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Resveratrol vs Yacon

Resveratrol vs Yacon Comparison, Similarities & Differences


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Resveratrol has been proven to have anti-aging properties that can boost brain health and promote longer lifespan. It is commonly found in grapes, and is believed to carry powerful antioxidants that protect cells throughout the body. It effectively scavenges free radicals in our body and can promote oxidation. Also, it is capable of enhancing the release of the stimulatory neurotransmitter norepinephrine thus, improving mental functions such as vigilance and concentration. Whether this supplement offers adequate nootropic benefit is largely debatable.

Yacon, which is sometimes referred to as "diet potato," is a tuber, whose syrup contains high levels of FOS or fructooligosaccharides. These are carbohydrates that are partially absorbed and prebiotic and in nature that may also have minor appetite suppressing effect in the obese. Some researches claim that Yacon may somehow reduce appetite owing to its anti-motility property. Moreover, a study using rodent subjects have shown that because Yacon can increase mineral uptake from the colon, it may be beneficial for bone health. On the other hand, the tea product from the Yacon leaves serve to be an anti-diabetic agent. However, further studies are required to support this claim and future researches should still be done to know more about Yacon's more potential benefits to the human health.


Red Wine Extract, 3, 5, 4-trihydroxystilbene

Smallanthus sonchifolius, Yacon Syrup, Aicama, Jicama, Diet potato, yacon potato, yacon strawberry



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Evidence-Based Effects

  • Anaerobic Exercise - Decreased
  • Blood Pressure - Decreased
  • Insulin Sensitivity - Increased
  • Power Output - Decreased
  • VO2 Max - Decreased

  • Insulin Sensitivity - Increased


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