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Best Shilajit Stacks

Shilajit stacks with this compound paired with other supplements, drugs and minerals taken for different health goals and health conditions. Review the benefits, effects, side effects, and Shilajit dosage as taken by other users. There are over 20 stacks in our database with Shilajit. Other names for this compound include Mineral Pitch, Jew's Pitch, Mineral Wax, Salajeet, Brag-shun, Shilajita, Moomio, Mumie, Mumijo, Mumiyo,.
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Results & Experiences

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
Fish Oil 20
Vitamin D 18
Inositol 17
Vitamin B12 16
Nootropic The Ultimate Laser Protocol (TULIP)
Based around mitochondrial up-regulation and protection paired with the use of red or infrared lasers and LEDs. It causes mitochondrial biogenesis, decreased RO...

Deemed 5456
General Health Curb Free Radical Damage To Yourself
General Health stack to keep immune system up and running strongly and keep free radical damage to an absolute low. This is on top of a multi vitamin that one m...

Deemed 1835
Nootropic Mental Growth Stack
GOALS: Increase nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF). Improve mitochondrial support, energy levels, memory, and overall ment...

ninjaeon 25361
Nootropic Mitochondria/BDNF/NGF
The purpose of this is to find improvement in nearly all areas of cognition through primarily mitochondrial enhancement, neuroprotection, and neurogensis. Some ...

Jaminup 3554
Weight Loss fat loss

inonrozner 1462
Nootropic Rez's stack
Using this to boost my cognitive functions and general energy

Rez_barad 531
Nootropic Im here & ready
This is for cognitive enhancement, caffeine less energy boosting, with calmness for stressful living.

destiny 278
General Health Inflammation
Inflammation pain etc.

BenjaminL 330
Nootropic Pretty Chill
Using this stack to find a sense of balance to allow me to better utilize my cognitive abilities. This stack is based on simplicity and longevity, so no quick b...

Pretty Chill 313
Nootropic will see
detailed stack for improving Mitochondria/BDNF/NGF!

Jean-PhilippeC 452
General Health General Purpose Stack
Covering the bases and managing symptoms, bridging between the more acute needs

raynevin 267
Anti Aging Joe's Longevity Stack
The First 16 Items on this stack are individual supplements I have researched and decided to give a try. The rest are the ingredients for LIFE EXTENSION MIX Tab...

misterjoe500 737
Nootropic Memory and Learning stack
Stack to assist with short term and long term memory. Helps with sustaining longer periods of focus

JMRevolution 383
Nootropic General Energy, Focus, and Cognitive Boost
I'm generally pretty healthy, but suffer from bouts of depression and sluggishness once in a while, as well as adult ADD symptoms.

t260g 222
Nootropic Mental Growth Stack
Mental Growth Stack details

brand303 299
Nootropic neurogenerative
Revise stack and reduce. How do i delete this?

phenixlune 473
Nootropic Youthful mind
Mental decline due to substance abuse and poor diet. Memory loss and mental disorder due to severe trauma . PTSD , chemical dependency . Supplements for neuropl...

Technomonk 188
Nootropic Be the best I can be.
This stack is to increase my overall cognitive health. I wish to be much more social. I want to be able to think of things to say quickly instead of being stuck...

nicobasuki 246