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Top 5 Aniracetam Uses + Review of Benefits and Side Effects

Aniracetam is a nootropic supplement under the racetam class that is regarded as being significantly more potent than Piracetam. In addition to the cognitive enhancement it provides, it also acts as an anxiolytic and improves mood, memory, and focus.

This is likely achieved through its effects on the D2 dopamine receptors, acetylcholine receptors, and 5-HT2A receptors. However, it is still under investigational usage for treating various neurodegenerative disorders. It also affects the AMPA receptor and is a drug that is thought to offer benefits for individuals with neurodegenerative disorders.

Throughout European countries, it can be obtained as a prescription drug, but has never received any approval by the FDA for usage in the U.S. Aniracetam is fat soluble. Aniracetam is categorized under Racetams.

It is also known as 1-p-anisoyl-2-pyrrilidinone, Ro 13-5057, CAS 72432-10-1, 14-methoxybenzoyl-2-pyrrolidinone, Draganon, Sarpul, Ampamet, Memodrin, Referan.

Benefits and Effectiveness

  • Anxiety – Decrease [1]
  • Cognition – Increased [2]
  • Depression – Decrease [3]
  • Memory – Increased [4]

What is Aniracetam?

The Multi-Faceted Aniracetam

Are you feeling gloomy, and have trouble focusing? This ‘supplement’ or more like a synthetic drug belongs to the Racetam family and is gaining popularity for its numerous benefits, including an overall enhanced cognition, improved mood, an improved response to stress.

1. Enhanced Cognitive Function
It directly influences the Cholinergic and Glutaminergic systems in our brain. This stimulates an increase in the levels of the neurotransmitters Acetylcholine and Glutamine while preventing its breakdown. Both of which are responsible in the proper functioning of the brain, thus improving cognitive function most specifically attention and memory. (1)

2. Anxiolytic properties and Improved Mood
Aniracetam does not only influence an increase in Acetylcholine and Glutamine levels but it also directly influences an increase in Serotonin and Dopamine levels in the brain. These two neurotransmitters are solely responsible for an individual’s mood and anxiety level. Serotonin, specifically, helps to regulate the circadian rhythm (the sleep-wake cycle of our body). Aniracetam acting on these two agents brings about an enhanced ability to deal with stress and leads to a better mood (1).

3. An Increase in Brain Energy
It has been shown that Aniracetam serves to increase glucose metabolism. There is an increase in efficiency with the consumption of glucose and oxygen within the brain, because of this mechanism, mental energy is increased (1). With this, individuals requiring long hours of work and studying may greatly benefit from Aniracetam.

Aniracetam in the field of Medicine and Research

Researches have shown that Aniracetam may be a promising drug not just as a nootropic but also as a treatment in certain conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD and mood disorders. Because it improves neuronal connections and communication, it may greatly benefit those individuals experiencing cognitive decline such as Alzheimer’s disease. Attention and mood may also be improved among individuals suffering from ADHD, mood, and depressive disorders. (3)

Aniracetam Dosage

1,500 mg/day broken into doses of two or as needed.

Side Effects

The most notable side effect of Aniracetam is headaches. However, it can be eliminated with the addition of Choline. Choline can be obtained via eating eggs or supplementing on Alpha GPC and other related supplements. Other side effects include nervousness and gastrointestinal problems.

How To Maximize the Benefits of taking Aniracetam

1. Proper Dosage and Frequency
An obvious one, but it is crucial for any drug or supplement to be taken at the right amount and frequency for it to produce the desired effects while possibly eliminating or minimizing the undesired ones. Generally, a dose of between 600 mg to 1500 mg may be taken daily for an individual.

However, Aniracetam has low bio-availability (fat-soluble) and a short half-life of 1 to 3 hours. It is thus recommended, that it be taken at a larger dose and administered at multiple times a day.

It may be taken 2 to 3 times a day, once possibly in the morning, and then in the afternoon and/or evening. (3) Daily dose should not exceed 1500 mg to avoid adverse effects. Though it can vary based on body weight, but keep in mind the low levels of LD50 for this drug. The LD50 is 4.5 g/kg orally in rats and 5.0 g/kg orally for mice.

For the treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease and Senile Dementia, a dose of 1000 mg to 1500 mg per day is generally taken at a single administration or is divided into two separate doses.

However, in Japan, Aniracetam is administered at 200 mg doses taken up three times daily for the treatment of Cerebral Infraction associated with anxiety and depression. (2)

When starting with a new drug (or supplement as we are calling it here) Aniracetam, researchers suggest to start with the lowest possible dose, such as half a pill of Aniracetam that is 375 mg, and then gradually increase your intake.

2. Stacking Aniracetam
Stacking can lead to synergistic effects depending on the individual, however, it is not recommended you start with a stack. The purpose of stacking is to maximize a drug’s potential to yield more positive effects or to eliminate or minimize the side effects that the drugs may provide. Since this drug belongs to the family of Racetams, Aniracetam is best stacked with Choline.

Some good sources of which include Alpha GPC, Centrophenoxine, Citicoline among others. Choline is considered a vital component in a stack involving racetams since racetams act as Cholinergics, thus, requiring a reasonable and sustained source of the neurotransmitter Acetylcholine.

With Choline at hand, the side effects of Aniracetam may be prevented or minimized which includes a headache being the most common, along with nausea, dizziness, nervousness, dizziness, and insomnia. (1)

A good stack that you may consider will be a combination of Aniracetam and Oxiracetam. As a pure cognitive enhancer, Oxiracetam is best paired with Aniracetam due to the latter’s additional benefits such as being a mood elevator and anxiolytic and of course, being a potent drug improving cognitive function.

With the 2 drugs working hand in hand, a user may feel a mild cognitive boost- an increased attention span, enhanced memory, focus, and motivation, as well as an improved mood with an ability to effectively prevent and cope up with stress. This type of stack will leave you with a “mellow and calm” feeling while doing your tasks. (3)

Aniracetam Comparison

Aside from stacking Aniracetam with Oxiracetam together, you might also want to consider another combination such as other types of Racetams such as Piracetam. I have noticed that I can stay focused much longer when taking Piracetam + Aniracetam.

A stack needs to cater to your individual needs- physically, cognitively, and even emotionally. However, we should take note to be cautious when taking multiple supplements especially if they are very potent or you have not encountered using nootropics yet.

Where can I purchase Aniracetam?

Aniracetam powder is readily available as well as Aniracetam pills and capsules, however, some users find the powder form to be cheaper than the capsules. Should you be confused as to purchase the powder or capsule form, rest assured that the effects will remain the same for both of them and the choice dramatically depends upon your preference and the amount you want to spend.

As always we recommend NootropicsDepot, if you are looking to buy quality supplements, they also provide a COA for peace of mind. Click here to purchase it online.

 Reviewer: Kathleen R. RN, PT


Top 3 Reasons to Supplement with Piracetam

Piracetam is the first compound developed under the racetam class and was synthetically created by Belgium lab UCB Pharma. Of the racetam class, this is perhaps the most discussed and utilized nootropic. Its mechanism of action is poorly understood, but many speculate that it improves cognition without stimulating or sedating properties.

In other words, it doesn’t seem to affect a person’s arousal. It is a modulator of the AMPA receptor and may work on various ion channels within the brain to excite neurons. Additionally, it improves acetylcholine functioning and may influence NMDA glutamate receptors.

There is some evidence that it increases the amount of blood flow and oxygen to the brain. It is not approved in the United States for any condition but is approved in the United Kingdom. In recent years it has gained popularity among students as a way to increase academic performance.

Piracetam is not just your ordinary compound where different other compounds and supplements are derived from. It is one of the widely known and researched nootropics because of the cognitive benefits it provides and because it could be considered the first nootropic to be developed and labeled.

Whether you are a student, a professional, or somebody who needs to step up your cognitive capabilities, then Piracetam will be an excellent starting supplement for you. Aside: It can be used as a hangover pill after a night out consuming alcohol, you can examine the results for yourself.


Benefits of Piracetam

1. Enhanced Cognitive Performance

As Piracetam is absorbed and crosses the blood-brain barrier, it acts on our brain, specifically the Acetylcholine receptors which are mainly responsible for an individual’s learning abilities. This is the reason why one’s learning capacity, memory, and focus may be improved.

Moreover, there is an increased oxygen and blood supply to the brain. With this, there will is a significant boost in energy as well as an enhanced ability to focus and pay attention to any task at hand.(1)

2. Enhanced Cellular and Neuronal Communication

Sounds complicated but the concept is simple, Piracetam influences the cell membranes in the brain so there is better cellular communication as well as membrane fluidity. With this, there is enhanced learning capability and enhanced formation and retrieval of memories.

Researchers have also claimed that Piracetam can influence nerve growth and in forming new synapses. If this is true, there should be more efficient neuronal communication which should contribute to the maintenance of brain health and cognitive function. (2)

3. Piracetam’s Neuroprotective Properties

Aside from the cognitive enhancement that Piracetam provides, it also possesses neuroprotective properties. It serves to remove toxins and substances that may damage the brain. This also explains why it seems to be beneficial for those suffering from Cerebrovascular diseases or stroke. It serves to reduce the damage brought about the disease and can also be taken as a preventive care.(1)

Maximizing the effects of Piracetam

1. Correct Piracetam dosage and Frequency

It is imperative for supplements to be taken at the right amount and frequency for it to produce the desired effects while potentially eliminating the undesired ones. Piracetam has a wide range of recommended doses ranging from 1.5g to 9.5g daily (1). However, most users find the dose of 800 mg (3x day) very beneficial while others seem to respond positively even with a baseline dose of 400 mg(2).

As for Piracetam frequency, some users take their dose two to three times a day to have a sustained effect since Piracetam has a half-life of about 4 to 5 hours. (2)

It would be best to start with the lowest possible dose that will still yield its effects. Also, it is essential for you to see and observe how you react to the drug, especially if you are a first-timer. Moreover, some people may also need to consult their healthcare provider first for their suggested Piracetam dosage and frequency since their condition and health status may play a role.


A Comparison of Piracetam’s effects vs Others


2. Stacking Piracetam

Stacking supplements may yield better and faster results. Let’s start with the Cholinergic. Cholinergic serve to increase levels of choline and/or acetylcholine in our brain as well as inhibiting the breakdown of acetylcholine. And in the case of Piracetam, it needs a sufficient and sustained supply of Acetylcholine for it to efficiently produce its effects. Thus with Piracetam and Choline working alongside, the stack yields better results.

Additionally, Cholinergic also serve to decrease and/or prevent some side effects that Piracetam may bring, such as headaches. Piracetam side effect may be attributed to a deficient supply of acetylcholine in the brain thus, producing headaches.

Some of the more widely used Cholinergic you can buy to use alongside are Alpha GPC, Citicoline, and Centrophenoxine. You can also do a side-by-side comparison of the difference between two racetams before stacking them, an example of Aniracetam vs Piracetam here.

Aside from the Piracetam Choline stack, Piracetam may also be used along with the other members of the Racetam family such as Aniracetam and Oxiracetam, among many others. On the other hand, Piracetam may also be used in conjunction with the other stronger nootropics such as Noopept, Adrafinil (smart drug), Modafinil (smart drug), Phenylpiracetam. This is done to have a stronger and longer-lasting cognitive boost for individuals who need to deal with more challenging mental tasks.

3. Piracetam Administration

Piracetam is water-soluble so you do not need to consume it with food for it to be absorbed efficiently. However, some users prefer to take it with other beverages that have stronger taste such as orange juice. This is because Piracetam powder more specifically, has a bitter taste (1).

4. Piracetam “attack dose”

Although this practice is optional, many recommend taking an initial “attack dose” of Piracetam especially for those who are just starting. Also known as the “loading dose”, Piracetam is taken with a starting dose of two times or three times or higher than the moderate dose. In this way, it will allow you to build up a certain concentration of Piracetam in your system right away.

After taking the attack dose for a short period, for example, 2 days, you can now take Piracetam at the moderate dose already. However, we should take note that the “attack doses” should not exceed the safe dosage recommendations to avoid toxicity (which is low, and reported to be lower than that of table salt, so this should be seen as ‘too dangerous’). (1)


Where to buy Piracetam Capsules or Powder Online?

It is readily available in the form of Piracetam tablets (Nootropil — A drug sold in Eastern Europe) and powder and pill form online. If you are looking to try Piracetam, we advise you to click here to go to a safe, and trustable source that provides certificates of authenticity (COA) and has a third-party lab test the powders for purity.

Additionally, their prices are low (and sometimes have Piracetam on Sale) and are well respected in the nootropic community online. We usually fluctuate between vendors and can sometimes provide a discount from vendors so it best to always check back and buy directly from the link above, as many times vendors increase prices or no longer carry Piracetam.

The above vendor ships to the UK, Canada, US, Europe generally, Australia and New Zealand among other places. Piracetam is not FDA approved and is not readily sold OTC in America, so you will not find it in GNC, Vitamin Shoppe or your local pharmacy.



    1. The effect of piracetam on ataxia: clinical observations in a group of autosomal dominant cerebellar ataxia patients

    2. A double-blind placebo controlled trial of piracetam added to risperidone in patients with autistic disorder

    3. Malykh AG, Sadaie MR Piracetam and piracetam-like drugs: from basic science to novel clinical applications to CNS disorders
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    4. Gualtieri F, et al Design and study of piracetam-like nootropics, controversial members of the problematic class of cognition-enhancing drugs
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Important 23andMe vs Ancestry DNA Kit Review


Every one of us at one time or the other in our life took a break from all activities and decided to ponder on the question – who am I and where am I really from?

These questions have caused many people to look for answers in different places and things like in music, arts, literature and other soul-searching avenues. This has been a major concern in the last few years.

But now, this challenge has brought about the ever booming DNA testing kits, which a lot of people have been helped to get answers to the aforementioned troubling questions.

DNA tests offer unbelievable insights into your genetic roots and the regions that your ancestors might have migrated from. It also explains where your ancestors settled thousands of years ago preceding your birth.

Ancestry DNA and 23andme are among the most widely used DNA testing companies in the market due to their simplicity and satisfactorily reports to customers. This article is positioned to examine these two DNA testing companies and give you tips on solving the mysteries behind your hereditary.



A brief overview of Ancestry DNA testing kit

Its complete package is $99 and $69 if you go for a special offer.

You pay $9.95 for the initial kit and $4.95 for an additional kit. $24.95 for initial shipping of package and $12.95 for an additional package.

Method of the collection – Saliva

AncestryDNA is the foremost brand of and the largest genealogy website in the world. You can use the company’s database which has over 6 million users and over 17 billion reachable search records when you register with them. Their unique service can help you trace your ancestors through 350 regions across the world in an affordable and easy to understand way.


  • Easily paired with a membership to ancestry’s large database records.
  • Package affordable at about $69
  • Availability of free mobile app
  • Results could be matched with relatives in the database


  • Can’t import DNA data from other services
  • No provision for health info
  • No chromosome browser present


A brief overview of 23andMe DNA testing kit

The price for a complete package of DNA test kit is $99

Shipping cost is $9.95 exception of expedited shipping cost of $36.95.

Method of the collection – Saliva sample

23andMe offers many fascinating benefits. The name 23 stands for the 23 pairs of chromosomes present in your DNA. This proves the authenticity and seriousness of the company on lab work.

You can know the basis of your DNA on over 150 regions across the world in the 23andMe testing kit. Here you could easily find out which ancestors “DNA families” you belonged to, and possibly traced them from both your maternal and paternal sides. It could also lead you to know your Neanderthal DNA and how much of it you inherited. 23andMe could also help you link up with people who share DNA with you.


  • Paternal and maternal line testing technology
  • Can be linked with people who share your DNA
  • Gives you a health report
  • Could trace Neanderthal DNA


  • Services costly to users
  • Limited mapping of family tree


Features of Ancestry DNA and 23andMe

Ancestry DNA is managed by, the world’s most advanced genealogy tool. Opt-in for membership to enjoy ancestry history records which could help you to uncover your family tree.

Ancestry DNA gives you an extensive info on your family tree, how it started and spread to over 350 regions around the world. These regions comprise of major places in Europe to countries or specific cities in places like Norway or Iceland.

Ancestry DNA also gives you shared ancestor’s hints which could help you discover intriguing connections that you never knew your family had.

But on 23andMe, their kit is more than that. It will help you to know your personal health history and how to handle it. You will also get health risk report which could help you to access the possibilities of getting Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Celiac diseases. You get a comprehensive report that covers fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, inherited ear defect, and more.

23andMe as a scientifically based company could give a detailed report of your background in a hurry. 23andMe also with ease could match your DNA to other people that share some DNA with you. You could know the number of Neanderthal DNA that is in you.

Winner: 23andMe


The Speed of DNA Test Results Delivery

Ancestry DNA and 23andMe test are done through a saliva sample. You spit into a small collection tube and mail it back to the companies in an envelope.

With ancestry DNA, you should receive the package within a few days of ordering and send it back expecting to get results not later than two months after the lab might have got it.

23andMe is almost the same though you could go online to track the results. The results are usually posted online on the 23andMe website. You could access the results online with your password.

Winner: 23andMe


Understanding of test results

You can check your sample status anytime you like on AncestryDNA when you register online and also have sent in your sample.

Once you’ve done with testing and got your results posted, you could explore your ethnic background and check out your bloodline’s culture, history and locations, and the DNA that matches yours.

23andMe offers diverse ways to check what your genes say about you. You will receive your ancestry composition reports, genetic background as well as your health test. These are arranged with educational tutorials to aid your understanding of the whole process.

Winner: AncestryDNA


Database Size Comparison

Database of 23andme is huge. There are over five million customers who have used the 23andMe DNA test since the company’s inception in 2006. About 80% of these users have agreed to allow the company to use their results in research studies.

Ancestry DNA, on the other hand, has over five million customers’ database. Both companies have made provision for users to match their DNA with others, therefore, giving you the opportunity of locating a long-lost relation you never knew existed.

Winner: AncestryDNA


How to get started on any of these DNA Testing Kits

Both companies offer great packages for the customers who desire to learn more about themselves, their history, and who they really are.

23andMe has made provision for checking all your health issues except that this benefit is not free.

Ancestry DNA has a formidable platform and features that have endeared more customers to them. Information on your ethnic background and where you migrated from are available on the company’s large database. AncestryDNA gives you info about your ancestral records in a price that is cheaper than others in the market.

Overall Winner: Ancestry DNA

We have also reviewed MyHeritage DNA here, additionally, we also recommend you learn more about Vitagene here.

MyHeritage Review

MyHeritage DNA Review

MyHeritage is known as one of the original DNA testing kits in the market. In addition, MyHeritage has an in-depth ancestry tracking. The pricing is fair and the kits are user-friendly. MyHeritage offers DNA and genealogy services. The personal information you stand to gain from the company is large. Its archives of information will lead you from family history to the actual hereditary expert.


MyHeritage is Ideal for

  • Getting info about your ancestors, as well as your lineage
  • Locating long-lost family relations
  • Completing your ancestry family tree
  • Looking for parental ancestry answers

The Pros

  • A massive network of family tree
  • Many millions of people in their DNA database
  • It has the biggest database of feasible ethnicities on the market
  • Available in 42 languages
  • With historical records of over eight billion, MyHeritage is the best choice
  • One of most inexpensive DNA tests in the marketplace
  • Availability of a mobile app

The Cons

  • Results could be fairly broad
  • Results often better for multi-ethnic users
  • Not much search details without a paid subscription

Reasons to Choose MyHeritage

MyHeritage DNA reviews from customers suggest a powerful option that provides the best of two worlds. Choosing MyHeritage enables consumers to experience a great deal about themselves. The cost of taking MyHeritage DNA test when compared to other testing kits is very cheap. Though it lacks information on health reports, nevertheless, they produce data on origins and ethnicity. More information on your recent ancestors are readily presented.

What’s available with MyHeritage

Top characteristics of the DNA kit include:

  • Simple and Easy to use
  • Online activation is fast and easy.
  • Ethnicity Estimate is percentage based
  • Over 40+ ethnic regions, exclusively to MyHeritage
  • Intensive ethnicity information than what other DNA test kits have.
  • Great realistic results with graphics and sound
  • Can easily be integrated into other MyHeritage packages
  • Access to MyHeritage’s massive DB of records
  • Has over eight billion history documents, up to three hundred million photographs, family trees of over thirty-four million and over 2,000,000 names in ancestry trees.

What’s exceptional about this testing kit is you could discover larger information about our ancestors as well as your family tree, as centered on your DNA results. Ethnicity Analysis of MyHeritage Kit users is measured in percentage.

It has over 40+ estimated ethnic regions in its database for checking your DNA lineage. Furthermore, as a customer, you can access the Ethnicity value free of charge as long as you have uploaded your DNA data to MyHeritage from other services.


DNA Matching

MyHeritage has a fresh product known as DNA Matching.  MyHeritage DNA Matching helps you in uploading DNA data from various DNA tests companies if you have any. MyHeritage report provides:

  • Improved accuracy
  • 10 times as much matches
  • Detailed relationship information
  • DNA Match certainty levels, to greatly help focus pursuit
  • Get in touch with cousins for free

Paternity Testing

MyHeritage relies heavily on its database of 2.5+ million customers, which implies that many people are fully guaranteed to locate some kind of familial match. Yet one way to utilize this database is for paternity testing. This DNA kit could be better than the top paternity test companies.

Building a Family Tree Feature

In the genealogy market, with an incredible number of users with over 3,000,000,000 consumers in its records, and has up to 9 billion older records.

In fact, many people trust the kit for family tree results. Also, the testing solution can be gained in traction and reviews which could be positive while the company produces out a lot of impressive features.


Simplicity in the Usage of this Kit

  • Upon receiving the kit, you need to subscribe online, which takes only three minutes.
  • Then take one of the several enclosed cheek swabs, and scrape gently within your cheek for 30-60 seconds.
  • Then place the swab among the plastic vials you have received.
  • Close the container, and repeat with another pad on the other cheek.
  • Place the two containers in the transparent plastic bag and then seal the bag in the envelope.
  • Place stamp and address an envelope, send it off, and that’s it.

The application process on the site is, in fact, straightforward, and only the basic information is required. You log in together with your MyHeritage details and enter the initial number that is incorporated with your kit.


The Duration of Package Delivery and Results

MyHeritage DNA kit when ordered could be tracked after the payment process is completed. On clicking the “Manage DNA kits” menu bar on the MyHeritage site, you’ll see the tracker. You’ll get constant updates and you may click through for more details.

The kit requires a week to be delivered but often quicker. Once you’ve done the test, make sure you sent it off to the lab, results simply take 4 weeks. When your result is ready, you’ll get an email, and you’ll be capable of seeing your complete results on their website.


The Kit:

What you will get in the package:

  • DIY guide
  • 2 sealed swabs with vials
  • Envelope
  • Activation code to be used later

My Heritage DNA Test Review Type

  • Autosomal DNA which refers to family dna
  • Paternity

Features of the Reports

  • Ethnic makeup estimate with regional detail
  • DNA relative matching
  • Downloadable DNA data you should use on other internet sites

Your report will contain your ethnicity, which supplies an overall idea. You may then view ancestral lines, maps, and explanatory notes. It offers you with DNA matches with possible family, and you will receive alerts when new family members are found.

All this emerges in diagrams representing what sort of various members of the family fit together, especially the various possible types of a cousin, which may be confusing to those not used to family trees. It goes to identify individuals who’ve other common traits, including surnames.

The data received from ancient migration methods was less than what was deduced from other DNA tests companies available on the market, however, the focus with this information is to know your roots and ancestors.


Support Provided by MyHeritage

Customer care at MyHeritage is not bad as the firm includes a reputation because of its agility and detailed replies.

The web page supplies a list of FAQs with answers. You may enter a question and it’s likely that it’s likely to appear, in addition to a comprehensive and easy to follow answer, with a help guide.

There are free customer support lines available internationally are visibly active in posting on various social media profiles.

If you would like another alternative to the MyHeritage DNA test, check out our review of Vitagene.

Beginners Guide to Self Tracking to Manage Your Health and Wellbeing

Welcome to TrackMyStack, our platform provides the most comprehensive way for you to manage your health safely to help you reach a better outcome.

Please watch the videos below to help you get started. The guide is broken into 5 critical steps.

  1. Creating A Stack
  2. Tweaking Your Stack as needed
  3. Changing Stack Settings as needed
  4. Creating A Check-In Post to your Health Journal
  5. A List of all other Tools available for you to improve your health


One Overall Introduction Video or Watch Each Step Below


Step 1. Before you do anything, Create a Stack.

A stack, in this case, can be seen as a ‘folder’ or a ‘regimen’. The reason we allow you to create multiple stacks is that many people have different regimens for different goals. E.g. Many users create 1 stack for their entire health to make tracking easier. This is what we recommend for most users.

However, some advanced users want to manage health symptoms in one stack and make another stack to address health goals to address issues like sleep or anxiety. Watch the video below to see how to create your first stack.

Objective: To Create a basic regimen. Start by naming your regimen, then enter your purpose, after that add your supplements and medication with dosages. All these details can be deleted or changed later. This is just a basic list to help you get started, you may tweak and set reminders later.

To create your first stack, click here.


Step 2. Modify Your Supplements & Drugs in the Stack, as Needed

Once you are done making your stack via the wizard, you should be on your stack page. If not, click here to see a list of all your stacks. Click your stack to see the stack page.

This page is useful for tweaking and editing dosage and quantity levels, along with:

  • ADD or DELETE Supplements & Medicine that you may not have added initially
  • ADD SYMPTOMS or SIDE EFFECTS associated with any specific Supplements or Drugs
  • ADD OR REMOVE Dosages for Supplements or Drugs
  • SET REASONS FOR CONSUMING Supplements or Drugs as a personal reminder
  • MARK Supplements and Drugs as TAKEN

You can see how all of this is done below (Keep in mind the interface now may be a bit different than when the video was recorded)

This page has some useful hints that are triggered by our algorithms to automatically alert you on:

  • Dosage quantity being over/under RDA set by health professionals or governments
  • Negative & Positive Interactions between Supplements and Drugs
  • Overall Potential Effects from taking the supplements in your stack regimen.

Keep in mind this list is by no means comprehensive and you must consult a certified health professional to confirm the safety and effectiveness of your stack. No statements made by our platform is intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.



Step 3. Modify Overall Stack Settings, as Needed

By Now, you have created a stack in Step 1.

In Step 2, you have added or removed supplements and medicine as needed. You may have even set specific adherence and refill reminders. You could have also added specific effects, descriptions, and dosage quantity for specific Supplements and Drugs for this stack.

For Step 3. It is time to visit the ‘My Stacks & Reports Page‘. On this page you may do any of the following:

  • Make Your Stack Private (if need be). This will hide it from the public and is as beneficial as DELETING your stack.
    • We do not allow users to DELETE stacks, but only to archive it for now, you may do so by adding an ‘END DATE’ upon clicking ‘Stack Settings’.
    • You are free to create as many stacks as you like.
  • You may Set overall Stack-Adherence reminders, which are emails you get reminding you to ‘consume’ your stack at certain times of the day.
  • You can click through to see a Calendar-view of your Stack-Adherence by clicking ‘Calendar’.
  • You may click ‘Reports’ to see your check-in posts graphed which you will be creating in the next step.
  • You may edit your stack Description, the Start, and End Date and disable all reminders associated with each stack that may exist for specific Supplements and Drugs.

This is what clicking on ‘Stack Settings’ provides, it has most of the settings listed above:



Step 4. Creating Check-in Posts that are Posted to your Journal

Most users that create a stack want to track their health day-to-day. This helps in the long run as each check-in adds an input to your health report, which you can view in graphs or print to share with your care provider.

These journals can be used to determine any triggers for flare-ups you may have and to help you to continue optimizing your health to reach your goals quicker.

To ‘Make a Check-in’ post you can click here, or you make click the following card from your dashboard after logging in.

This screen will help you:

  • Record any oncoming Symptoms & triggers
  • Record your Food & Drink Consumption daily with macronutrients
  • Record your Physical activity
  • Record your adherence to the Supplements & Drugs you added above, or add a ‘one-time’ supplement you may have taken
  • Record one of many Personal Metrics such as: Sleep hours, Blood Pressure, Anxiety, Mood, Pain, etc.
    • Add your own Custom Field that you may want to track such as: Hours you watched TV, hours you socialized, etc.


The check-in journaling screen looks like the image below:


Step 5. Monitor & Improve Your Health

There are many additional features in TrackMyStack to manage your health, such as:

  • Adding Caregivers to your stack, this can be a health professional or family that can see Private Stacks and your Check-ins to quickly get a glimpse of your health.
  • See All Reminders
    • My Reminders – Accessible from your dashboard, this will give you a preview of All Stack Reminders and Specific Supplement & Drug reminders within a stack that you may set.
    • Refill Reminders – Also accessible via your dashboard, this page provides you with a list of Supplements & Drugs that are either depleted. Refill reminders can also be set on a timely basis, such as every 30 days.
  • Past Check-in Posts card is visible from your dashboard, this page renders all your check-ins in one place.
  • Add/Remove Health Conditions Page – Accessible from the submenu upon logging in.
  • Add/Remove Symptoms Page – Accessible from the submenu upon logging in.
  • Similar Patients – Sometimes it helps to find others just like you to see what they are doing.
  • Stack Wizard – We use machine learning to help you figure out which supplements to take or which stack to replicate to begin your journey faster.
  • Health Reports by Goals – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for things like Cognition, Building Muscle, etc.
  • Health Reports by Symptoms – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for different Symptoms like Anxiety, Mood, Stress, etc.
  • Health Reports by Conditions – You may use Health Reports to see what has worked for others for different Conditions like ADHD, Alzheimer’s, etc.
  • Health Calculators – This page contains an Ovulation and Period Calculator, calculators for BMI, Nicotine replacement, BMR, Blood Pressure, etc.



Quick FAQ’s:

  1. Do I need to create a stack?
    • Please see step 1. You may leave a stack empty (without Supplements or Drugs) and can still write to your check-in journal.
  2. How do I delete a stack?
    • Please see step 3. It is not possible to delete a stack but just to hide it from the public, in which case it will still show up on your list, you can additionally delete all Supplements & Drugs within it as well. Keep in mind you can just let each stack stay behind and just create a new one as needed.
  3. How do I add Exercise or Sleep to my stack?
    • Please See Step 4. You may click the ‘Physical Activity’ tab and enter your details there.
  4. How do I remove a symptom or condition?
    • If you would like to remove it completely, see the link in step 5. Symptoms and Conditions are archived from this page. These pages are also available from the submenu.
  5. How do I disable all emails?
    • You need to go to the User Settings page from the top menu, click ‘My Profile’, then click ‘Update Email Settings’.
  6. How do I deactivate my account?
    • You need to go to the User Settings page from the top menu, click ‘My Profile’, then click ‘Update User Settings’. This does not cancel your subscription nor does it delete all your data, it is hidden and archived from the public. You may log in at a later time to reactive your account.
  7. Which supplements should I add to my stack?
    • You may browse through our supplement library here and select your goals from the left menu to see complete reviews and lists.
  8. Where do I see all the graphs of my check-in posts to see how I have been doing?
    • You may browse to the My Stacks & Reports page as mentioned in Step 3, and click the Reports button on the right-hand side.
  9. What are some specific use cases of TrackMyStack?


TrackMyStack is a health and wellness platform for managing personal health regimens. We help improve outcomes with reminders, journals, reports and by connecting you to similar users. If you haven’t done so already, you can sign up here.


If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

3 Best Brain Supplements That Massively Boost Brain Power And Focus

Top Supplements for Your Brain

The introduction of newer brain supplements in the market has really helped to boost one’s ability to solve problems, make better decisions and perform beyond reasonable doubts.

By taking brain supplements, you are poised to concentrate longer and remain focused at work or school. Brain supplements are also known as nootropics are here to help propel us forward faster.

Nootropics are widely used as they can increase IQ, memory and boost creativity. If you need to come up with new ideas, need help with memorization, or maybe you have completely lost motivation?

Then, taking brain supplements could be all you need to get what you’re looking for. We recommend Lumonol, to learn more click here.

Several people use brain supplements for one reason or the other. Among them are the accountants, entrepreneurs, athletes, older people, students and even firefighters. Using brain supplements is the solution to handling situations that require high mental demand and focus.


Benefits of Brain Supplements

There are several benefits you can derive from using good brain supplements or nootropics. The benefits are described below:


  1. Increased Concentration

If you find it difficult to concentrate on a given job or task, or maybe you can’t accomplish much due to the lack of focus, using nootropics could stop such challenge. You will discover that your attention span is greatly boosted. Taking “Rhodiola Rosea” a nootropics herb known for its power in boosting concentration is recommended.


  1. Memory Improvement

There are vital ingredients found in brain supplements that are known to improve memory. Vinpocetine and Huperzine –A  are very effective when it comes to boosting the memory. If you desire to boost your memory, make sure the nootropic contains any of these ingredients.


  1. Increased Motivation 

It’s not always easy to get stuff done if there is no motivation. But by taking brain supplements, you’ll be motivated to keep moving and this could be an efficient machine you could use to tackle procrastination.


  1. Enhanced Problem Solving Ability

To enhance your learning power and problem-solving abilities, you need to take nootropics. A good nootropic will increase your Alpha Brainwaves which will, in turn, make you more alert, yet relaxed, improve work productivity, and create an ideal study atmosphere.


To see a full list of nootropic supplements click here.


Best Ingredients of Brain-Boosting Supplements

The most effective ingredients you should look out for in any brain boosting supplements are as follows:

 Lion’s Mane – A mushroom known to generate new brain cells especially nerve cells.

Bacopa Monnieri – This ingredient is effective in improving brain functions such as verbal learning, processing speed, and memory.

Vinpocetine – improves mental acuity for both long and short-term memory. It increases your alertness and can help you deal decisively with difficult situations.

Citicoline – known to boost mental energy. It increases memory functions and retention.

 Rhodiola Rosea – stimulates mental performance and reduce stress in the brain. Because of its effectiveness, it is seen as one of the best supplement for mental focus.

L-Tyrosine – helps the body to produce neurotransmitters for increased brain power and pleasure. Increases attention and focus tremendously. This ingredient is among the best supplements for focus and concentration.

Phosphatidylserine – improve s cognitive function. It removes toxins and dead brain cells. This ingredient energizes brain cells and keeps brain cell membranes flexible.


The 3 Top Brain Supplements

There are many brain supplements available on the market today but knowing the right and efficient one to buy could be a problem.

Thus, with our series of research into ingredients formula, company’s reputation, and best brain supplements reviews, we have come up with the best brain supplements for increased mental performance as explained below:


  1. Lumonol

 One of the best brain supplement available in the market today is Lumonol.  It is proven to be effective in enhancing memory and reducing anxiety.

With Lumonol you can achieve the same result within an hour, the exact way to study for days to learn a material. Lumonol boosts brain’s power effectively and naturally.

The 3 benefits of Lumonol are:

  1. Cognitive Protection – The inclusion of several ingredients in the supplement enhances the repair and protection of brain cells while reducing cognitive decline.


  1. Neuro-Enhancement – Apart from feeding your brain with the right minerals and nutrients, you will also easily recall information. Ginseng and Hordenine are the two ingredients in Lumonol that reduce anxiety and enhance mood, chemically activating your body to study and learn.


  1. Alertness and Performance – Lumonol increases your focus and concentration. You are more motivated to train and study.



  1. Blended with natural ingredients
  2. Instant energy and focus boost.
  3. There is little or no side effects
  4. Boosts of thousands of users
  5. Clarity of thoughts
  6. Increased energy levels
  7. Reduction in Nervousness



  1. Takes longer time for memory to be boosted (3 to 4 weeks)
  2. Erases memory fog.


The most widely blend of Lumonol supplements are focus blend, energy blend, and memory blend. Order it from here.


  1. Nootroo

Nootroo is a very strong supplement that boosts motivation. It can also be used as a memory supplement for students who study a lot.  Nootroo has a 2-pill system, that is, the gold and silver feature. The silver pill contains phenylpiracetam and the gold pill system has Noopept.

Dosage is interchanged with the gold system today and the silver the next day. No reason has been given for the 2-pill system of the supplements.

Each nootroo capsule contains citicoline, a nootropic ingredient. The gold capsule contains noopept which even though is not in the top list of the ingredients, is known to boost mood, lower anxiety and reduce depression.

The silver capsule, on the other hand, contains phenylpiracetam, an effective nootropic. As an athlete, you need to be careful because Nootroo has been banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.



  1. A good motivation booster
  2. There is a presence of citicoline
  3. This supplements is popular among college students and therefore best brain supplements for students.
  4. It’s the best memory supplements for students



  1. Contains proprietary blend
  2. Contains most recommended ingredients
  3. No reasons behind the gold and silver capsules.

Final Verdict: Nootroo contains good ingredients is effective in motivation.  It still needs more of the recommended ingredients and many wish it wasn’t a blend.


  1. Mind Lab Pro

This is a slightly better nootropic. With hundreds of best brain supplements reviews from customers using this supplements, it’s definitely one that requires a second look.  Mind Lab Pro is formulated using the latest scientific research and contains most of the best ingredients.

Mind Lab Pro does everything well unlike other brain supplements which focus on an area. Also, it doesn’t use any proprietary blend. The formulation and quality of Mind Lab Pro is not bad.



  1. It boosts all brain functions
  2. No proprietary blend
  3. 100% natural with no fillers



  1. Can’t be found in stores. Only available on their website.
  2. Price is a very high


Mind Lab Pro is good for focus, improving processing speed, and memory. It also builds the brain, increases Alpha Brain Waves, and boosts concentration and mental energy. Mind Lab Pro is a game changer indeed.


What to Avoid When Using Brain Supplements

Most synthetic brain supplements are banned by Sports Organizations because they can overstimulate your cardiovascular system. Brain supplements with these ingredients; Picamilon, Aniracetam, Modafinil, Sulbutamine, and Centrophenoxine should be avoided.

Adderall and Ritalin which are amphetamine can be addictive, so it’s better to stay away from them. Also, you need a prescription for these.

Avoid Proprietary Blends because the amount of each ingredient in the blend is not stated. This is really a problem as the brain supplements industry is full of proprietary blends. It’s rather unfortunate that it is difficult to find any good brain supplements that don’t have proprietary blends.

We recommend Lumonol over and over only because of its proven safety record, price, ingredients, and effects. If you would like to learn more and order it, click here. Good luck with your endeavors!

Best Nootropics For Creativity

What is Creativity?

Creativity is what makes people be outstanding in their profession. Whether you are an artist, a writer or a student you rely greatly on creativity.

Creativity is maximizing the power of the mind to come up with something new; maybe great lyrics to a song, a project idea or a genius start-up business plan.

Creativity on its own is not a skill one can control. That’s why sometimes you may feel creative and other times, you are just empty and flat. But one thing is certain, all of us could perform better in whatever we do by maximizing those creative moments.

For your creativity to grow, you need the right environment, the right nutrients, rest, comfort and stress relief. People are more creative when in the right environment.

Since it takes creativity to solve a problem, it is certain many disciplines can’t function without it. Therefore for a constant flow of creativity, you might need to use nootropics. Nootropics are natural and synthetic drugs used basically to boost creativity and improve memory. With the presence of nootropics, lack of creativity has become history.


Nootropics stacks are supplements taken with nootropics to give users a cognitive boost in achieving better focus and memory. Since no single part of the brain is responsible for creativity, the use of nootropics stacks help in affecting different parts of the brain.


The best nootropic for creativity will be revised in this guide.


  1. Aniracetam for Creativity

In its performance. It fights anxiety and boosts creativity profusely. It’s crucial that if you strive to be creative, you must learn to manage anxiety and this is what Aniracetam does. Aniracetam creativity is an AMPA modulator. It helps AMPA receptors to work more. AMPA receptors are excitatory receptors that control memory and mood.

Also, Aniracetam helps to increase blood flow to the brain. When it happens, you are bound to experience an improved smoother and holistic thinking. Aniracetam boosts the communication between the two brain hemisphere, thus helping people who naturally rely on logic to get a greater contribution from their artistic personalities.

Dave Asprey has stated that it is one of the only racetams that he takes and uses it because it increases his creativity and improves the input/output processing speed from his own personal experience.

Aniracetam supercharges creativity and boosts your cognition in numerous ways like having a vivid and sharper vision. Some other benefits of Aniracetam are heightened memory, enhanced learning abilities, reduction in stress and clear thinking.

Side effects of Aniracetam include a mild headache.

To get stronger results you need to combine Aniracetam with different supplements. Best nootropic stack for creativity with Aniracetam is any of Racetam supplements, Piracetam and Oxiracetam.

If you are interested in learning or reading more about aniracetam we have a much longer article here.


  1. Noopept and Sulbutiamine Stack

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic derived from Vitamin B. It was first developed in Japan. Sulbutiamine is a synthetic module more potent than ordinary vitamins. Also, Sulbutiamine has been proven scientifically to improve memory.  With a good memory, you would be more creative and have where to draw more information from.

Benefits of Sulbutiamine are explained concisely below:

  • Improved memory
  • Improvement in your mood
  • Your anxiety level is reduced
  • Stamina and endurance level greatly improved.
  • Mood-boosting
  • Reduced anxiety level
  • Enhanced cognitive effects
  • Decision-making ability
  • Learning capacities


Sulbutiamine has rare side effects which could be reversed when stopped. Most common side effects of sulbutiamine are sleep disruption and suppressed appetite. Sulbutiamine is not recommended for long-term use as it could lose its effectiveness.

Noopept sulbutiamine stack that yields tremendous results with Sulbutiamine is Noopept, L-Theanine, Alpha GPC, Ginkgo Biloba and Pramiracetam.


  1. Noopept Works for Creativity


Noopept is an excellent form of a synthetic nootropic known to boost imagination and improve focus simultaneously. Noopept is one of the greatest and the most effective nootropics available in the market today. Another name for Noopept is N – phenylacetyl – L – prolylglycine ethyl ester, a synthetic Nootropic molecule. The production of acetylcholine in the body is inhibited, giving your brain a boost.

Noopept though extremely potent has an unusual side effect. Users complain of experiencing a mild headache.

Other side effects are stomach distress, loss of appetite. If you want to use this nootropic, it’s better to use it sparingly. To potentiate it better, exercise after consumption and have plenty of water during your work.

Best Nootropics Noopept Stacks are Alpha GPC, Citicoline and Piracetam.

Sulbutiamine and noopept have something in common as both are synthetic nootropics supplements. Noopept is said to be more 1000x potent than Piracetam.


  1. Phenibut Stack for Creativity

Phenibut was first developed as far back as 1960. It was created with the intention to treat common mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. But through the years, it has been greatly improved to be effective in boosting creativity.

Substances present in Phenibut stimulate dopamine receptors which improve your feelings and mood. With Phenibut, a lot of people are able to tap into their creative side.

It’s advisable to take Phenibut sparingly as it is addictive in nature.

Phenibut Stacks known to boost creativity are Alpha GPC, Phenibut, Omega-3 and Bacopa Monnieri.


  1. Stack Coluracetam for Creativity

Coluracetam was developed and synthesized by Doctors in Japan in 2005. It was originally created to treat people suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Research has shown that Coluracetam has other users. It can be used as a choline uptake enhancer. Coluracetam makes a person more sensitive to external stimuli, causing one to see things in fresh new ways. Another vital function of coluracetam is that it improves memory and learning abilities. It helps you to master new skills easily and then use them in exciting ways.

Induced headache is the only known side effect of Coluracetam.

Coluracetam Stacks belong to the Racetam family of nootropic supplements. Coluracetam works well with choline source such as Alpha GPC.


  1. Piracetam also helps with Creative Thinking

Piracetam is a nootropic supplement that was first developed in 1964. Other nootropics present today belongs to the Racetam family that was originally modified from Piracetam.

Piracetam is known to greatly improve creativity, enhancing writing abilities and also improve verbal fluency.

Piracetam supplements allow users to explore their creative abilities in thinking outside the box and forming new ideas and improve upon the existing ones.

Piracetam is great for improving your memory and learning.  Piracetam helps you to relax and be confident in front of an audience. You’ll also feel comfortable to write and talk without holding off. You’ll also notice that words will flow naturally between creative and logical thinking.

Phenylpiracetam is a Piracetam stack you can use to spice up your creative abilities. This supplement has an extra molecule added to it, which allows blood-brain penetration to be achieved much more easily allowing greater effects.

People who have taken piracetam complain of having a mild headache and this could be reversed by taking Piracetam sparingly. To learn even more about Piracetam click here.

To Summarize, Pick 1 Nootropic Stack For Creativity

In conclusion, creativity is something that can help you get optimum results and also do exploits in many ways.  If you are creative enough, you stand a better chance of accomplishing more and you’ll be excited to think in new exciting ways.

Employers are always on the lookout for people who are creative and problem solvers.

Not sure which nootropics stack for creativity to take, consult a licensed physician. It is important to always consult a physician before and after taking any new drug, supplement or diet. They are known to offer the best advice when it comes to health and medical advice.

You can also develop your own best nootropic stacks for creativity by combining different nootropics to get the best results that suit your biology. Start by picking 1 supplement or 1 simple stack and begin from there.

To create your first stack and see the list of all synergistic effects, get dosage warnings and get adherence reminders, we recommend you try TrackMyStack by clicking here.



“Clinical efficacy of aniracetam, either as monotherapy or combined with cholinesterase inhibitors, in patients with cognitive impairment: a comparative open study.”

What is a Health Stack and Why You Need One

What is Health?

In Body By Science, Dr. Doug McGuff defines Health as “A physiological state in which there is an absence of disease or pathology and that maintains the necessary biology between the catabolic and anabolic states.


What is a Stack? defines Stack as “…a group of supplements used to enhance performance. Stacks feature products with different intended purposes that work together to enhance energy, endurance, and recovery…


What is a Health Stack?

TrackMyStack extends the definition of stack to mean more than just supplements and also incorporates food, exercise, and activities into a stack. More on activities coming up shortly. A Health Stack is a set of foods, exercises, supplements, medications, and activities when combined result in a positive physiological adaptation.

The different elements of a stack can fall into the category of anabolic or catabolic functions. For example, foods such as fruits have an anabolic effect on the body and apple cider vinegar has a catabolic effect. While considering a myriad of biological nuances, in essence, exercises can be divided into catabolic and anabolic actions. Resistance training primes the body to build (anabolic) and endurance training require the body to break down (catabolic) energy storages. Supplements can be distinguished similarly: creatine for anabolic and acetyl-l-carnitine for catabolic, as examples.

With the understanding of how elements that are anabolic and/or catabolic add to an individual’s health, it is important to consider any activity which spurs a biological change to be part of the individual’s Health Stack. Activities such as meditation, sleep, infrared saunas have a biological impact. There have been increasing trends in health and biotechnology. 

These new trends are called Biohacking. Dave Asprey the creator of Bulletproof Coffee and pioneer of biohacking calls biohacking as:

“To use science, biology, self experimentation to take control of and upgrade your body, your mind, and your life.”

TrackMyStack gives users the tools to input various activities regarding health and the ability to track those activities.


Adding Exercises & Activities to your Health Stack


Adding Food & Drinks to Your Health Stack







Avoiding “Recall Bias”

You are bound to make a mistake trying to remember the various components of your health regimen. Even if you hack your memory to remember all aspects of your health stack, you will not be to interconnect the different elements.

Side note: I know a memory hacker reading the last line is going to say “challenge accepted” and I say “may the force be with you!”.

For the rest of us, the Health Journal in TMS will serve as a snapshot of all your daily activities. Data from ‘Check-In’ posts in your Health Journal will help you plan, organize, interconnect and cross-examine your Health Stacks.


How to create a Check-In post:

  1. Hover mouse over ‘Health Journal’ on the main menu bar on top of the page.
  2. Select ‘Make A Check-In Post.’
  3. Pick a particular Health Stack from the dropdown under ‘Related To’.
  4. Toggle supplements to ‘No’ or ‘Yes’ (Tip: If you are checking ‘NO’ to fewer items, it might be helpful to ‘Toggle All’ to yes. Then, toggle ‘No’ to individual items that you did not take).

You may see all of it in the video below:


Food & Nutrition as it Relates to Supplement in-take.

Food and nutrition will serve as the foundation of your health. Dietary intake should be optimized to proved the macronutrient *requirement* of an individual. Tracking food intake will provide a judgment on what to supplement.

For example, if you supplement creatine as a nootropic, it is recommended to be taken along with carbohydrates. If you use honey as the carbohydrate source and you have eaten rice or had other carbs, then you can skip out on honey.

Tracking your food intake will allow you to calibrate your supplement regimen more precisely, if you realize that the food you ate one day mostly consisted of meats, you may want to supplement Vitamin K. Alternatively, if you feel like you are starting to get dry eyes and flaky skin, it could help if you take Vitamin A — one time or on an as-needed basis.



Your Daily Values or ‘Quantified Self”

This section is used to track anything that matters to you! It could be the number of stairs you climbed in a day, the number of people you spoke to, or essentially any metric you deem important for you to track.  We provide pre-set values that we deem important as well. Evaluating your energy, focus, memory, mood, pain: These factors provide the core understanding of your subjective effects.


Exercise & Physical Activity

Enter in exercise for the particular day to go along with your health stack. Tracking physical activity is beneficial because exercise makes an impact on our biology. Exercise is beneficial however it is important to keep in mind that physical activity will have an impact on other elements of your stack….

For example, one of the benefits of exercise is the hormetic ramp up in anti-inflammatory pathways.

In simpler terms, your body will strengthen its stress reduction pathways (anti-inflammatory pathways), when it recovers from the stress brought on by exercise. To complement this biological nuance, you can skip taking antioxidants after your exercise, antioxidants such as Vitamin C, N-Acetyl-Cysteine. Doing so your supplement stack will not interfere with your body’s recovery, with respect to strengthening anti-inflammatory pathways. (reference)


Putting it All Together

If your health stack has multiple elements and multiple items within each element then standardize your experience by creating a routine and stick to it until you have gotten desired effects.

You can standardize your experience by optimizing the timing of each element. The timing of each element should allow them to complement each other’s effects. Next, select a duration of the experience, example: 30 days. During this period make appropriate ‘check-ins’ and record the daily values. Also, create custom value(s) to facilitate standardization.

Objective measures will aid your experience in understanding your health stack. Objective measures are blood work, inflammation markers, cognitive assessment tests (ex: dual-n-back) and more. Daily values and objective measures will give you an understanding of how your health stack is stacking up in regards to your goals. You will become aware of the impact of your health stack.


Chart visualizing a User’s Adherence Rate over time

Figuring Out What Worked

Singling out an item’s efficacy will challenging but possible. First, standardize your experience. Once, you are able to replicate the same result for a health stack then you can adjust a single item.

Tinkering with a particular item will help you gauge how much of a bottleneck that item is to your goals. For example, increasing or decreasing your sleep volume and recording daily values throughout a given duration, ideally 10 days. First few days will be an adjustment period and then a week to decide if the increase/decrease in sleep volume is affecting your health goals.

This could help you optimize the amount of sleep. Similar can be done for supplements. Make sure you can replicate desired effects from a supplement stack multiple times, then it will be easy to adjust the dosage of a particular supplement and record daily values. Also, in the situation of switching brands of a particular supplement, you can follow the above scenario to determine if the new brand has similar quality. Utilize objective measures to further aid your awareness in the changes in your health stack.

Plan. Plan out your weekly supplements according to recommended time to be taken. Other elements of your stack will need to be planned out to fit your supplement timing. For instance, setting a bedtime to 4 hours after taking Vitamin B6.

Once a good routine is figured out then the effects of each element should provide synergistic effects.

Organize. When your supplements will be taken. Standardized everything, and track what you want to change. It is rather overwhelming to figure out exactly what to track. To overcome the daunting tasks, organize the elements of your health stack to track what you want to change. When you gain adequate flexibility in making changes to your health stack and become aware of the effects of the changes. You will have built a holistic understanding of your health  stack.

Interconnect. Most of us have many moving parts on any given day. This holistic approach should be continuously optimized, one might tinker with one specific element of a stack or get even more granular with an element and determine its outcome.