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Adderall vs Dextroamphetamine

Adderall vs Dextroamphetamine Comparison, Similarities & Differences


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Adderall is a phenethylamine and prescription drug that is primarily used to treat ADHD and wakefulness disorders such as narcolepsy. It works extremely well for improving cognition and can even improve mood by targeting the neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Adrenaline, and Norepinephrine. When taken at the correct dosage, it can increase productivity, cognitive organization, and cognitive resources.


Dexedrine, DexedrineSpansule, DextroamphetaminesulfateER, Dexamphetamine, DextroamphetamineCR, Metamina


2.5 mg daily; dosage may be increased in increments of 2.5 mg weekly until optimal response is obtained.

No dosage data available

Daily Dosage # Stacks
20.00 mg 4
10.00 mg 1
60.00 mg 1
2.50 mg 1
30.00 mg 1
15.00 mg 1

Side Effects

Some reported side effects related with Adderall usage include anxiety, loss of appetite, dry mouth and insomnia.


Total Users

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Evidence-Based Effects

  • Alertness - Increased
  • Attention - Increased
  • Cognition - Increased
  • Fatigue - Decreased
  • Muscle Damage - Increased

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Medical Conditions

Medical Symptoms

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Commonly Paired With

Commonly Paired With # Stacks
Magnesium 5
L-Theanine 5
Ashwagandha 4
Vitamin B6 4
Zinc 3
Bacopa monnieri 3

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