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People like you are taking action and obtaining higher adherence levels by actively monitoring and tracking their health. Whatever your goal, be Cognitive Enhancement, Boosting Energy Naturally, Reducing Stress, Getting Restful Sleep, Losing Weight or Building Muscle. Track Nootropics, Medication, Supplements, Vitamins, Symptoms, Mood, Sleep, Stress, Anxiety & more. Your goal is attainable!

The flexibility of TrackMyStack let's patients manage over 200+ health conditions and symptoms. People going through many of the same conditions such as: Anxiety, ADHD/ADD, OCD, Panic Disorders, Addictions, Depression, and more are tracking their symptoms. This data can help your primary care provider, your family, medical researchers, and most importantly yourself figure out how to improve your treatment. TrackMyStack supports the health, well-being and healing of people.

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Online health diary

Health Diary

Write down whatever you feel is important as often as you like.
Manage prescriptions, supplements, herbs by building a stack

Health Stack

It is your health regimen, create it for health goals or conditions.
Track chronic illness or symptoms

Track Health Conditions & Symptoms

Record your observations of daily living, symptoms to a current treatment.
Get reminded to refill your drugs and when to take them

Refill & Adherence Reminders

Stay on top of your treatment stack, always be prepared.
Graph your journey to better health

Informative Visuals

Evaluate how well you are adjusting to a more healthy lifestyle with graphs.
Get advice and share feedback from others

Support Community

Find patients with similar conditions, symptoms and goals as you.
See what patients like you are taking for a condition

Right Treatment

Discover treatments that work based on patient-reported outcomes.
Your privacy is important and we keep your data safe.

Safe & Private

We can help you keep your data as safe and private or as open as you like.

A Stack is Your Care Plan

A stack is a synonym for a regimen, remedy, a routine, a treatment, or a series of supplements and medicine undertaken to reach towards lifestyle goals or to manage a health issue.

It is a series of drugs, supplements, or a regimen that is undertaken together to reach optimal health efficiently. Building a personal Health Stack is the primary step in reaching your goal, managing symptoms and chronic conditions. We will automatically provide tips for your stack throughout the course of your treatment based on your input and effects based on similar patient data. It all starts with you making a stack and journaling your health! Logging your daily activity will help your care provider, medical researchers, and most importantantly you get a better understanding of your progress. What get's measured, get's improved.

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