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Lumonol Review – Does it ACTUALLY work?

lumonol reviewLumonol Overview

Time and time again we are emailed about which nootropic supplement we recommend for people suffering from things such as brain fog or for general cognitive enhancement.

As a platform we analyzed hundreds of data points from publically shared information by patients, and biohackers on our platform. The one supplement (brand) that stood out the most remains to be Lumonol. Below we will share everything you need to know about why we decided to review lumonol.

One of the reasons it is rated very high is because it has a key ingredient called Noopept. Noopept is designed to provide focus for those that are easily distracted, have poor memory, occasional nervousness and fear or a head full of scattered thoughts and ideas holding them back from achieving their full potential.

Does Lumonol Work or is it a Scam?

ingredient listLumonol’s formula is spearheaded by the acetylcholine boosting Noopept, a powerful nootropic that aids learning and working memory. The magic interactions between our Energy, Memory, and Focus Blends (listed below) provide benefits that no other supplement can. Not only because of the the quality of nutrients but also dosage provided.

Lumonol improves cognitive performance, more specifically Memory, Focus, Processing Speed and “overall brain functions”.

3 Blends to provide complete benefits:
Energy Blend: Hordenine, Guarana, Vitamin B12, Panax Ginseng
Focus Blend: Noopept, L-Tyrosine, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine
Memory Blend: Alpha GPC, Ginkgo Biloba

Understanding the formula: Ginkgo is used to enhance cerebral blood flow to the brain, and can lessen negative thoughts in the brain. Phosphatidylserine is one of those unique supplements that the FDA actually encourages the elderly to consume for cognition. Phosphatidylserine can be marketed as a cognitive enhancer, unlike many other natural supplements.

In terms of energy, Hordenine and Guarana are quite commonly found in energy drinks. Energy drinks however try to brute force their way into providing mental energy, here the dosage is a bit lower and acceptable as you are gaining a cognitive boost by addressing the underlying cognitive issues and thus a lower dose works just as well.

Noopept is a derivative of a very powerful and original nootropic (smart drugs or supplement named Piracetam) discovered in the 1970s and that which started the entire ‘nootropic industry’. Newer research since has proven that Noopept can be considered exponentially stronger than the original Piracetam.

Is Lumonol Safe?

Firstly, safe can also consist of buying the supplement. The supplement company provides a 90 day money back guarantee. It is build under FDA guidelines in a GMP certified facility. It is also composed of a vegetarian capsule.

Lumonol also has other products such as: Lumonol Prep (for students),  Lumonol Wisdom (for seniors), Lumonol Nootropic Tea & Lumonol Smart Drinks all which follow the same guidelines as the original lumonol.

Advantages of Lumonol


– Only available via their website, meaning shipping will take a few days
– Maybe overstimulating for certain users, and thus at night if need be use Lumonol Luna


How Much Does Lumonol Cost?

These smart pills are for sale only on the manufacturer’s website and can not be found in GNC. They have a number of packages that you can chose from, one is the “Brain Boosting Trial” which consists of one bottle priced at: $47.97.

Alternatively you can now (for a limited time) try the 3 bottle Voyager pack with 180 pills for $119. We recommend this pack because it may take time for your body to adjust to this nootropic and you should not pawn it off as ineffective too quickly.

Instead of buying a 2 month supply for close to $100, you can pay $20 more and get a 3rd bottle for less than half price! Additionally all purchases are backed by a full 90 day money back guarantee.

Lumonol Review: The Bottom Line

It can be seen as a revolutionary product because of its use of Noopept and many other neuroprotective ingredients. The company seems to be continuously growing as they keep launching new products. Launching new products is a sign of how popular they are getting.

There are also over 250+ (as of writing) stacks with users using lumonol as part of their regimen successfully.  There may be a minor side effect that if taken late at night it will keep you up as it may be over stimulating.  This is done without a mega-dose of sugar or caffeine. Our overall ranking is based on safety, price and effectiveness, and based on this criteria we would rate Lumonol a 5/5.

If you are interested in trying lumonol, buy it through our link here to get a discount.

Overall Review Rating: 

– Kathleen, RN