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Review What's Working
Browse the best stacks and reports for your supplements, medicine, health & wellness goals, conditions or even symptoms.
Create Your Stack (Care Plan)
Add what you are taking or will take. Get recommendations on improper dosages and dangerous interactions.
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Track Your Health
Stay on track with reminders, graphs and suggestions based on new research and user reported data automatically.
optimized medication tracking
Use Insights to Improve Your Outcome
Review your journal and results to keep what worked and remove the rest.

Explore Tools That Help You Progress Quicker

Online health diary
Health Diary
Write down whatever you feel is important as often as you like.
Manage prescription medication, supplements, herbs by building a stack
Health Stack
It is your health regimen, create it for health goals, conditions, or to track your in-take.
Track chronic illness or symptoms
Track Conditions & Symptoms
Record your observations of daily living, symptoms to a current treatment.
Get reminded to refill your drugs and when to take them
Refill & Adherence Reminders
Stay on top of your treatment stack, always be prepared.
Graph your journey to better health
Informative Visuals
Evaluate how well you are adjusting to a more healthy lifestyle with graphs.
Get advice and share feedback from others
Support Community
Find patients with similar conditions, symptoms and goals as you.
See what patients like you are taking for a condition
Right Treatment
Discover treatments that work based on patient-reported outcomes.
Your privacy is important and we keep your data safe.
Safe & Private
We can help you keep your data as safe and private or as open as you like.
Keep everyone in the loop on your health
Care Coordination Team
Share new information privately within your circle of care.
Warnings for when dosage above RDA and if there are any drug to drug, drug to supplement, or supplement to supplement interactions present in stack
Supplement & Drug Interactions
Analysis of your stack for positive & negative interactions and dose levels.

Track Anything
Record any metric that is relevant to you, whether its steps or your mood.

Set Goals
We help you reach new milestones and show you how you did!

Who Uses TrackMyStack?

Fitness Buffs
Log your nutrition, exercise, sleep to optimize your progress towards your fitness goals.

Chronically Ill
Discover triggers, record your symptoms, record vitals and quickly get a overview of your health.

Seniors & Care Givers
Log your daily adherence levels, vitals & more to keep your caregivers consistently in the loop.

Parents & Kids
Log your children's health, or have them do it, keeping a personal health record will keep you on top of their health.

Health Enthusiasts & Biohackers
Quantify your progress towards peak performance, see what's working and easily cut out what isn't.

Simple Steps For Maximizing Results

  1. Research: We make it really easy to figure out which supplements, medications, or ailments of any kind may work for your goals. We do this by providing Research and Actual user reports for supplements, conditions, and symptoms.
  2. Assembly: We then help you build your own stack, chiming in if something seems incorrect to the best of our ability. We also help you setup reminders to make sure you are sticking to your stack.
  3. Track & Troubleshoot: You can then track your results objectively and subjectively to determine the stack's usefulness. Track any metric and take a glimpse at your results to see if you are meeting your expectations. You can also learn what could be triggering your problems at this point as well if you need.
  4. Optimize Results: At this point you can remove any overhyped supplements or those that may have caused negative effects based on evidence. Once done you can continue optimizing your stack to accelerate your results.

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Find Similar Patients

Record Adherence

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A stack is a synonym for a regimen, remedy, a routine, a treatment, or a series of supplements, medicine and exercise undertaken to reach lifestyle goals or to manage personal health issues. Building a stack is the first step in reaching your goal, managing symptoms and chronic conditions effectively.

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