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Agmatine vs Melatonin

Agmatine vs Melatonin Comparison, Similarities & Differences


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This is a natural compound that was discovered in the early 1900s when scientists decarboxylated the amino acid arginine meaning to say, the carboxylic acid group was removed from Arginine. From a nootropic perspective, agmatine is known to aid in neurotransmission within the brain. It accomplishes this by influencing ion channels, membrane transportation, modulation of nitric oxide, and metabolic processing of polyamine. It is able to cross the blood-brain barrier and functions to improve mood and reduce anxiety. It is also known to influence the Alpha-2 receptor in the adrenergic system and can inhibit some NMDA receptors.

Melatonin is a hormone produced naturally and is taken to help treat insomnia and to improve sleep quality. It is tied to your circadian rhythm and can put it back in balance making you easier to fall and stay asleep. Moreover, Melatonin is known as a powerful anti-oxidant, protecting both lipids and proteins against free radicals that may cause damage. With thus, it promotes overall brain health condition. It is generally dosed at 1 to 3mg.


Agmatine sulfate, Clonidine-displacing substance, 4-aminobutylguanidine, Decarboxylated arginine

N-Acetyl-5-Methoxytryptamine, Melatonine, Melovine, Melatol, Melatonex, Circadin


Daily Dosage # Stacks
250.00 mg 2
1400.00 mg 1
2000.00 mg 1
1500.00 mg 1
1000.00 mg 1
500.00 mg 1
1300.00 mg 1

Daily Dosage # Stacks
3.00 mg 6
1.00 mg 6
2.00 mg 4
500.00 mcg 3
10.00 mg 3
5.00 mg 3
300.00 mcg 2
0.50 mg 2
2.00 g 1
2500.00 mcg 1

Side Effects

Reported side effects related with Melatonin usage include daytime sleepiness, headaches, and dizziness.


Total Users

There are over 9 users currently taking this supplement.

There are over 38 users currently taking this supplement.



3.33/5 based on 3 user votes

Evidence-Based Effects

  • Pain - Decreased

  • Alertness - Decreased
  • Blood Pressure - Decreased
  • Cortisol - Increased
  • Gastrin - Increased
  • Growth Hormone - Increased
  • Inflammation - Decreased
  • Insomnia - Decreased
  • Insulin Sensitivity - Increased
  • Leptin - Increased
  • Memory - Increased
  • Muscle Damage - Decreased
  • Noradrenaline (aka norepinephrine) - Decreased
  • Plasma Melatonin - Increased
  • Sleep Quality - Increased
  • Stomach Ulcers - Decreased
  • Symptoms of Tinnitus - Decreased
  • Cancer Mortality - Decreased
  • Symptoms of Jet Lag - Decreased

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Medical Conditions

Medical Symptoms

Medical Symptoms # Stacks
Brain fog 1
Dizziness and feeling faint 1


Purpose # Stacks Effectiveness
Depressed mood 1
Can't tell

No data available

Commonly Paired With

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
Fish Oil 5
AcetylCarnitine 5
Alpha GPC 4
Magnesium 4
Creatine 4
Ashwagandha 4

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
Magnesium 31
Fish Oil 23
Zinc 17
L-Theanine 17
Vitamin D 17
Vitamin E 15

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