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Beginners Guide to Self Tracking to Manage Your Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to TrackMyStack, our platform provides the most comprehensive way for you to manage your health safely to help you reach a better outcome.

Please watch the videos below to help you get started. The guide is broken into 5 critical steps.

  1. Creating A Stack
  2. Tweaking Your Stack as needed
  3. Changing Stack Settings as needed
  4. Creating A Check-In Post to your Health Journal
  5. A List of all other Tools available for you to improve your health


One Overall Introduction Video or Watch Each Step Below


Step 1. Before you do anything, Create a Stack.

A stack, in this case, can be seen as a ‘folder’ or a ‘regimen’. The reason we allow you to create multiple stacks is that many people have different regimens for different goals. E.g. Many users create 1 stack for their entire health to make tracking easier. This is what we recommend for most users.

However, some advanced users want to manage health symptoms in one stack and make another stack to address health goals to address issues like sleep or anxiety. Watch the video below to see how to create your first stack.

Objective: To Create a basic regimen. Start by naming your regimen, then enter your purpose, after that add your supplements and medication with dosages. All these details can be deleted or changed later. This is just a basic list to help you get started, you may tweak and set reminders later.

To create your first stack, click here.


Step 2. Modify Your Supplements & Drugs in the Stack, as Needed

Once you are done making your stack via the wizard, you should be on your stack page. If not, click here to see a list of all your stacks. Click your stack to see the stack page.

This page is useful for tweaking and editing dosage and quantity levels, along with:

  • ADD or DELETE Supplements & Medicine that you may not have added initially
  • ADD SYMPTOMS or SIDE EFFECTS associated with any specific Supplements or Drugs
  • ADD OR REMOVE Dosages for Supplements or Drugs
  • SET REASONS FOR CONSUMING Supplements or Drugs as a personal reminder
  • MARK Supplements and Drugs as TAKEN

You can see how all of this is done below (Keep in mind the interface now may be a bit different than when the video was recorded)

This page has some useful hints that are triggered by our algorithms to automatically alert you on:

  • Dosage quantity being over/under RDA set by health professionals or governments
  • Negative & Positive Interactions between Supplements and Drugs
  • Overall Potential Effects from taking the supplements in your stack regimen.

Keep in mind this list is by no means comprehensive and you must consult a certified health professional to confirm the safety and effectiveness of your stack. No statements made by our platform is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Step 3. Modify Overall Stack Settings, as Needed

By Now, you have created a stack in Step 1.

In Step 2, you have added or removed supplements and medicine as needed. You may have even set specific adherence and refill reminders. You could have also added specific effects, descriptions, and dosage quantity for specific Supplements and Drugs for this stack.

For Step 3. It is time to visit the ‘My Stacks & Reports Page‘. On this page you may do any of the following:

  • Make Your Stack Private (if need be). This will hide it from the public and is as beneficial as DELETING your stack.
    • We do not allow users to DELETE stacks, but only to archive it for now, you may do so by adding an ‘END DATE’ upon clicking ‘Stack Settings’.
    • You are free to create as many stacks as you like.
  • You may Set overall Stack-Adherence reminders, which are emails you get reminding you to ‘consume’ your stack at certain times of the day.
  • You can click through to see a Calendar-view of your Stack-Adherence by clicking ‘Calendar’.
  • You may click ‘Reports’ to see your check-in posts graphed which you will be creating in the next step.
  • You may edit your stack Description, the Start, and End Date and disable all reminders associated with each stack that may exist for specific Supplements and Drugs.

This is what clicking on ‘Stack Settings’ provides, it has most of the settings listed above:



Step 4. Creating Check-in Posts that are Posted to your Journal

Most users that create a stack want to track their health day-to-day. This helps in the long run as each check-in adds an input to your health report, which you can view in graphs or print to share with your care provider.

These journals can be used to determine any triggers for flare-ups you may have and to help you to continue optimizing your health to reach your goals quicker.

To ‘Make a Check-in’ post you can click here, or you make click the following card from your dashboard after logging in.

This screen will help you:

  • Record any oncoming Symptoms & triggers
  • Record your Food & Drink Consumption daily with macronutrients
  • Record your Physical activity
  • Record your adherence to the Supplements & Drugs you added above, or add a ‘one-time’ supplement you may have taken
  • Record one of many Personal Metrics such as: Sleep hours, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Mood, Pain, etc.
    • Add your own Custom Field that you may want to track such as: Hours you watched TV, hours you socialized, etc.


The check-in journaling screen looks like the image below:


Step 5. Monitor & Improve Your Health

There are many additional features in TrackMyStack to manage your health, such as:

  • Adding Caregivers to your stack, this can be a health professional or family that can see Private Stacks and your Check-ins to quickly get a glimpse of your health.
  • See All Reminders
    • My Reminders – Accessible from your dashboard, this will give you a preview of All Stack Reminders and Specific Supplement & Drug reminders within a stack that you may set.
    • Refill Reminders – Also accessible via your dashboard, this page provides you with a list of Supplements & Drugs that are either depleted. Refill reminders can also be set on a timely basis, such as every 30 days.
  • Past Check-in Posts card is visible from your dashboard, this page renders all your check-ins in one place.
  • Add/Remove Health Conditions Page – Accessible from the submenu upon logging in.
  • Add/Remove Symptoms Page – Accessible from the submenu upon logging in.
  • Similar Patients – Sometimes it helps to find others just like you to see what they are doing.
  • Stack Wizard – We use machine learning to help you figure out which supplements to take or which stack to replicate to begin your journey faster.
  • Health Reports by Goals – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for things like Cognition, Building Muscle, etc.
  • Health Reports by Symptoms – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for different Symptoms like Anxiety, Mood, Stress, etc.
  • Health Reports by Conditions – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for different Conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • Health Calculators – This page contains an Ovulation and Period Calculator, calculators for BMI, Nicotine replacement, BMR, Blood Pressure, etc.



Quick FAQ’s:

  1. Do I need to create a stack?
    • Please see step 1. You may leave a stack empty (without Supplements or Drugs) and can still write to your check-in journal.
  2. How do I delete a stack?
    • Please see step 3. It is not possible to delete a stack but just to hide it from the public, in which case it will still show up on your list, you can additionally delete all Supplements & Drugs within it as well. Keep in mind you can just let each stack stay behind and just create a new one as needed.
  3. How do I add Exercise or Sleep to my stack?
    • Please See Step 4. You may click the ‘Physical Activity’ tab and enter your details there.
  4. How do I remove a symptom or condition?
    • If you would like to remove it completely, see the link in step 5. Symptoms and Conditions are archived from this page. These pages are also available from the submenu.
  5. How do I disable all emails?
    • You need to go to the User Settings page from the top menu, click ‘My Profile’, then click ‘Update Email Settings’.
  6. How do I deactivate my account?
    • You need to go to the User Settings page from the top menu, click ‘My Profile’, then click ‘Update User Settings’. This does not cancel your subscription nor does it delete all your data, it is hidden and archived from the public. You may log in at a later time to reactive your account.
  7. Which supplements should I add to my stack?
    • You may browse through our supplement library here and select your goals from the left menu to see complete reviews and lists.
  8. Where do I see all the graphs of my check-in posts to see how I have been doing?
    • You may browse to the My Stacks & Reports page as mentioned in Step 3, and click the Reports button on the right-hand side.
  9. What are some specific use cases of TrackMyStack?


TrackMyStack is a health and wellness platform for managing personal health regimens. We help improve outcomes with reminders, journals, reports and by connecting you to similar users. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up here.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.