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Best St. Johns Wort Stacks

St. Johns Wort stacks with this compound paired with other supplements, drugs and minerals taken for different health goals and health conditions. Review the benefits, effects, side effects, and St. Johns Wort dosage as taken by other users. There are over 20 stacks in our database with St. Johns Wort.

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Results & Experiences

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
Ashwagandha 9
Bacopa monnieri 9
Caffeine 8
L-Theanine 7
General Health Daily
Using this stack for general health along with improved focus, mood, and energy. Would love feedback!

Dylannn 785
Social Anxiety Anxiolytic Stack
Using this stack to improve generalized anxiety, social anxiety, and mild depression.

nichii 1516
General Health My stack
I'm just trying out stuff to see what works

Tedium88 532
General Health Maintenance Stack
I use this stack to combat anxiety, boost energy (without overstimulating), manage depression, and manage IBS.

shawnshine 545
Improved Mood Stack for Improved Mood and Reduced Anxiety
I'm considering using this stack to help with mild - moderate depression and anxiety. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

legitness831 570
Improved Sleep Lucid Dreaming
Using this stack to increase dream recall, and increase my chances for a lucid dream.

jordanthomp 563
Nootropic Energy and Focus

chemtechy 1254
Nootropic neuro clarity
Using this stack to improve clarity and mental awareness

GOochiii18 397
Improved Mood Depression-Anxiety
Using this stack to improve my mood decrease my anxiety in social activities

Herbfun 409
Reduce Stress for opiate detox
Using this stack to help with some of the symptoms of opiate withdrawals

cory2778 432
Reduce Stress opiate detox
Using stack for opiate detox for stress

cory2778 435
Improved Mood opiate mood support
Relieve, replenish, and revive

cory2778 395
Improved Mood opiate day and night stack
To help get off opiates with the least amount of withdrawal syptoms

cory2778 488
Improved Mood 1234longer
I need this stack to clear brain fog, balance emotional health, increase productivity, cope with social anxiety and depression

nondas 433
Nootropic pdas stack for memory, focus, and atiseizure
To increase memory and concentration, more organized thoughts. Also to help with anxiety and seizures. To restore mind to when I was a teenager. Neuroprotection...

prahladlong 384
General Health Aimee%u2019s good mood stack
I use this stack to improve mood, increase motivation, but decrease anxiety.

41m33 336
Improved Sleep Digger Sleep Stack Test
Testing this stack to fall asleep faster.

Digger 397
Improved Mood Anxiety and Mood help
I recently stopped smoking weed everyday. One of the main symptoms I was trying to alleviate was my anxiety, yet the chronic use ended up giving me bipolar-like...

ShayOttawa 350
Nootropic July (BZD UP)WD from ATL Weight
It's time to rebuild what's important and permanent. Stop fucking around

ballwinna 512