appear, in addition to a comprehensive and easy to follow answer, with a help guide.

There are free customer support lines available internationally are visibly active in posting on various social media profiles.

If you would like another alternative to the MyHeritage DNA test, check out our review of Vitagene.

The MUST-Read Vitagene DNA Test Review

The Vitagene DNA Test Review

Vitagene is a not a new name in the DNA testing arena. It has been around for about 5 years and offers a service not matched by other genetic companies. It is able to do this because it has raised large amounts of money from respectable Silicon Valley investors that believe in the company and its mission to use science to recommend Supplements and Provide reports that are personalized and actionable and will trigger the biggest positive impact to the customer’s health.

It is backed by medical doctors, university professors and many online influencers in the health field. Vitagene offers a plethora of different types of DNA tests, each DNA test is also linked to health plans for your goals, such as Diet, Healthy Skin, Fitness, and the default Ancestry.

Vitagene continues to do what other DNA testing companies do, which is matching your Health & Fitness report findings to recommending supplements based on short surveys on your current quality of life! They have many trained nutritionists on site that then craft a personalized regimen for you.

These nutritionists can be consulted with as well if you feel like something may not work for you or have questions. The raw data that is reported is very accurate. The interpretation may vary by service to service based on health professionals on staff.

The reason you want personalized supplements, in a nutshell, is simple. You may be harming yourself if you are dosing supplements your body does not need and wasting money. You may be supplementing products that are underdosed or of low quality (not the right absorbable ingredient), you may even be taking supplements that have NEGATIVE effects when taken with other drugs or supplements. Genetics and trained Nutritionist based recommendations are safe, effective and economical.


Before we Start, What is DNA?

DNA is a self-replicating material present in all living organisms and is the main part of chromosomes. All genetic information is carried in this molecule. The information in these cells is inherited from parent to children. DNA can have mutations or mistakes, some mutations can even be fatal. A section of DNA contains instructions that make the protein we know of as genes. Cells that replicate the DNA are called the RNA.

Regardless of who you are, Vitagene can be helpful in learning more about your genetics and ancestry. They also provide a personalized quiz which they use in part with your DNA data to recommend supplements that will benefit you. It doesn’t always make sense to take the same dose or even the same supplement as everyone else!


DNA Kit Product Reviews

1. Health Report + Ancestry for $79 (cheaper than 23&Me and Ancestry

This package comes with a DNA test kit, along with a diet report that lists foods that your body will benefit from. A fitness plan is also included which includes exercises and muscle related information on which exercise regimen may suit your needs best.

The very informative Supplement recommendation report is also included, this includes information on how much of each supplement you need to consume and why. All of this information is provided in an easy to read, simple, clean report on their website.

Finally, your Ancestry composition report is also included which will provide you with a composition of your ancestry. It is a powerful tested system that takes DNA from 31 populations around the world to calculate your composition by comparing your genomes to their database of thousands of people. Vitagene calculates the ancestry of individual segments by adding them together to display your overall ancestry composition.

If this interests you, you can learn more or try out the kit for yourself by clicking here.


2. Vitality Bundle

Includes the features from above package with 3 months worth of supplements for a total of $165. You get a total of 4 supplements customized for you in a blister pack, sent every 30 days. The reasons we are fans of this package is because you get 4 supplements for less than $30 a month after subtracting the cost of the initial DNA test and ALL the reports. You can also cancel at any time, to learn more click here.


3. All in 1 DNA Bundle

This includes everything in package #1 with supplements catered to those focused on living more optimally and longevity. This package retails for $129. If this is your goal, you may learn about it by visiting this link.


4. Foundation Plus Bundle

This includes all the reports mentioned above in package #2 plus a nutrition consultation for an hour and unlimited text and email correspondence for up to 3 months! This is a good deal especially if you have any nutritional or supplement related questions or if you would like to discuss specifics related to any symptoms or conditions you may need help addressing with nutrition such as depression, anxiety or lack of sleep.

This bundle comes to $348, this package is for those that really want to ‘biohack’ their life and turn it around. You can get a deal if you buy it through our link here.


How long does Vitagene take?

You are sent a kit, it contains two vials that require your saliva swab samples. Once you collect the samples, place them in the kit, send them in for testing. The boxes have pre-paid postage on them already, so it’s as simple as just dropping them off.

Three weeks later, all your reports will be made available to you, you will learn everything you need to regarding optimal fitness, vitamins that you may be lacking, minerals your body has a hard time absorbing, food allergies and any symptoms you may be prone to feeling if not managed going forward.

You will also receive your Ancestry report, which will tell you if you have the ‘sprinter’ gene and if you are part Norwegian or not. Generally, Vitagene is ideal for those:

  • Looking to learn more about what nutrition works best for their genetics
  • Office workers or students trying to figure out why they are always devoid of energy
  • Anyone remotely interested in taking only the absolute minimum amount of supplements their body needs based on science and health goals


What We Love about Vitagene:

1. Options You may buy just the kit, or you may buy the kit with certain reports. You may optionally only buy supplements that you need. Lastly, if you have done a DNA test already, you can upload your report and it will be crunched up by Vitagene’s algorithms for about 2 days and it will generate personalized reports based on the most recent science just for you. With this, you can subscribe to a targeted supplemental regimen or purchase reports that are the most relevant for you. 23&Me, AncestryDNA and other DNA companies are just not as comprehensive.

2. DNA test is a simple saliva cheek swab, unlike other companies that require you to carefully handle test tubes which need to be filled half way which can create a mess and not needed for the test that Vitagene provides.

3. A trustable and Reliable company, as they are based out of the US they have strict guidelines that they need to adhere to to remain operable, and Vitagene takes these very seriously. All results are kept private on secure servers.

4. Customer service that is available via live chat, and email. But also the fact that you can talk to a real nutritionist and ask them for feedback at any time.

5. Detailed Analysis within Reports which provide you with Disease indicators, Health indicators, information on traits and markers. Along with your Ethnic information including regional details and makeup estimates.

What We Didn’t Like About Vitagene

1. The two-week delay in processing DNA results. As one could be excited to order the product, you are required to wait a long time to see the results of your purchase.

2. No, follow up platform for following actionable items mentioned in reports. TrackMyStack may just work wonders in this aspect! 🙂


Overall Vitagene Review

Overall we love Vitagene vs it’s competitors such as 23&Me and AncestryDNA because of actionable items that come as part of their offerings.

You are not bound with information that you have to figure out how to take action on. With Vitagene you are provided reports that indicate which supplements you need to take for various health goals, and you are even mailed the quality supplements in a timely manner. This is In addition to all the reports you will receive digitally on ancestry, health, and fitness.

The results we received were simple to understand and provided actionable insights. To add a cherry on top, you may even consult with a nutritionist at any time if need to discuss the contents of your specific report based on the package you get.

If you are interested in using science to supplement better or to understand your body better, use our promo code link, by clicking here. It will automatically apply any discounts that may exist at the time to save you a few bucks.


You may contact Vitagene below:
415 Brannan St
San Francisco, CA 94107
Phone: +1 844 698 4824

Additionally, you can visit their site by clicking here for live chat.