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Best Cordyceps Stacks

Cordyceps stacks with this compound paired with other supplements, drugs and minerals taken for different health goals and health conditions. Review the benefits, effects, side effects, and Cordyceps dosage as taken by other users. There are over 20 stacks in our database with Cordyceps. Other names for this compound include Yarsa gumba, Keera jhar C. sinensis.
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Results & Experiences

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
AcetylCarnitine 19
Fish Oil 18
L-Theanine 17
Alpha GPC 15
General Health Hepatitis Stack
Get a handle on hepatitis-these are distinct diseases that affect the liver and can be severe or even fatal. Hepatitis is a term that describes the inflammation...

SupplementDoctor 334
General Health Immune Function Stack
The immune system is a complex network of tissues, organs, cells, and chemicals that protects the body from infection and illness. When functioning properly, it...

SupplementDoctor 416
Nootropic Health
Detoxify the body, increase energy and focus and improve my learning ability.

Nikotaurus 1686
Nootropic Memory, Health and Energy for 50$ a month
Cheap stack for great benefits. Top 3 Nootropics, Top 3 Herbs/Shrooms, Top 3 Anti-Oxidants and Top 3 Supplements

Nikotaurus 1263
Nootropic Mitochondria/BDNF/NGF
The purpose of this is to find improvement in nearly all areas of cognition through primarily mitochondrial enhancement, neuroprotection, and neurogensis. Some ...

Jaminup 3939
Nootropic Energy/Focus Stack #2
Used to increase energy and focus on the job.

CY37 301
General Health Curious
Supplements I'm interested in trying.

bubsled 497
Anti Aging Rejuvenation
Using this stack to learn how herbs work in combination

bearwolf 690
Nootropic Im here & ready
This is for cognitive enhancement, caffeine less energy boosting, with calmness for stressful living.

destiny 312
Nootropic will see
detailed stack for improving Mitochondria/BDNF/NGF!

Jean-PhilippeC 511
Nootropic Energy and Focus
Looking for long-term brain and health benefits from ingredients that can be used in a tea. Most items should be natural and sometimes even grow-able in a house...

eenjuneer645 351
Immunity Modified Buhner Neuroborreliosis Stack
Building a comprehensive treatment protocol for my gf based on the wisdom of Stephen Harrod Buhner and my own experience over the years. Feel free to be inspir...

Lasse 384
General Health Complex Self-Improvement Stack
A complex stack I've formulated over the past five years by trial and error, looking at hundreds of other people's stacks, extensive research, and following the...

Zensight 788
General Health Ryan%u2019s health and mental stack
This is my current stack, some things are taken every other day but most are daily.

raschroeder 250
General Health Pharmanex
Using this stack to improve health from pharmanex products

kjfreeman 324
General Health Baseline Stack
To include all vitamins and minerals that will be taken daily over the long term.

seth 345
Nootropic b2mvp
Recovering from stims abuse. getting better at all levels

888F 300
Reduce Stress Reduce stress and stay focussed
Attempt to reduce stress while remaining focussed and motivated

Indigo_Man 300
General Health My CarePlan
Following this plan to reach my health goal.

AshlyB 351