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Important 23andMe vs Ancestry DNA Kit Review


Every one of us at one time or the other in our life took a break from all activities and decided to ponder on the question – who am I and where am I really from?

These questions have caused many people to look for answers in different places and things like in music, arts, literature and other soul-searching avenues. This has been a major concern in the last few years.

But now, this challenge has brought about the ever booming DNA testing kits, which a lot of people have been helped to get answers to the aforementioned troubling questions.

DNA tests offer unbelievable insights into your genetic roots and the regions that your ancestors might have migrated from. It also explains where your ancestors settled thousands of years ago preceding your birth.

Ancestry DNA and 23andme are among the most widely used DNA testing companies in the market due to their simplicity and satisfactorily reports to customers. This article is positioned to examine these two DNA testing companies and give you tips on solving the mysteries behind your hereditary.



A brief overview of Ancestry DNA testing kit

Its complete package is $99 and $69 if you go for a special offer.

You pay $9.95 for the initial kit and $4.95 for an additional kit. $24.95 for initial shipping of package and $12.95 for an additional package.

Method of the collection – Saliva

AncestryDNA is the foremost brand of and the largest genealogy website in the world. You can use the company’s database which has over 6 million users and over 17 billion reachable search records when you register with them. Their unique service can help you trace your ancestors through 350 regions across the world in an affordable and easy to understand way.


  • Easily paired with a membership to ancestry’s large database records.
  • Package affordable at about $69
  • Availability of free mobile app
  • Results could be matched with relatives in the database


  • Can’t import DNA data from other services
  • No provision for health info
  • No chromosome browser present


A brief overview of 23andMe DNA testing kit

The price for a complete package of DNA test kit is $99

Shipping cost is $9.95 exception of expedited shipping cost of $36.95.

Method of the collection – Saliva sample

23andMe offers many fascinating benefits. The name 23 stands for the 23 pairs of chromosomes present in your DNA. This proves the authenticity and seriousness of the company on lab work.

You can know the basis of your DNA on over 150 regions across the world in the 23andMe testing kit. Here you could easily find out which ancestors “DNA families” you belonged to, and possibly traced them from both your maternal and paternal sides. It could also lead you to know your Neanderthal DNA and how much of it you inherited. 23andMe could also help you link up with people who share DNA with you.


  • Paternal and maternal line testing technology
  • Can be linked with people who share your DNA
  • Gives you a health report
  • Could trace Neanderthal DNA


  • Services costly to users
  • Limited mapping of family tree


Features of Ancestry DNA and 23andMe

Ancestry DNA is managed by, the world’s most advanced genealogy tool. Opt-in for membership to enjoy ancestry history records which could help you to uncover your family tree.

Ancestry DNA gives you an extensive info on your family tree, how it started and spread to over 350 regions around the world. These regions comprise of major places in Europe to countries or specific cities in places like Norway or Iceland.

Ancestry DNA also gives you shared ancestor’s hints which could help you discover intriguing connections that you never knew your family had.

But on 23andMe, their kit is more than that. It will help you to know your personal health history and how to handle it. You will also get health risk report which could help you to access the possibilities of getting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Celiac diseases. You get a comprehensive report that covers fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, inherited ear defect, and more.

23andMe as a scientifically based company could give a detailed report of your background in a hurry. 23andMe also with ease could match your DNA to other people that share some DNA with you. You could know the number of Neanderthal DNA that is in you.

Winner: 23andMe


The Speed of DNA Test Results Delivery

Ancestry DNA and 23andMe test are done through a saliva sample. You spit into a small collection tube and mail it back to the companies in an envelope.

With ancestry DNA, you should receive the package within a few days of ordering and send it back expecting to get results not later than two months after the lab might have got it.

23andMe is almost the same though you could go online to track the results. The results are usually posted online on the 23andMe website. You could access the results online with your password.

Winner: 23andMe


Understanding of test results

You can check your sample status anytime you like on AncestryDNA when you register online and also have sent in your sample.

Once you’ve done with testing and got your results posted, you could explore your ethnic background and check out your bloodline’s culture, history and locations, and the DNA that matches yours.

23andMe offers diverse ways to check what your genes say about you. You will receive your ancestry composition reports, genetic background as well as your health test. These are arranged with educational tutorials to aid your understanding of the whole process.

Winner: AncestryDNA


Database Size Comparison

Database of 23andme is huge. There are over five million customers who have used the 23andMe DNA test since the company’s inception in 2006. About 80% of these users have agreed to allow the company to use their results in research studies.

Ancestry DNA, on the other hand, has over five million customers’ database. Both companies have made provision for users to match their DNA with others, therefore, giving you the opportunity of locating a long-lost relation you never knew existed.

Winner: AncestryDNA


How to get started on any of these DNA Testing Kits

Both companies offer great packages for the customers who desire to learn more about themselves, their history, and who they really are.

23andMe has made provision for checking all your health issues except that this benefit is not free.

Ancestry DNA has a formidable platform and features that have endeared more customers to them. Information on your ethnic background and where you migrated from are available on the company’s large database. AncestryDNA gives you info about your ancestral records in a price that is cheaper than others in the market.

Overall Winner: Ancestry DNA

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