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Convolvulus Pluricaulis Alternatives

Convolvulus Pluricaulis Review

Convolvulus Pluricaulis ReviewConvolvulus pluricaulis is one of the four herbs referred to as Shankhapushpi in Ayurveda, and is traditionally used for its cognitive enhancement and Nootropic effects. The Syurvedic medicine haslong been using this perennial herb for the treatment of central nervous system diseases, liver,epileptic, microbial, cytotoxic, and viral diseases. Studies have also shown that Convolvulus Pluricaulis has been found to have the abilities being an antidepressant, analgesic, antibacterial, antidiabetic, antiulcer, and an antioxidant medication. Convolvulus Pluricaulis is categorized under Ayurvedic. It is also known as Shankhapushpi.

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