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Using TrackMyStack as a Vitamin Tracker

Tracking Your Vitamin Intake

vitamin tracking

Tracking your supplements intake, medicine and vitamins is of the absolute necessity for people of every age. Given that as many as 50% of the US population takes multi vitamin daily and up to 30% take a supplement or mineral (referred to as MVM) of some type¹, it is critical to know if the treatment or your health goals are being met from the consumption of them.

Knowing that the branded product or vitamin you are consuming is providing a benefit can help determine if it should be continued, otherwise you may simply just be wasting your time and hard-earned money. We discuss how TrackMyStack acts as the best supplement and vitamin tracker, journal, log, diary, or reminder tool available for free.

There are 3 things we discuss and demonstrate below:

  1. How to Quickly start tracking your supplementation and Why you should begin ASAP.
  2. Following up on the treatment or goal to make sure you are on track.
  3. Adding additional treatments to your stack to reach your health goal faster.


Step 1. Logging Your Vitamins in a Stack

A stack can be built quickly, which involves the addition of vitamins or minerals. The dosage, frequency, start and end date, and any notes can be put into the stack as well for each vitamin. This is useful because a treatment or a regimen can have multiple supplements that can be paused, resumed or not needed any longer, e.g. Probiotics.  The stack page looks like the screenshot below:


Step 2. Logging your intake via StackLog

It is critical to remember to take your vitamins daily, we will have a app for mobile very soon but for now we have the capability to email you a reminder, and additionally you may also log in via your mobile phone (android or apple iOS) and visit our website. It is fully responsive so saving your daily adherence levels should be a breeze. The added benefit of doing this is that your relatives, friends, doctor or any care giver can easily see your progress and our community can also benefit from the data you are providing from your treatment. It is really a win-win-win for all. Below is a screenshot of what a post looks like in your StackLog (which is essentially a Journal). Additionally a graph is generated letting you visually see your health over a period of time, this is great to find patterns and for physicians to quickly get a glimpse of your progress.


Step 3. Tweaking your Stack, Vitamin Quantity/Frequency

Overtime you will realize that you may have reached sufficient levels of certain minerals and vitamins or no longer require them but do not need to stop the entire treatment itself. We allow you to add a “End Date” and the supplement is added into another table for other’s to know that it is no longer being consumed. You may also need to add other treatments such as Medicine, Therapies, Exercises to track and these too can be added and a start date may be appended for reference. See the screenshot below to understand this better.

track health

As you can see TrackMyStack is a FREE, comprehensive solution to tracking your health. Tracking your Vitamin intake is only one of the features of the tracker, and many other things can be tracked, such as symptoms, medicine, mood & more. However, if you would like to use it as a Vitamin tracker only, it does a good job at that too, add the fact that we are always making the platform easier to use daily, it really is a no brainer.

I also leave you with a Vitamin chart to show you which vitamins should be taken for which reason to get you started, but of course you can learn more from the supplements section.