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Bulletproof Conference 2016

BulletProof 2016 Conference

UPDATE MARCH 28: The tickets for the conference are now up for sale, click here to buy them or learn more.

UPDATE MARCH 12: Dave Asprey recently announced that the conference will take place in October 2016, check back soon for conference information and discounts.

Dubbed as “The 4th Annual Biohacking Conference”

A place to hear world class experts who share cutting edge information to help with everything from brain training, sleep hacking, and boost your overall health/performance. You will get real hands on experiences you won’t find anywhere as biohacking in general is now starting to pick up steam in the mainstream press. I attended the conference last year and it was a blast, we heard from many doctors and professors on which nootropics work best for which circumstance. The best ways to remain calm and stress free, quick tips and tricks on sleeping better and best of all we were provided with free BulletProof coffee throughout for free (and some FATwater as well).

You can learn more about past Bulletproof Conferences here  and read about the Conference from 2015 here. It was my first time in Pasadena and it is actually a very beautiful city, my girlfriend and I spent 2 weeks in California in total and spent about 5 days at the conference. In terms of the conference, I knew I was in the right place when we were presented with a Butter Mobile right at the entrance of the convention hall. Check it out:


The prices are very reasonable especially given the cost of other conferences, so the 3 day all-access pass is $1,599. The VIP Conference pass is $2,499 which includes a dinner with Dave Asprey and seating in front (oh goody!). The simple 1 day conference pass (usually on the last day) is for $299, and if you are only interested in attending the tech hall — which is full of gadgets and gizmos, it is $99 which can be on any day from Friday the 23rd, Saturday the 24th or the last day on Sunday. Veterans and Students pay only $399 for the whole 3 day conference. click here for additional pricing information.

UPDATE: We are able to provide a full 3 Day All Access, which was $1,599 at a earlybird price of: $799, click here for this deal.

Speakers Announced Thus Far:

Speakers are this conference include: Dave Asprey (The Founder), Bo Eason (High Performance NFL standout), Alberto Villoldo (Spirtuality), Harry Adelson ND (Stem Cells), Amy Killen MD (Stem cells), Leanne Venier (Light), Matt Riemann (Epigenetics), Kelly Starrett (Mobility), Juliet Starrett (Mobility).

Recommended Acommodation & Commute

Westin Pasadena (Which is the host hotel) or Hilton (Pasadena), in all honesty you may also stay a bit further away on “the strip” and with the beautiful weather in Pasadena, the walk is healthy and you may save $ on accommodation. Burbank (Bob Hope Airport) is 30 minutes and LAX is 60 minutes by car to the Convention Center.


100% refund by July 1, 2016. 50% refund by September 1.

Workshop information will be getting released and put here accordingly. Being in a room with people who care as much about performance as you do opens you up to new levels of personal development and provides an opportunity that only happens when you step out of your comfort zone, for anyone interested or just curious about the world of biohacking, this is the conference to attend, click here to learn more.